Great Yorkshire Show, 10 – 13 July

  • GREAT YORKSHIRE Harrogate, Yorks, 10-13 July

    Cleveland Bay (Mrs M Douthwaite) y’ling 1 & res, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Elderberry Flower; 2, Mrs C Waite’s Barbarian Bolero; 3, J L Firth’s Barbarian Buccaneer. 2-y-o 1 & ch, D G Welch’s Knaresborough Time Out; 2, Mrs H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Primrose; 3, Miss B Elias’ High Pasture Second Chance. 3-y-o 1, D G Welch’s Knaresborough On Time; 2, Mrs M R Brown’s Forest Favourite; 3, Mrs H Warburton’s Nanty Low Melody. 4-y-o & over 1, Mr & Mrs N Cowgill’s Oaten Whinbush Bay; 2, Mrs K Wylie’s Aderlaides Dancing Matilda; 3, Mrs K Hall’s Knaresborough Rite On. part-bred, y’ling 1 & res, Mrs S H Fenwick’s Baydale Jupiter II; 2, Mrs R C Thompson’s Glenaig Last Man Out; 3, Mrs J Leighton’s Lowmoor Pillow Fight. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Mrs M Scurrah’s Knaresborough Kilwilly; 2, Mrs A Reay’s Echo; 3, Mrs C M Garbutt’s High Park Mac. foal 1, Miss J E Spencer’s Glenaig Man From La Mancha; 2, Mrs P Street & Mrs J Blades. coloured, ridden (R Avery, Miss S Holliday) trad, exc 148cm 1 & ch, J McTiffin’s Mr Morrow; 2, P Ahern’s Jasper Bailey; 3, L Russell’s Zenith. pony 1, P Porley’s Chantilly Lace; 2, J Mason’s Ulverscroft Cappacino; 3, G Chippendale’s Lady Of The Dawn. non-native horse 1 & res, L Ibbotson’s Heathersedge Eurovision; 2, Miss L Waite’s Country Puzzle; 3,T Holroyd’s Perry. pony 1, S Robertson’s Designer Label; 2, K Burkin’s Lenamore Skyscraper; 3, B Liddle’s Mini Todkin Soldier. Irish Draught (Dr K Hinckley) mare 1 & ch, S Benson’s Woodclose Silver Storm; 2 & res, Mrs S Errington’s Toux Northern Lights; 3, S Kitching’s Balmoral. foal 1 & ch, M Mortimer’s Lord George Of Leylandii; 2, S Kitching; 3, S Benson’s Woodclose Bella Blue. y’stk, filly 1, C Jubb’s Benedicts Brianna Mist; 2, M Phillips’ Rocketman; 3, C Stead’s Crimson Sapphire. gelding 1, A Meer’s Balinmore Charmer Hero; 2, T Smith’s Hawklands Whispering Wind; 3, L McCloughlin’s Bellfield Lady. ridden (J Newborough, Dr K Hinckley) pure-bred 1, V Morris’ Askwith Midnight Mosaic; 2, L Barsby’s Woodclose Apollo; 3, J Sarsfield’s True Blue. sport horse 1, V Fleingin’s Lulu; 2, K Barley’s Branley Rowena; 3, E Gledhill’s Tazmanian Devil. ridden hunter, novice (N Allen, J Geake), l’wt 1 & ch, A Smurfitt’s Bow River; 2 & res, A Southern’s Corbally Man; 3, Lynwod, Mear & Swallow’s Irish Squire. h’wt 1, W Smith’s Double Edition; 2, Mr & Mrs G Gale’s Rosconaeln MrOsbourne; 3, Miss P Thompson’s Just A Fluke. open (Mrs A Hooley, N Hollings) l’wt 1, Bow River; 2, A Southern’s Enduring Freedom; 3, C Bardo & Dr A Ross’ Luke Sharpe. m’wt 1 & ch, Integrated Packaging’s Imperator; 2, H Rodgers’ District Court; 3, N McCloy’s Classic Gold. h’wt 1 & res, C Bardo’s Silverstream; 2, J Gibson’s Diamond White; 3, W & E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert. 4-y-o 1, J Banks’ Redwood Thyme; 