Grand Slam at Ingliston EC showing results, 7-8 April 2012

  • RIHS hack (M Lawrence) novice.1, V Renson’s Moonlight Fantasy II. sml.1 & ch, A Rose’s Colbeach Mark Of Respect; 2, S Burkhill’s Levant Seraph. lge.1 & res, E Blundell’s Eden Rock. RIHS riding horse (M Lawrence) nov.1 & ch, E Blundell’s Stanley Grange Blencartha; 2, K Aird’s Barrdene Paris Lace; 3, J Bell’s Blue Sapphire. sml.1, Stanley Grange Blencartha; 2, L James’ Its Ozzy; 3, H Masson’s Carnsdale Cinderella. lge.1 & res, R Telford’s Concerto II; 2, J Bell’s Blue Sapphire; 3, E Smith’s Fenwick Rubix. RIHS cob (R Mills) nov.1, F Menzies’ Glenmore Lad; 2, R Lane’s Montgomery; 3, J Wisdom’s Red Storm. lwt.1 & res, M Nicholson’s Father Gilespie. hwt.1, S Ashton’s De Monkey Business; 2, F Menzies’ Counterpoint. maxi.1, F Menzies’ Glenmore Lad; 2, T Fawcett’s Quality Street; 3, R Lane’s Dream In Colour. RIHS hunter nov.1, J Munro’s Second Chance VI; 2, C McVay’s Ballinakill; 3, C Bunton’s Bally Blarney. sml.1, M Bowie’s Moy Lad; 2, J Webster’s Laighlands Silver Earl; 3, C Crozier’s Woodfoot Diamond. lwt.1, Second Chance VI; 2, E Blundell’s Rudensky; 3, E Houston’s Za Zeu. mwt.1 & ch, A Bowie’s Jenny’s Prince; 2, M Nicholson’s Jackson Jones; 3, C Mcvay’s Ballinakill. amateur.1, F Ross’ Dutch Dilema; 2, S Tait’s Foxcourt All Talk; 3, C McVay’s Ballinakill. ladies.1 & res, L Halil’s Karate Z; 2, R Lane’s Conspiracy Theory. RIHS working hunter (M Colquhoun).1, C Brewster’s Freckleton Maximus. RIHS BSPA (J Karwl-Jacques) pony plaited.1, R Telford’s Aiska Rose. trad.1 & ch, A Miller’s Free Spirit III; 2, J Finlayson’s Blue Who; 3, T Moro’s Jack Daniels II. horse plaited.1, E Mcculloch. trad.1, H Masson’s Corvus; 2, F Menzies’ The Mighty Mop.

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