Hambleton showing results, 30 May

  • Hunter (Mrs J Phillipps & Mrs Walton) ladies.—1, G Reed’s What A Day; 2, L Ibbotson’s Heathersedge Eurovision; 3, Mrs Lane’s Conspiracy Theory. 4-y-o (Miss J Graham & Mr P Craft).—1 & ch, D Heath’s Lowmoor Royal Rebel; 2, K Tait’s Redemption; 3, Mrs Croft’s Favourite Star. nov sml.—1, A Hedron’s Askwith Aireworth Achievment; 2, P Lonsborough’s Moy Lad; 3, Hon Mrs Holliday’s Umber. do lwt.—1, J Day’s High Commissioner; 2, Mrs Waurens’s Ballynulta; 3, Mrs Holliday’s Clearboy. do hwt.—1, H Gallagher’s Bishop Rock; 2, E Fisher’s Tom Cool II; 3, C Arthurson’s Lowmoor Fraser. open (K Jerram & Lady Howick) sml.—1, P Mortimer’s Lanson; 2, J Woods’s Carnsdale Countryman; 3, D Purvis’s Exploitation. lwt.—1 & res, L Kelbie’s Byron Lodge; 2, Mr & Mrs Cowan’s Irish Square; 3, Clearboy. mwt.—1 & ch, J Day’s Over the Rainbow; 2, H Hughes’s Orchids Twice As Nice; 3, H Gallagher’s Bishops Rock. hwt.—1, S Bruce’s Tannersgate; 2, R Harthern’s Hoghton Bugatti; 3, Mrs Bosworth’s Osborne. amateur (Miss J Graham & Mr P Crafts) lwt.—1 & ch, V Ramm’s The Star; 2, I Susca’s Swansea Gale; 3, Clearboy. hwt.—1 & res, Osborne; 2, H McCloy’s Classic Gold; 3, I Susca’s Trust. working hunter open.—1, Mrs Henson’s Ballydoogan; 2, C Richardson’s Lough Crew; 3, A Taylor’s The Main Chance.nov.—1, D Musgrave’s Roka Coco; 2, Mrs Henson’s Bureaucrat; 3, S Pine’s KEC Steve. restr.—1, S Lears’s Woody VI; 2, C Richardson’s Pissaro; 3, G Rose’s Look Twice. hunter breeding (Mrs York) sml b’mare.—1, S Heslop’s Louven Howe. foal.—1, S Heslop’s Chevel JT Kirk. open b’mare.—1, H Bramley’s Mill On The Floss; 2, J Moore’s Jemoon Sea Pearl; 3, J Scott’s Meikle Cantly. foal.—1, H Bramley’s First Term; 2, J Moore’s Jemoon Foreign Affair; 3, J Scott’s Loyal Toast. y’ling.—1 & ch, W & J Moran’s Lush Lashes; 2, J Rooke’s Copper Beech; 3, E Neilson’s Lowmoor Gold Digger. 2-y-o.—1, S Cowgill’s Hallmark Classic Twilight; 2, W & J Moran’s Think Twice; 3, Nicholson & Ness’s Blakestone Diplomat. 3-y-o.—1 & res, W & J Moran’s Close Contact; 2, Mrs Leighton’s Lowmoor Showtime; 3, Mrs Rooke’s Highlane Riley. P(UK) home produced (Mr R Marks) cob.—1, H McCloy’s Pixie Lotte; 2, Y Hainsworth’s Jack; 3, L Cole’s Sox Appeal. hack.—1, Mrs Winteringham’s Chinook Cameron; 2, P Smaling’s Behind the Vale; 3, C Miller’s Saxen Starlight Royale. open horse.—1, M Traves’s Miss Keeness; 2, J Wood’s Wainstones Fresco Lady; 3, J Wriglesworth-Tate’s Cadoulor. hunter.—1 & ch, J Bickerton’s The Optomist; 2 & res, C Miller’s Young Oliver; 3, M Thomas’s Mr Jaytee. sport horse breeding (Miss F Robinson) b’mare.—1 & res, Louven Howe; 2, Mill On the Floss; 3, Jemoon Sea Pearl. foal.—1, Cheval JT Kirk; 2, Jemoon Foreign Affair; 3, Mrs Bramley’s First Term. y’ling.—1, K Tyler’s Middlepark Red Hot; 2, J Cameron’s Towercos Schurnie Mac; 3, K Jagger’s Volatis Delta. 2-y-o.—1, Mr Green’s Bowland Velocity; 2, K Hill’s Hillocks Flying Hight; 3, F Bain’s Trifle. 3-y-o.