2, J Platt’s Colin Tyne Clover; 3, W & E Gibson’s The Candleman. working, open 1, L Wright’s Hampton Court; 2, C Richardson’s Lough Crew; 3, C Grantham’s Red Net. novice 1, C Richardson’s Pissaro; 2, C Telsch’s Czech Mate; 3, R Robertshaw’s Frank’s Favourite. coloured in-hand (Miss D Aylmer-Aylmore) y’stk 1 & ch, E Green’s Apollo; 2, S Henshaw’s Auspicious; 3, B Seymour’s Hercules. y’stk, over 153cm 1, F Murray’s Hotspure Freestyler; 2, T Nelson’s Blinkbonny Prince Harry; 3, B Seymour’s Envy. 153cm 1 & res, K Allen’s Millpond Look So Cheeky; 2, S Towers’ Tidkin Spirit In The Sky; 3, L Coulson’s BNG Lucky Linked To A Clue. hunter breeding (M Tory) small b’mare 1 & ch, A Wareham’s Trenawin Leadette; 2, Mrs J Houseman’s Captain Caroline; 3, Mr & Mrs W Raper’s Loumic Fantasia. foal 1, R Myers’ Springthorpe; 2, Mr & Mrs WC Raper; 3, AWareham’s Princess Smarty Pants. l’wt mare 1 & res, Messrs Upham & Davey’s Euphoria; 2, V Scouller’s Aintree Oats; 3, J Spencer’s Glenaig Shadow Dancer. foal 1, J Spencer’s Glenaig Man From La Mancha; 2, Messrs Upham & Davey; 3, V Scouller. h’wt mare 1, Mrs M Harnett’s Elizabeth; 2,J Mason’s Duch Cottage; 3, J Moore’s Jemoon Razzle Dazzler. foal 1 & ch, J Mason; 2, J Moore’s Jemoon Uptown Girl; 3, Mrs Morris. y’stk (N Allen) y’ling colt/gelding 1, Mr & Mrs W Moran & G Haswell’s Look North; 2, A Drabble’s Lowmoor Playboy; 3, G Parkin’s Hambleton Classic High. filly 1, Mr & Mrs W Moran & G Haswell’s Willow Park; 2, Mr & Mrs W Moran & G Haswell’s Melrose Park; 3, J Moore’s Herzgoin. 2-y-o, gelding 1, M Hunt’s Mythical Ballad; 2, Mr & Mrs W Moran & G Haswell’s Byron Lodge; 3, Mr & Mrs W Moran & G Haswell’s Badgers Wood. filly 1 & 2, Mr & Mrs W Moran & G Haswell’s Arlington Park & Dewsberry Park; 3, Mrs R Parker’s Garland. 3-y-o gelding 1 & ch & 2, Miss M Hennessy’s Lord Of The Line & Bitter Luck; 3, Mrs C Blaskey’s My Blue Chip. filly 1 & res, Mrs M Sanderson’s Freckleton Mirabelle; 2, P Scott’s Hannahs Luck; 3, C Wood & Pencarder Stud’s Pencarda Ramona. M&M in-hand (Mrs D Jordan) Connemara, Highland, New Forest, y’stk 1 & res, S Roberts & J Fairclough’s Odhran Of Langley; 2, Mrs J Robinson’s Zeeta Of Deuchar; 3, P Hodgkinson & Mrs R Harthen’s Roscon Silver Justice. Exmoor 1, Mrs J Graham’s Kebroyd Icgni; 2, Miss G Whetter’s Oswald; 3, Mr & Mrs K Whittington’s Rossmill Cranesbill. lge brds, 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Mrs M Stanford’s Torrin Of Croila; 2, Mrs C Saynor’s Liscaninane Boy; 3, Mrs J Owens’ Bramhope Stardust. Exmoor 1, Mr & Mrs A Woodward’s Elsinor Grace Darling; 2, Mrs A Partington’s Cholderton Halloween; 3, Mrs J Rogers’ Rosefinch. M&M ridden (Miss V de Quincey, Miss G Evans) small brds 1, Mr & Mrs P Taylor’s Langfield Beverley Hills; 2, Mrs S Dowdeswell’s Raphael; 3, Mrs J Rogers’ Rosefinch. Welsh sec A & B 1, Mrs J Dawson’s Gunthwaite Mahogany; 2, Mrs K Burkin’s Sannanvalley Souvenir; 3, Mrs J Staveley’s Newtonhill Naughty Boy Charlie. sec