Give your horse or dog a make-over

  • Transform your dirty dog or hairy horse with a huge selection of grooming and clipping products from Peasridge

    Winter brings mud, and however much owners might hate it, horses and dogs like nothing more than to get plastered in it. Fight back this winter by clipping away excess hair and washing away the mud.

    If you are looking for a wide selection of clipper,s trimmers and grooming products then Peasridge could help. As one of the UK’s largest suppliers of animal clipping equipment, the company stock a wide range of brands, including Wahl, Lister, Laube, Liveryman, Wolsley, Stewart Oster, Heinnigaer and Hauptner.

    Peaseridge can offer clients secure on-line buying, as well as a mail order service on their entire range of products.

    As well as dogs and horses, their range of clippers extends to sheep, cattle and rabbits.

    The company’s colour brochure gives details about each set of clippers and includes information on noise level, weight length and what level of use they are suited to.

    Add to this their extensive range of shampoos and there is no reason to be seen with a mucky pup or shaggy pony.

    Peasridge also offer a blade re-sharpening service and as well as clipper repairs and servicing. For more information contact Peasridge (tel: 01424 882900) or visit www.peasridge.co.uk

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