Find out how a Hay Hutch could help you

  • Hay Hutches were invented by busy stud owner, Gilly Metherell (www.cotleyhillstud.com), to avoid hay being wasted by treading, dunging and the weather. In addition to avoiding waste, she found that she could gain control of WHEN she gave hay to her horses and HOW LONG it took.

    With part-time stable girl, Donna (left in picture), 14 horses in three groups are tended to with just one haying up session a week!

    By keeping the horses out all year with good rugs and using Hay Hutches, labour costs and time consumption are minimal. This allows Gilly to nip off and see her horses run or spend more time riding them.

    Four Hay Hutch sizes cater from individual happy hackers to large yards. Remember, it’s not just about avoiding waste — it’s about saving time too.

    Check out the Hay Hutch Facebook page

    For much more about Hay Hutches, including sizes, prices and delivery options, visit www.Hay-Hutch.co.uk

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