—1 & ch, Close Contact; 2, N Hazlett’s True Destiny; 3, Mrs Parker’s Rocky Romance. Irish Draught (Mrs J Cornthwaite) open.—1, Mrs Leighton’s Lowmoor Maverick; 2, N Worsley’s Kilasheen; 3, D Key’s Claybank Holiday. sml.—1 & ch, Sculpture to Wear’s Hallmark IX; 2, Mrs Pittendrigh’s Castle Jordan; 3, M Roebuck’s Tywedale Moon Dancer. working.—1, R Russell’s Sea Holly; 2, Mrs Plummer’s Party Tricks; 3, A Tushingham’s Oran Star hack (Mrs R Abba) nov.—1, Mrs Rudd’s Holtess Wise & Wonderful; 2, Mrs Smart’s Chivola; 3, R Loughlin’s Holden Moviestar. sml.—1 & res, L Smith-Crallan’s Southills Hocus Pocus; 2, Cowley & Blundell’s Burfordly Valentino; 3, R Brown’s Regency Park. lge.—1 & ch, The Late Mrs Sheila Fenwick’s Baydale Venus; 2, Holtess Wise & Wonderful; 3, A & K Rowbotham’s Exquisite. riding horse (Mr J Poole) nov.—1, R Harthern’s Hoghton Valentino; 2, S Plant’s Bramley Moor Clover; 3, J Jefferson’s Eros. sml.—1 & ch, Mrs Twiston-Davies’s Royal Mirage; 2 & res, Mrs Teasdale’s Military Crisis; 3, A Bosworth’s Trudi Thornton. cob nov.—1, Mrs Lane’s Cornhill; 2, E Blundell’s Kilconnels Cornelius; 3, Pixie Lotte. lwt.—1 & ch, Hallmark IX; 2, Mr & Mrs Gale’s Barneebus; 3, A Kirby’s Tullys Brady. hwt.—1 & res, C Neame’s Starry Night; 2, M Wilkinson’s Orion III; 3, Mrs Bartolomy’s Marble Arch VI. maxi.—1, S Walker’s Supersonic; 2, Mrs Kitchen’s The Bartman; 3, Y Hainsworth’s Jack. unaff working.—1, M Colclough’s Mr Darcy; 2, H Young’s Bally Heique. coloured (Mrs K Wilson) best colour/marking.—1, J Mouat’s Taurom Traveller; 2, C Green’s Alfa Romeo; 3, K Woodley-Hinds’s Volatis Diva. y’stk.—1, Taurom Traveller; 2, C Hinks’s The Real Chinook; 3, Ellenor & Atkinson’s Torpedo. native/trad.—1 & res, The Real Chinook; 2, Taurom Traveller; 3, V Howard’s Butterby Havanah. plaited.—1 & ch, T Nelson’s Blinkbonny Prince Harry; 2, J Cameron’s Towercos Pablo Princess; 3, K Woodley-Hinds’s Pintofields Alabama Maine. nov ridden.—1, Mrs Vigors’s Hollyland Quintino; 2, Mrs Lyons’s Jim; 3, Towercos Pablo Princes. open.—1 & ch, S Davies’s Grafitti; 2, F Embleton’s Firewall; 3, Mr Hunton’s Tidkin Royal Mannequin. RIHS coloured (Mr Frogatt) trad/native pony.—1 & res, Mrs Wood’s The Pied Piper; 2, Mrs Roberts’s Harlequin Henry; 3, Mrs Birtwell’s Login Lucky Lad. not exc153cm.—1, Mrs Wood’s Snaasi Bright Spark; 2, Grafitti; 3, S Harrison’s Baronsdown Regal. plaited horse.—1 & ch, S Ambler’s Endeavour; 2, K Woodley-Hinds’s Pintofields Alabama Maine; 3, Mrs Stanton’s Hyde House Merryman. trad/native exc153cm.—1, P Ellis’s Wispa; 2, Mr Ross’s One For The Road; 3, V Prescott’s Mis Print. retrained racehorse (Mrs P Russell & Miss S Leatherbarrow).—1, Mrs Smart’s Chivola; 2, A Varley’s First Mate; 3, Mrs Kettle’s Coeur Du Lion. jumping.—1, J Midgley’s Lampos; 2, A Parkinson’s Formeric; 3, R Clark’s Pinnacle Ridge. TARRA in hand.—1 & ch, First Mate; 2, E Braithwaite’s Zip A Way; 3, Mrs Bosanquet’s Handsome Will. ridden.—1 & res, Coeur Du Lion; 2, Mrs Hume’s Bond Playboy; 3, L Bailey’s Peakstones Tallulah. M&M in hand (Mrs J Griffin) sml y’stk.