Fordingbridge Show 19-20 July ’03

  • Fordingbridge Godshill, Hants 19-20 July

    veteran (R Hamilton-Fletcher) pre-veteran 1, Mrs L Hardings’s Blue Belle; 2, T Hammond’s Ortenrigg; 3, Miss L Barrow’s Morning Magic. not 148cm 1 & res, Ms V Gray’s Doran Chocolate Drop; 2, Hampshire Riding Therapy’s Starlight Express; 3, Ms C El-Faki’s Liberty of Buckland. exc 148cm 1, K Davies’s Curtis High Flyer; 2, Miss S Denton’s Primos Gemini Jewel; 3, Miss A Leat’s Lollita of Ridgeway. ridden 1, Starlight Express; 2, Doran Chocolate Drop; 3, Miss D Emptage’s Oh Brother. veteran 1, Curtis Mill Flyer; 2, Miss G Swann’s Casbar Kid; 3, unlisted. golden 1 & ch, Miss A McGrath’s Vernons Vespers; 2, Mr & Mrs D Gray’s Wenlock Love; 3, Mrs J Paskins’s Mr Punch. BHF working hunter (S Perham) open 1, Ms F Hollick’s Money Bags; 2, Ms J Stephenson’s Rocking Robin; 3, Ms J Norman’s Joe Keogh. local 1, Joe Keogh; 2, Ms T Graham’s Wicked Lady; 3, Ms S Browne’s Doctor Weather. P(UK) Brineton small hunter 1 & res, Mrs G Mather’s Sledwich Dancing Years; 2, L Randall’s Esker Omar; 3, Mrs L Batchelor’s Abbas Dream Machine. novice 1, J Stephenson’s Annie’s Song; 2, Miss C Bishop’s Wickham’s Ivan; 3, Miss H Bazell’s Warrior II. do Whittakers Lord open 1 & ch, Mrs N Moon’s Beckett; 2, R Hamilton-Fletcher’s Doctor Fox; 3, Ms L Miller’s Milady’s Pride. ridden Arabs (A Mitchell) 1, Mrs C Cooper’s Sahir Crusader; 2, S Coomb’s Eastworth Ahmoshini; 3, Mrs L Corbould’s Madannia. Anglo/part-bred 1 & ch, L Smart’s Fernedge Debonnair; 2 & res, Mrs N Whitelock’s Finkley Will O Wisp; 3, S Calen’s Chiddock Vittorio. competition sport ridden (V Thomson) horse 1 & ch, V Nicholas’s Ballybane Victoria; 2, Doctor Fox; 3, R Butler’s Megan’s Touch. pony 1 & res, M Linnegar’s Wayland Moonsannah; 2, S Barrett’s Kesrah Royal Harvey. y’stk 1, Mr & Mrs R Hill’s Belmont; 2, Mr & Mrs D Gray’s Ashlan Dreamsong; 3, Byfield & Hedges’s Broadstone De Niro. open 148cm 1, Wayland Moonsannah; 2, S Barnard’s Faberge. exc 148cm 1, unlisted; 2, Mrs P Spencer’s Rio Rivarna. hunters in-hand, b’mare 1, Y Mimmack’s Betty. y’ling 1, Miss J Edward’s Delta Swan; 2, A Fitzsimmons’s Fair Star Impression; 3, J Townsend’s Miners Town. 2-y-o 1 & ch, Belmont; 2, Mr & Mrs Phillips’s Kingscourt; 3, Mrs L Pritchard’s Shorefields Rock Star. 3-y-o 1 & res, P Unwins’s Mill Race; 2, Mr & Mrs Phillips’ Randlestown; 3, Miss J Edwards’s Its Miraculous. P(UK) Kemply ridden cob (J Beatham) 1, Mr & Mrs Phillips’s Goldburg; 2, V Macrae’s Halifax II; 3, Mrs K Rowley’s Copyright. RH 1, Mr R Harris’s Made To Measure; 2, Mrs N Whitelock’s Koko Rose; 3, Mrs L Wickham’s Sparky Lady II. RH in-hand, b’mare 1 & res, Mrs J Barrow’s Morning Magic. y’ling 1, Fairstar Impression; 2, Shorefield’s Moonshadow; 3, S Berry’s Nevada Star. 2-y-o 1 & ch, Miss S Egan’s Cavokay; 2, Mrs L Pritchard’s Shorefields Rock Star; 3, J Hillier’s Play That Jazz. 3-y-o 1, Miss S Ball’s Wolstencroft Zakariah; 2, Mr T Woolridge; 3, Goodwills Stud’s Goodwills Westminster. Arabs(D Robinson) mare 1, S Coombs’s G Amalfi. y’ling 1, P Flowers’s Binley Sala. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Mrs D Monckton’s Idalia; 2, J , Willis’s Ibn Rah Rah. Anglo/part-bred y’ling 1, Nevada Star; 2, Newman & Godden’s Moorhall Sophistcat; 3, P Mun’s Veckham. 2/3-y-o 1, J Prior’s Harwood Quickstep; 2, P Jackson’s Maimorne Party Tricks. open 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs J East-Rigby’s Nazeeka; 2, T Chan’s Legend Moon Empress; 3, Primos Gemini Jewel. Appaloosa (B Beresford) ridden 1, E Wheeler’s Osman Desert Sands; 2, N Bellinie’s Wise Spares Rhythmn. in-hand 1, Wise Spares Rhythm; 2, Miss M Milne’s Blue Print; 3, Mrs S Pass’s Firedance Genia. palomino 1 & 3, Mr & Mrs A Lowth’s Pippins Golden Pride & Pippins Golden Isabella; 2, Miss D Hobbs’s Winzer Destiny’s Child. CHAPS ridden, over 153cm 1, C Scarfe’s Razzmatazz Lhee; 2, Mrs T Tizzard’s Fuchsia Farms Foresters Lysander; 3, Miss N Howard’s Tynefield Charlotte. 153cm 1, Ms F Rawlings’s Buzz Lightyear; 2, S Bennett’s Kesrah Royal Harvey; 3, M Tarrant’s Merry Maid Of Honour. native/cob/trad over 148cm 1, Copyright; 2, Mr & Mrs Attree’s Indian Legend; 3, Mr & Mrs Dance’s Golden Moonbeam. 148cm 1, Mrs Mountney-Smith’s Cracker; 2, Mrs J Smith’s Patch Adams; 3, Mrs D I’Anson’s Rianga. in-hand over 153cm 1, Ashlan Dreamsong; 2, Pauldary’s Limited Edition; 3, Mrs B Adcock’s Arathorn Aztec. 153cm 1, Merry Maid Of Honour; 2 & 3, Countess of Clarendon’s Jenny Any Dots & Holywell Hot Chocolate. native/cob/trad over 148cm 1, Indian Legend; 2, Golden Moonbeam. 148cm 1, Mrs M Taylor’s Mceve Twinkletoes; 2, H Whetren’s Pickles; 3, Patch Adams. y’stk 1 & ch, Ashlan Dreamsong; 2, Pauldary’s Limited Edition; 3, A Nugent-Berrill’s Jasmine III. Rosettes Direct (H Field) LR 1, Mrs S Davis’s Chinook Citrine; 2, Mrs Martin’s Barkway Polly Poppet; 3, R Hamilton-Fletcher’s Barkway Miniature. FR 1, Mrs M Gray’s Rhoden Lucky Storm; 2, Mrs G Holden’s Charlesford Prince Charming; 3, Mr & Mrs Jewell’s Twyford Ninian. Lobster Pot M&M LR 1, D Burchell’s Gydros Sophie; 2, L Meritt’s Crimond Fury; 3, Mrs D Easton’s Waitwith Dreamcatcher. Brineton FR 1, Mrs G Holder’s Yaverland Carlo; 2, Mrs M Tarrant’s Lippens Nightjar; 3, Mrs L Mitrano’s Haida Hale Bopp. BSPS mixed ht SHP (J Elston) novice 1, Mrs M Phalp’s Winnies Express; 2, Twigslane Saxon. restricted 1, 1 & ch, Eskar Omar; 2 & res, Winnies Express. New Forest (P Diamond) mare 1, Knowles & Josey’s Glendale Orchid; 2, Mr & Mrs G Ellis’s Knightwood Foxglove. y’ling 1, Miss A Darnton’s Rodlease Jubilation; 2, Applewitch Stud’s Applewitch Magister; 3, Mrs I Burchett’s Lovelyhill High Point. 