Gleaming horseboxes

  • Bosch takes the pressure out of cleaning lorries and trailers

    Horseboxes and trailers can be difficult to keep clean because it is so time-consuming and high sides often require a ladder to reach the top. Dirt and grime can also ruin the paintwork and erode the surface.

    A pressure washer is one way of effectively cleaning your horsebox, trailer or car. Bosh Lawn and Garden hose has a range of high-pressure washers to suit various applications.

    Small, compact and mobile they require minimal storage space. Each model features a vario nozzle which can be adjusted to clean delicate areas, as well as a powerful roto-power jet for effective cleaning on harder surfaces.

    An auto-stop facility automatically switches off the machine when the trigger is released reducing water consumption and electricity costs. Robust, durable and easy to handle they come with a carrying handle.

    Available in either the AHR 1000, the AHR 1100 or the AHR 1200 which range from a maximum pressure (bar) of 100 to 120.

    Cost from around £100

    For details of your nearest stockists contact (tel: 0144

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