First aid box essentials


    Cost: 60ml £3, 500ml £12.45, 1l £21

    What is it? Cleansing and soothing spray for routine use on minor wounds or initial treatment of more serious ones. Based on aloe vera and tea tree oil, it also contains echinacea and yarrow and just enough of a gel base to make it stay on the wound.

    How it worked: A quiet spray which seemed to help heal a stubborn brushing wound and certainly didn’t cause any irritation. Once the wound was healing and the horse was being turned out, I used this to irrigate and clean it overnight. A useful addition to the first aid box.

    Contact: Hilton Herbs (tel: 01460 78300)


    Cost: 250cc about £6

    What is it? Concentrated herbal oils in a rich lanolin base to protect and relieve sore and scabby heels. Softens the scabs naturally, so the advice is not to pick them off.

    How it worked: This was great on mud fever as it heals while creating a long-lasting waterproof barrier. It also went on an overreach wound when the horse was turned out and the healing process went smoothly.

    Contact: Barrier Animal Health (tel: 01953 456363)

    BARRIER ANTI-BACTERIAL SKIN SPRAYCost: 200ml about £7.75

    What is it? An anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory herbal oil spray suitable for use on minor cuts and inflammation, although only as a temporary measure on more severe injuries.

    How it worked: You won’t be surprised to hear that this too was used for mud fever – is there anyone who hasn’t had to deal with that this year? I sprayed it on some patches as soon as they appeared, rubbed it in well and they disappeared after a few days’ treatment.

    Contact: Barrier Animal Health (tel: 01953 456363)

    NAF PURPLE SPRAYCost: 200ml £6.87

    What is it? This contains aloe vera to help maintain the body’s natural healing process, while acting as a mild antiseptic and wound-cleansing agent. Comes in a non-aerosol spray. NAF recommends it for minor wounds, cuts and grazes.

    How it worked: Does what it says it does and seems to be quite gentle. Another useful addition to the box.

    Contact: NAF Freephone Advice Line (tel: 0800 373 106)

    For more information on products for first aid boxes, see Eventing> magazine (August issue)

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