Hackney Horse Society National Show results


    pony y’ling colt 1 & res, J Wenham Snr’s Forewood Fancy That; 2, D Vyse’s Sunbeam Showcase; 3, A Ward’s Sunbeam Stardust. filly 1 ch, ch & sup, sup & sup, A Ward’s Sunbeam Minuet; 2, B Harrington’s Belchers Lucilla; 3, J Chicken’s Stapleford Siany Girl. 2-y-o colt 1 ch & res sup, P Holcombe’s Wainsbrook Little Chicco; 2, E Sayers’s Perrybridge Little Tramp; 3, D Vyse’s Sunbeam Gold And Silver. 3-y-o stallion 1 & res, J Syaers Hurstwood Prince Consort; 2, A Ward’s Sunbeam Star Quality; 3, G Haffenden’s Roscourt Poldark. 2-y-o filly 1 & res, J Peter’s Brookfield Miss Tilly; 2, S K Prescott’s Vanagn Moon Dance. 4-y-o & over mare in foal/foal at foot 1 & res sup, E Vyse’s Sunbeam Super Lady; 2, J Peters Hurstwood Coquette; 3 & first best foal, N Dent’s Semley Showoff. 4-y-o & over stallion 1 sup & res sup, L Pittaway’s Hurstwood Comet; 2, E & D Vyse’s Sunbeam Star Step; 3, M Holcombe’s Semley Sauvignon. horse y’ling colt 1 & ch, Wentworth Minstrel; 2, J Clayton Gaytons Just Jack; 3, Mr & Mrs Wenham Jnr’s Forewood Braveheart. filly 1 & res, Brookfield Royal Mist; 2, A Ward’s Luddinton Appolo; 3, J Cresswell’s Wildcourt Jessica. 2-y-o colt 1 & ch, J Chapman’s Rpmley All Gold; 2, J Wenham’s Forwood Royal Prince. 3-y-o stallion 1 & res, J Wenham’s Forewood Sir John; 2, J Cresswell’s Wildcourt Crusador. 2-y-o filly 1 & res, A Allison’s Hamewith Megan; 2, J Sayer’s Finchurst Fair Maiden; 3, Mr & Mrs Walsh’s Maryland Dancing Queen. 3-y-o mare 1 ch & res sup, F Vyse’s Stapleford Lady Sophia; 2, G Haffenden’s Roscourt Sweet Dreams; 3, J Wenham’s Downtown Princess. 4-y-o & over mare in foal/foal at foot 1 res sup & sup, J Peters’s Brookfield Elegant Lady; 2 & first best foal, Z Wagstaff’s Finchurst Skylight; 3 & second best foal, B Baker’s Redwing Romance. 4-y-o & over stallion 1 sup, ch sup & res sup, RHaffenden’s Roscourt Reality; 2 res sup & res, Sparrowhawk Family’s Highmoor Little John; 3, R Hutchinson’s Neneside Independence. champion showman ch, R Connelly; res, B A Ward’s. harness pony nov not exc 12.2hh 1 & ch, J Sayers’s Perrybridge Challenger; 2, F Wadhams’s Rudi Van De Hoender; 3, J Bromley’s Tyefields Discovery. 12.2-14hh 1 & res, J Peter’s Brookfield Classic Lady; 2, F Wadhams’s Hurstwood Firecracker; 3, J Cresswell’s Semley Sultan. open not exc 12.2hh 1, J Chicken’s Stapleford Little Bonfire; 2, Sunbeam Star Step; 3, Gillcrest Sir James. 12.2-14hh 1, J Wenham’s Semley Sparrow; 2, E Vyse’s Sunbeam Legend; 3, B Bass’s Stapleford Black Jack. national champion harness pony 1, Stapleford Little Bonfire; 3, Sunbeam Star Step; 3, Semley Sparrow. horse nov 14-15hh 1 & res, P Gray & A James’s Thorneyside Viscount; 2, G Baker’s Stherton Charles; 3, J Sayers’s Heldon Jack Of Diamonds. exc 15hh 1 & ch, J Peters’s Brookfield Mark Of Success; 2, Mr & Mrs Arrowsmith’s Heldon Hot Rod; 3, F Wadhams’s Baldwins Aldanti. open 14-15hh 1, J Peters’s Brookfield Sheza Lady; 2, J Smale’s Elams Natalie; 3, R A Hutchinson’s Neneside Independence. exc 15hh 1, R Bass’s Hurstwood Kytra; 2, C Moran’s Drewsherne Corrall; 3, J Wenham’s Forewood Sky High. national champion harness horse 1, Hurstwood Kytra; 2, Drewsherne Corrall; 3, Elams Natalie. driven by amateur pony not exc 12.2hh 1, B Harrington’s Forewood Little Titch; 2, E Vyse’s Sunbeam Touch Of Class; 3, L Willetts’s Plaistow Pippit. best lady whip 1, Miss Frankir Brown’s Forwood Little Fitch. best amateur whip 1, Sunbeam Touch Of Class. best turned out 1, Plaistow Pippit. 12.2-14 1, Sunbeam Legend; 2, Stapleford Black Jack; 3, M Cumming’s Woodside Ringleader. best lady whip 1, G MacDonald’s Woodside Ringleader. best amateur whip 1, Sunbeam Legend. best turned out 1, Woodside Ringleader.horse 14-15hh 1, Neneside Independence; 2, L Taylor’s Forewood Princess; 3, J Peters’s Brookfield Nashville Lad. best amateur whip 1, R Hutchinson. exc 15hh 1, R Arrowsmith’s Heldon Hot Rod; 2, K Toombs’s Hurstwood Solario; 3, MKelly’s Staple Enchantment. best amateur whip 1, R Arrowsmith. national amateur champion 1, Sunbeam Legend; 2, Neneside Independence. best opposite pony/horse to champion 1, Neneside Independence. best amateur whip 1, Sunbeam Legend. horse/pony in double harness 1, G Dudley’s Wentworth Kestrel & Thorneyside The Deemster. best horse pair/tandem 1, Wentworth Kestrel & Thorneyside The Deemster. best exhibit driven by amateur 1, G Dudley. shown to a gig not exc 14hh 1, M Vyse’s Brookfield Dainty Lady. exc 14hh 1 & ch, B Bass’s Tenderfield Black Shadow; 2 & res, Bronzebeech Maggie May; 3, J Rowe’s Brookfield Unique. best turned out exhibit 1, Tenderfield Black Shadow. horse/pony driven by jnr whip 1, E Vyse’s Sunbeam Lancier; 2, Woodside Ringleader; 3, Vyse Family’s Glenshane Playboy. ridden Hackney or part-bred 1, L Bamford’s Inglefield Duke; 2, J Clayton’s Gaytons Lady Luck; 3, P Thompson’s Thinford Flashman.

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