—1, Mrs Ferguson’s Mardenway Magic Princess; 2, Mrs Davison’s Waitwith Caramel; 3, Mrs Anderson’s Dinsdale Truly Scrumptious. lge ystk.—1, Mrs Smith’s Castlehill Ruby; 2, Kernack & Westhead’s Riccaldale Carnelia. sml 4yrs & over.—1 & res, Mrs Devenney’s Penwisg Pirouette; 2, S Dyer’s Llwynneath Lolo; 3, R Galloway’s Carrwood Valentine. lge.—1 & ch, J Sonnex’s Kerrera Duke; 2, Rawlinson & Appleton’s Penmire Dudley; 3, P Dodsworth’s Walstead Princess Patricia. M&M ridden (Mr J Bourne) LR.—1 & ch, Mr Tuer’s Twyford Tailor Made; 2 & res, Mr Cousens’s Briardene Lleyelyn; 3, Mrs Potters’s Tallares Tip Top. first ridden.—1, Mr Wood’s Waxwing Pimms; 2, D Holt’s Rubilyn Rambo; 3, Mrs Blythe’s Uppington Elvis. nov sml.—1, Mr Scott’s Coatville Nevada; 2, C Gill’s Solar of Aucithon. do lge.—1 & ch, Kerrera Duke; 2 & res, V Edwards-Sonnex’s Janton Top Notch; 3, D Holgate’s Nantyrast Good Friday. M&M (Mrs J Griffin) ridden sml.—1 & res, M Jones’s Bannut Timpani; 2, T Hunt’s Popsters Mister Speculater; 3, J Cowan’s Pumphill Clarion. lge.—1 & ch, V Edward-Sonnex’s Lydvale Jacob; 2, Mr Stobart’s Rivervalley Lygon; 3, Mrs Tanner’s Village Gladiator. RIHS Heritage (Mr J Bourne) sml.—1, Mr Starkie’s Rosmarche Haly Sprig; 2, Mrs Darbyshire’s Brynro Bryn Darius; 3, J Stockdale’s Denecroft Algeiba. Welsh B&C.—1, E Boardman’s Paddock Hyperion; 2, Z Rogers’s Estoro Blush; 3, L Kitchener’s Glanaber Lady May. New Forest/Conn.—1, Mrs Welch’s Skidrow Joe; 2, J Cannon’s Deerleap Ollie; 3, K Black’s Fairgrey Fredrick. lge.—1 & ch, Mr Davison’s Trowan Moulin R; 2 & res, G Bott’s Linnel Jingo; 3, Lydvale Jacob. M&M WHP (Mr R Marks)122cm.—1 & ch, M Carr’s Helsington Goody Tip Top; 2, S Firth’s Underhill Firefly; 3, J Stockdale’s Micklehill Apsara.138cm.—1 & res, G Appleby’s Wagtail Romance; 2, Mr Starkie’s Iouar Robin; 3, T Seymour’s Somerford Lady May. exc138cm.—1, N Paish-Plunkett’s Grovewest Parc Milligan; 2, Mrs Thorpe’s Howen Loganberry; 3, Mrs Lyons’s Blaengwen Sion Aled. RIHS family produced (Dr M Boden) LR.—1 & ch, Mrs Pybus’s Barkway Misty Morn; 2, Mrs Harker’s Amesbury Vanity. FR.—1 & res, Mrs Crossling’s Roseisle Bridegroom; 2, Mrs Towle’s Ellidean Debutante; 3, Barkway Misty Morn. mixed ht SP.—1 & res, K Black’s Beckside Step Lightly; 2, Blythe & Bowman’s Miss Moon Fairy; 3, L Baker’s Whalton Pipsqueak. do SHP.—1, Mrs Stacey’s Neuadparc Magician; 2, Mrs Smart’s Wedderlie Marengo; 3, Mrs Thompson’s Milford Fair Kashmire. do not exc153cm.—1 & ch, H Dickinson’s Sparkling Cyanide; 2, Mrs Stewart’s Litton Whispering Flame; 3, L Mitchell’s Beechmount Boy. nov SP (Mr C Walker).—1, Mrs Parr’s Sandbank Early Bird; 2, J Aldred’s Greenbarrow Bronze King; 3, Mrs Finlayson’s Royden Sweet William. P(UK) mixed ht nov SP.—1, M Haddon’s Strinesdale Distinction; 2, Mr Merryweather’s Rosamel Golden Promise; 3, M Mackay’s Rotherwood Peeptoes. RIHS SP LR.—1 & ch, Mr Tuer’s Barkway Tiara; 2, H Clements’ Barkway Limited Edition; 3, Mr Cousens’s Riverwood Class Act. FR.