2-y-o 1, Mr R Maton’s Mallards Wood Goddess; 2, Miss A Darnton’s Rodlease May Delight; 3, Thomas & Corbin’s Applewitch Dreamtime. 3-y-o 1, Knowles & Josey’s Buttslawn Galaxy; 2, Young & Nineham’s Brock Bohemia; 3, Mrs W Cobden’s Meonbury Mrs McGregor. stallion 1 & ch, Mrs Andree-Parsons’s Sabinas Gold Sovereign; 2, E Collis’s Dorridge Chancellor; 3, K Eynott’s Sabinas Crackerjack. ridden, novice 1 & res, Mrs M Bryant’s Wayland Golden Gift; 2, D Vear’s Kilncopse Fly by Night; 3, S Fairway’s Rushington Jade. open 1 & ch, Mr M Fry’s Bedeslea Gentian; 2, Dorridgev Chancellor; 3, J Walton’s Chester II. WHP (S Zebedee)133cm 1, L Mathews’s Balfern Twilight. 153cm 1, Eskar Omar; 2, Miss L Barrow’s Perriland Fantasia; 3, Mrs W Cobden’s Meonbury Marcus. exc 153cm 1, N Sutton’s Irish Chit Chat; 2, K Gambling’s Temptation; 3, Mr M Edwards’s Mickey Finn V. M&M WHP 1, Mrs S Cook’s Milford Funtime; 2, Mrs L Mitrano’s Escley Turnover; 3, Meonbury Marcus. Bobby Dazzler club horse 1 & ch, Miss M Keen’s Sandby Jasmine; 2, Mr E Sandy’s Crescent Stardust; 3, Temptation. do pony 1 & res, A Humphrey’s Farriers Fairplay; 2, Mrs J Webster’s Blue Gray Eclipse; 3, Mrs W Wilson’s Twigslane Saxon. Shearwater M&M WHP(Arrowsmith-Brown) 122cm 1 & res, Milford Funtime; 2, Balfern Twilight; 3, Escley Turnover. 138cm 1, A Blatchford’s Monaray Joe Thunder; 2, S Peters’s Woodrow Aprils Delight. over 138cm 1 & ch & 2, Mrs M Bryant’s Wayland Cranberry & Wayland Charis; 3, Chester II. BHF M&M small 1 & ch, Lippens Nightjar; 2, Mrs M Baker’s Bluebury High Spirits. large 1 & res, Mrs S Cooper’s Tricallan Eclipse; 2, Mr & Mrs Cordall’s Cwmtawe Twm; 3, S Saunders’s Donavon. Midas HP (J Ryde-Rogers) open 1, Perriland Fantasia. y’ling 1, L Witcombe’s Royalyn Saxon; 2, R Bartlam’s Pucknall Hot Gossip; 3, Mrs M Bowyer’s Zelston Bequest. b’mare 1 & ch, Miss J Lane’s Northlands Main Event; 2, Morning Magic; 3, J Darlington’s Oakfield Elegance. foal 1, Northlands Main Lane; 2, Perriland Leonardo. DJ Risley RP (V Pritchard) y’ling 1 & res, Moorhall Sophisicat; 2, Miss D Hayward’s Fofsway Winsome. 3-y-o 1 & ch, Royalyn Saxon; 2, Pucknall Hot Gossip; 3, Zelston Bequest. b’mare 1, Mrs J Buckley’s Waltza Perfect Day. M&M, Shetland 1 & res, Nichols & Slade’s Bluestone Acorn; 2, Mr S Walker-Davis’s Hollydell Radar; 3, Miss G Wright’s Daisy Of Crooksbury. sml breeds 1, J Stepping’s Thornfield Little Man; 2, C Hall’s Shilstone Rocks Mountain View; 3, J Reeves’s Dunmere Sooty Ringlet. lge 1 & ch, Mrs P Middleton’s Rhoslan Delmai; 2, Mrs J Andrews’s Good Morning Breeze; 3, M Hewlett’s Dartdale Buster.

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