Free air miles for trainee guide dogs

  • British Midland airline is offering the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association free tickets to train dogs to cope on aeroplanes

    Guide dogs whose owners travel frequently by plane will get the chance to acclimatise to the sights, sounds and smells of air travel under a new scheme offered by British Midland.

    The airline is providing free flights for 10 dogs a year as part of their training with the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

    Guide dog owner, Verity Smith, who helped organise the free passes, spends a lot of time flying to France to visit her family.

    “I have encountered difficulties with some operators but British Midland has always offered an excellent standard of service to both myself and my dog Kay.

    “The free training flights will help ensure that future generations of guide dog owners can travel overseas with theirdogs.”

    The dogs will travel in the foot well of a seat, next to an instructor or their owner.

    The association said the training flights will not only help the dogs get used to flying but provide them with the experience of being in a busy airport terminal.

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