—1 & ch, S Dennison’s Hightopps Dancing Bee; 2, Mrs Lilley’s Nantcol Sublime; 3, Mr Borrowdale’s Westway Twilight Rose.128cm.—1, Mr Merryweather’s Rosamel Dark Prince; 2, Mrs Stacey’s Cnapton Toy Town; 3, Blythe & Bowman’s Miss Moon Fairy.138cm.—1, M Haddon’s Anton Seduction; 2, S Dennison’s Archwood Romeo Gigle; 3, M Jones’s Jackets Vamoose.148cm.—1, H Forrest’s Milford Grand Marnia; 2, Mrs Grimshaw’s Moluccas Cinnamon Secret; 3, Mrs Tyldesley’s Hideaway Night Thyme. P(UK) home produced pony.—1, Milford Fair Kashmira; 2, M Mackay’s Rotherwood Peeptoes; 3, Mrs Parkin’s Foxgrove Helena-Lou. interm SRT.—1, Cowley & Blundell’s Burfordly Valentino; 2, Mrs Bradwell’s Broadway Spring Storm. mixed ht (Mr Lloyd) nov SHP.—1, M Mackay’s Wycroft New Dimension; 2, Mrs Green’s Now or Never; 3, Team Hollings’s Howgill Beetle Juice. open.—1, Mrs Smart’s Wedderlie Marengo; 2, J Aldred’s Crimson Night Light; 3, L Hemsworth’s Orley Wishful Joker. RIHS SHP133cm.—1 & ch, R Helliwell’s Layballads Armani; 2, J Judge’s Hassan; 3, Team Hollings’s Howgill Beetle Juice.143cm.—1, L Shimwell’s Mayeath Royal Diva; 2, M Mackay’s Wycroft New Edition; 3, Orley Wishful Joker.153cm.—1 & res, D Harrod’s The Parson; 2, Mrs Rudd’s Burfordly Sea Lord; 3, Rosettes Direct’s CB Esquire. mixed ht interm SHT.—1, J Thompson’s Trefeinon Star Appeal; 2, Mrs Rudd’s Exploitation; 3, D Harrod’s The Parson. LR SHT.—1, A Cooper’s Rohey Master; 2, Ahern & Clements’s Littlebriars Miss Boo; 3, Mrs Jobling-Purser’s Antoinette Little Toff.122cm.—1, Mrs Hide’s Huttons Ambo Conundrum; 2, Mrs Stacey’s Neuadparc Magician; 3, C Sheret’s Brynvane Magician. WHP (Ms S Harfield) cradle.—1, T Seymour’s Blisland Masterpiece; 2, Mrs Lear’s Waitwith Jupiter; 3, Mrs Brown’s Tirfelin Volika. nursery.—1 & ch, T Seymour’s Oldcourt Amadeus; 2 & res, M Carr’s Helsington Goody Tip Top; 3, F Wright’s Mockbeggar William II. nov.—1, Mrs Snowden’s Duchess; 2, E McIntyre’s Burnlea Cherry Bay; 3, J Aldred’s Mickey IV.13hh.—1, H Bell’s Poppy; 2, Mrs Turner’s Cennen Speculator; 3, Mrs McCullagh’s Dun Master.14hh.—1 & ch, Mrs Wilson’s Fair & Square II; 2, L Moorhouse’s Long Stone Casanova; 3, Bullock & Jones’s Bobby’s Bet.15hh.—1 & res, P Langrick’s Eastlands Dawn; 2, Mrs Smith’s Lady Clover Royale; 3, J Aldred’s Mickey IV. Welsh Sec A (Mr C Hayes) y’ling colt.—1, C & J Falkingham’s Nerwyn Largo; 2, A & S Prior’s Waitwith Windance. filly/geld.—1, Mrs Ferguson’s Mardenway Money Penny; 2, Lowe & Lowe-Barnes’s Fouroaks Carmen; 3, C & J Falkingham’s Nantdywll Fioled. 2-3-y-o colt.—1, J Smith’s Shamrocklake Magic Casanova. do filly/geld.—1 & res, Mr & Mrs Waddington’s Brackenrigg Ceridwen; 2, G Farrow’s Waitwith Zoe; 3, Mrs Ferguson’s Mardenway Magic Princess. b’mare.—1, Mrs Devenney’s Penwisq Pirouette; 2, A Brough’s Castlemead Yana; 3, A Collin’s Pontgam Showgirl. foal.—1, A Brough’s Kelkardi Arazona; 2, A Collin’s Wrentnall Showgirl. barren.—1 & ch, Fouroaks Carmen; 2, Mrs Dobinson’s Brierdene Night Night; 3, A Durrant’s Wellbank Gemini. stallion.