Foot and mouth news

  • Foot and mouth: how it happened [19 October, 2007]

    Hunting resumes as foot and mouth restrictions lift [17 October, 2007]

    Foot and mouth risk area reduced [1 October, 2007]

    Movement to market in foot-and-mouth ‘low risk areas’ [28 September, 2007]

    Animal movements allowed in FMD “low risk zone” [27 September, 2007]

    Foot and mouth outbreak: show news and cancellations [25 September, 2007]

    New foot and mouth control zones in Hampshire [24 September, 2007]

    Foot and mouth surveillance zone lifted in Solihull [21 September, 2007]

    Hunts count the cost of foot and mouth [21 September, 2007]

    HOYS on track unless foot and mouth is confirmed [20 September, 2007]

    London’s racecourses stay open despite foot-and-mouth [13 September, 2007]

    Hunting and competitions hit by foot-and-mouth [12 September, 2007]

    Defra’s foot and mouth guidance notes for horse owners [12 September, 2007]

    Foot-and-mouth confirmed in Surrey [12 September, 2007]

    Suspected case of foot-and-mouth in Surrey [12 September, 2007]

    First 2007 outbreak

    Horses can again move freely between the UK, France and Ireland [31 August, 2007]

    “Business as usual” for hunts after foot and mouth [24 August, 2007]

    Horse movement allowed within foot and mouth restricted zone [21 August, 2007]

    Foot and mouth outbreak: show news and cancellations [20 August, 2007]

    Horse owners chide DEFRA over foot-and-mouth [16 August, 2007]

    Horse owners finally get guidance on foot and mouth [15 August, 2007]

    New foot and mouth exclusion zone in Kent [14 August, 2007]

    Foot and mouth: readers’ experiences [14 August, 2007]

    Hunts told: you can pick up fallen stock [11 August, 2007]

    Clarification on movement licences for horses [10 August, 2007]

    Merial says “no interruption to supply of horse medicines” [9 August, 2007]

    Confusion over collection of dead animals [9 August, 2007]

    BHS urges riders in Surrey to stay at home [8 August, 2007]

    Hacking illegal in foot and mouth protection zone [8 August, 2007]

    What to do during the foot and mouth outbreak [8 August, 2007]

    EC issues new rules on travelling horses abroad [7 August, 2007]

    Foot-and-mouth back in Britain [7 August, 2007]

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