C1, Miss A Hibbert’s Brynithon Prince Charming; 2, Miss E Kinnarid’s Wyken First Lady; 3, Miss M Jackson’s Donys Gwrda. sec D 1 & res, T Robshaw’s Penycrug Rhodri; 2, Miss A Hall’s Avonvalley Nowjust; 3, Mrsw J Stacey’s Jebeth Obi Wunwun. Dales, Fell, Highland 1, A Leaver’s Townend Hamish; 2, Miss V Proctor’s Hobcroft Adam; 3, Mrs E Worthy’s Dalewin Beauty. Connemara, New Forest 1 & ch, Miss P Porley’s Chequer Hill Fionn; 2, Mrs J McCallum’s Sydserff Lord Of The Dance; 3, Mrs B N McGrath’s Moorbank Havanna. ridden cob (Mrs J Stephens, N Hollings) l’wt 1, Mrs P Cooper’s Lord Of The Rings; 2, L Russell’s Quasar; 3, I Darcy’s Doctor Bob. h’wt 1 & ch, J McTiffin’s Private Benjamin; 2 & res, Miss C Neame’s So Smart; 3, L Russell’s Zenith. RH (Miss J Bradwell, Hon Mrs R Marckus) small 1, Miss D Burgin’s Haddon Hurricane; 2, Miss M Lomas’ Tilstock Red Fox; 3e, Miss J Gibson’s Tea Dance. lge 1 & ch, P Atkinson’s Broadstone Doulton; 2 & res, Mrs V Ramm’s Sirius; 3, Miss K Hill’s Hillocks Rustic Gold. ladies’ hunter (Mrs A Hooley, Hon Mrs R Marckus) 1, Mrs S Clark’s To Gher Princess; 2, Countess Goess-Saurau’s Granite City; 3, Mrs A Hunt’s Romany King. small 1, Mrs S Towers & S Cooper’s Queens Walk; 2, Mrs J Carter’s Harley Street; 3, Mrs S Hinchcliffe’s Hogarth. Dales (Mrs C Glasper) y’ling/2-y-o 1 & res, B Eccles’ Westwick Rachael; 2, R Corner’s Village Warrior; 3, R Townsend’s Westwick Rose. 3-y-o & over 1, C Parker’s Roandale Blossom; 2, B Eccles’ Westwick Fashion; 3, B Eccles’ Westwick Heather. b’mare 1 & ch, B Eccles’ Westwick Petal; 2, Mr & Mrs J Metcalfe’s Bolam Sophie; 3, C Parker’s Lowkbers Tilly Trotter. foal 1, B Eccles; 2, Mrs E Jones; 3, C Parker. Dartmoor (J Jordan) y’ling 1 & res, Mr & Mrs P Tyler’s Springwater Country Love; 2, Mr & Mrs P Taylor’s Huttons Ambo Atlanta; 3, Mrs W Dunn’s Rekcilf Miss Michaelmas. 2/3-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs P Tyler’s Springwater Alight; 2, Mr & Mrs D Anderson’s Greenferns Kirsteen; 3, Mrs S Cambage’s Rosecliffe Fox’s Path. stallion 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs D Anderson’s Dunmere Buff Ermine. mare 1, Mrs S Hide’s Shilstone Rocks Atlantic Swell; 2, Miss C Farnaby’s Valepark Celebration; 3, Mrs L Grant’s Fairmarsh Candy Tuft. foal 1, Mrs L Grant’s Thimbleby Ebonita; 2, Mrs S Hide’s Huttons Ambo Athena; 3, Mr & Mrs K Dorman. Fell (Miss J Paterson) y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs D Wilkinson’s Brackenbank Rosanna; 2, Mrs J Reekie’s Carrock Dusk; 3, D Crows’ Murthwaite Gurka. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, D Crow’s Sleddale Rosebud; 2, Mr & Mrs D Wilkinson’s Brackenbank Sorrel; 3, Miss H Mawrey’s Caltonlima Jerry. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, D Crow’s Castle Hill Rose; 2, Mrs M Wilson’s Townend Bethany; 3, Mrs J Crane’s Rackwood Robin. LR (Mrs J Beatham) 1, Mrs J Templeton’s Colne Heiress; 2, C Cooper’s Cosford Persica; 3, R Templeton & Mrs D O’Neil’s Rocksgreen Cold Mountain. FR 1, Mrs S Cornforth’s Cosford Perilla; 2, T Georgiakis’ Amesbury Majorette; 3, Mrs L Burnip’s Clegenill Serin. M&M LR 1, Mrs G Shuttleworth & Mrs L Leeming’s Waxwing Pastille; 2, Mrs L Shackleton’s Tallares Pageboy; 3, Mrs S Potter’s Westfirle Miss Moppet. RP breeding (Mrs C Whiteway) b’mare, 128cm 1, Miss S Roberts’ Tallulah; 2, Mrs J Fox’s Ben Neagh Dancing Fox. foal 1, Mrs J Fox; 2, Miss S Roberts’ Royalview Tinkerbelle. mare, 148cm 1, ch & Cuddy sup, Mrs M Mansfield’s Rotherwood Peek A Boo; 2 & res, Mrs L Grant’s Thimbleby Sensation. foal 1 & ch, Mrs L Grant’s Thimbleby Latest Edition; 2 & res, Mrs M Mansfield. y’ling, 128cm 1 & ch, Mrs P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Celebration; 2, Miss S Roberts’ Hightopps Jet; 3, T Potter & Mrs S Lee’s Chagford Leon. do, 148cm 1, Mr & Mrs A Millington’s Topcat; 2, W Merryweather’s Rosamel Dark Prince; 3, Mrs K Smith’s Sandbank Earlybird. 2/3-y-o, 128cm 1, W Merryweather’s Parkhill Little Aria; 2, T Potter & Mrs S Lee’s Chagford Lewis; 3, Miss J Bristow’s Barkway State Affair. 148cm 1 & res, Mrs L Bishop Milnes’ Wayward Silhouette; 2, J Careless’ Fairley Tranquillity; 3, Miss A Singleton’s Barlieth Deep Red. Shetland (Mrs P Renwick) stallion 1 & res, Mrs L Hutchings’ Butterby Express; 2, Barughs’ Birchmoor Viceroy; 3, Miles’ Hose Earl. y’ling 1, Miss J Woods’ Lathom Jessamine; 2, Mrs A Eames’ Schivas Violet; 3, E Headley’s Laddyll Rock Rose. 2/3-y-o 1, Miles’ Heathcroft Tabitha; 2, Mrs S Atkinson’s Horninglow Elterwater; 3, D Dick’s Empress Of Transy. yeld mare/gelding 1 & ch, D Dick’s Phoebe Of Transy; 2, Miss J Woods’ Lathom Jodie; 3, G Snaith’s Beetees Beautiful. mare 1, Mrs S Atkinson’s Willonbry Wild Catrina; 2, J Kay’s Oxendale Juanita; 3, D Dick’s Centenary Of Transy. foal 1, Mrs D Sandham’s Sandhamville Britney; 2, Mrs S Atkinson’s Horniglow Hawkshead; 3, Mrs D Sandham. SHP (A Illsley, Hon Mrs R Marckus) 122cm 1, Mrs W Hewitt’s Dollyroo Let’s Go Girl; 23, Mrs L Card’s Littlebriars Told You so; 3, R Templeton & Mrs D O’Neil’s Musley Rue De Royale. 133cm 1, Mrs L Goodyear’s Highmead Politician; 2, T Georgiakis’ Yealand Angelina; 3, Miss M Mackay’s Knowle Sprucewood. 143cm 1 & ch, Mrs D Thomas & C Yates’ Crafton Waltz Of The Toreadors; 2, Mrs A Brayshaw’s Rowanoak Next Generation; 3, Mrs K Neachell’s Van Gogh. 153cm 1 & res, Mrs J Parry’s Chiddock Valentine; 2, Mrs D Park’s Northern Fanfare; 3, Mrs D Thomas’ Noble Miller. SP (Mrs D Jordan, Mrs A Cole) 128cm 1 & res, Mrs J Gill’s Charn Kingfisher; 2, Mrs J Templeton’s Colbeach Salaman; 3, Mrs J Corbett’s Parkhill First Edition. 138cm 1, Mrs S Schofield’s Rotherwood Flamenco; 2, R Templeton & Mrs D O’Neil’s Huntroyd Perfection; 3, Messrs Hollings & Chamberlain’s Spinningdale Scherzo. 