—1, J Perrins’s Rhydyfelin Shooting Star; 2, Mr & Mrs Waddington’s Harringworth Millionaire; 3, Elliott Family’s Fosterhouse Philosopher. Welsh Section B (Mr C Hayes) y’ling colt.—1, Mr Anderson’s Thistledown Panama. do filly/geld.—1, G Hensby’s Laithill Concerto; 2, Mrs Wallace’s Oakville Paris; 3, Mrs Young’s Eskdale Venetian Pearl. 2-3-y-o colt.—1, Mrs Wallace’s Oakville Touch of Class; 2, Appleby & Shields’s Holyoake Othello. do filly/geld.—1 & res, Mr Anderson’s Thistledown Georgina; 2, G Hensby’s Laithehill Honesty; 3, S Howard’s Boston Bridie. b’mare.—1, G Hensby’s Laithehill Pollyanna. foal.—1, G Hensby. barren.—1 & ch, S Howard’s Eyarth Roanne; 2, Mrs Devenney’s Talachddy Swallowtail; 3, Mrs Randell’s Llandar Prydwen. stallion.—1, R Galloway’s Carrwood Valentine. Welsh Section C (Miss L Booth) y’ling colt.—1 & res, Costello Family’s Rangeview Radius; 2, K Greaves’s Blaengwen Yeats. 2-3-y-o filly/geld.—1 & ch, K Hepple’s Kamarth Dolly Parton. barren.—1, Mrs Taylor’s Maesymor Richard; 2, Mrs Wilson’s Llanarth Chelsea; 3, H Keeling-White’s Sackville Samson. Welsh Section D (Miss L Booth) y’ling colt.—1 & ch, Mrs Thompson’s Dycott Mourinho. do filly/geld.—1, Costello Family’s Brynseion Bryana; 2, Breeze & Gant’s Northwick Cherry Blossom; 3, S Mason’s Fronarth Penny Rose. 2-3-y-o filly/geld.—1, P Greaves’s Danaway Fancy; 2, Costello Family’s Thorneyside Enchanted Lady. barren.—1 & res, E Derbyshire’s Northwick Tiger Lilly. veteran (Mr Lloyd) in hand pre veteran.—1 & res, K Clegg’s The Business; 2, A Wegg’s Hardendale Heather; 3, D Drysdale’s Moofai. veteran.—1, Mrs Rowntree’s Arctic Quest; 2, M Carr’s Stanley Grange Carmella. veteran plus.—1 & ch, S Constantine’s Meretown Mulberry; 2, R Dee’s Cagney; 3, T Hall’s Minerva Over the Rainbow. ridden pre veteran.—1 & ch, Mrs Price’s Classique; 2, R Wilson’s Tindalebank Sandman; 3, D Harrod’s Benmacdhui of Gorston. veteran.—1, L Tyldesley’s Karly Boy; 2, Arctic Quest; 3, Stanley Grange Carmella. plus.—1 & res, S Constantine’s Martini Golden Beetle; 2, Cagney. Shetland (Miss Headley) miniature y’ling.—1, C Rudkin’s Arykris Athena; 2, Miss Crowe’s Hawsker Megan; 3, Plews & Readman’s Bryantinas Lord Charles. do 2-3-y-.— 1 & ch & 3, Routongill Stud’s Parlington Uphill Struggle & Parlington Velvet Wonderful Witness; 2 & res, Plews & Reaman’s Bryantinas Lady Amelia. 4yrs & over.—1, C Milner’s Parlington Sonia; 2, Miss Crowe’s Parlington Romeo; 3, C Rudkin’s Hermits Mirase. standard Shetland y’ling.—1 & ch, G Snaith’s Holmhill Virginia; 2, P & S Atkinson’s Horninglow Caldbeck; 3, E Walker’s Lathom Jocelyn. 2-3-y-o.—1 & res, E Walker’s Landale Diamond; 2, P & S Atkinson’s Kerlock Elena; 3, The Barugh Family’s Felicity’s Fleur. 4yrs & over.—1, P & S Atkinson’s Horninglow Kendal; 2, The Barugh Family’s Birchmoor Miranda; 3, V Howard’s Parlington Lizzy. LR.—1, Knix Stud’s Butterby Isis; 2, Mrs Harker’s Waulkmill Robin. open ridden.—1, Knix Stud’s Riccalton Pewter; 2, L Haley’s Winston of Grafton; 3, V Howard’s Butterby Havanah.

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