148cm 1 & ch, Mrs D Thomas’ Mountcaulfield Freedon; 2, Mr & Mrs C Jackson’s Halvanna Masterpiece; 3, Mrs J Templeton’s Courtvale Dark Secret. int 1, Mrs L Pattinson’s Hazelcroft Love Affair; 2, Mrs R Bosworth’s Harlan Simply The Best; 3, P Ahern’s Whalton High Jinks. side-saddle 1, Mrs S Davies’ Vipal. sec A (B Hyslop) y’ling, colt 1, G Oldrod’s Tamevalley Twist; 2, J Russell’s Gartconnel Stealth; 3, Mrs N Callender’s Llafar Endaf. filly/gelding 1, Miss A Prior’s Waitwith Wind Song; 2, Mr & Mrs I Stansfield’s Rosegarth Indian Sunset; 3, Mrs G Farrow’s Waitwith Danielle. 2/3-y-o, colt 1, J Hazeleger’s Cenetennial Lancelot; 2, Miss A Brough’s Dukeshill Panache; 3, Mrs D Wilson’s Waitwith Charlie. stallion 1, ch & res Cuddy ch, J Russell’s Gartconnel Shooting Star; 2, Mr & Mrs T Waddington’s Abbeybells Father Coyne. filly/gelding, 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs G Farrow’s Waitwith Little Jewel; 2, Lady Shrewsbury’s Chetwynd Alice; 3, Mrs M Parkinson’s Owetre Miss Molly. b’mare 1 & res, Mrs G Farrow’s Waitwith Desire; 2, J Russell’s Gartconnel Class; 3, S Anderson’s Thistledown Velvet. foal 1, S Anderson’s Thistledown Velvet Bow; 2, Mrs G Farrow’s Waitwith Summer Dream; 3, S Greenwood’s Glenrose Red Robyn. sec B (Miss L Hutchins) y’ling, colt 1, N Beaumont’s Gunthwaite Old Gold; 2, Telynau Stud’s Telynau Party Politics; 3, Mrs J Blackburn’s Stoak Tyrol. filly/gelding 1, Miss M Gethin’s Mynach Miss Prim; 2, R Hulbert’s Bronhevlog’s Wild Rose; 3, Mrs R Shields’ Isley Walton Zircon. 2/3-y-o, colt 1 & ch, Mrs S Coulter’s Telynau Royal Dragoon; 2, Mr & Mrs P Cheetham’s Carrwood Bronzewing; 3, Miss S Kersey’s Stoak Tosca. stallion 1 & res, Mrs J Stewart’s Elvet Challenger; 2, Telynau Stud’s Eyarth Mercury; 3, Mrs C Fuller’s Polaris Euros. 2/3-y-o 1, T Wood’s Milltop Sparrowhawk; 2, Miss M Gethin’s Mynach Oceana; 3, Miss L McKenzie’s Boston Babooska. b’mare 1, Mr & Mrs L Bigley’s Scrafton Angelina; 2, G Hensby’s Laithehill Mazurka; 3, Mr & Mrs B Butterworth’s Paddock Petra. foal 1, G Hensby; 2, Mrs P Fillingham’s Stockham Count Mercury; 3, Mrs G Richardson. sec C (D Blair) y’ling 1 & res, D Conti’s Rangeview Ringlet; 2, J Longbottom’s Newbrook Roseanne; 3, Mrs D Gant’s Kirkhamgatee Glitz and Glamour. 2/3-y-o 1, J Welsh’s Coeden Donatella; 2, Miss L Ramsden’s Brohedyyd Moli ann; 3, A Degnan’s Lourton Hot On Ya Heels. stallion 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs S Heppenstall’s Glynwyn Gideon. mare/gelding 1, Mrs S Whitwam’s Fahill Blossom. sec D (D Blair) y’ling 1, D Broster’s Harrowclough Talisman; 2, D Purtill’s Tardebridge Lord Thomas; 3, S Watt’s Hillgarth King Flyer. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs L Bigley’s Llanarth Prince Of Wales; 2, J Hart’s Mycathly Beaudicea. stallion 1, Miss S Bennetalnor Forest King; 2, S Gibbons’ Tymor The Tramp. 4-y-o & over 1 & res, Mrs J Fawcett’s Pantanamlwg Free Gift; 2, Mrs S Stead’s Danaway Valentine; 3, Mrs L Collett’s Lidgett Charm. foal 1, Holly Tree Stud’s Hollytree Daisy; 2, Mrs J Fawcett; 3, Mrs T fisher’s Grange Park Benson.

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