Fáilte Ireland Dublin Horse Show showing results, 4-8 August

  • Hunter lwt (Mr J Poole, Ms M Thomas) 6-10-y-o.— 1 & res, M Lewis’ Lorenzo; 2, L Wallace’s Shannon Beau; 3, S Garrigan’s King Lux. 4-y-o geld.— 1, S Smith’s Countryman; 2, A McCusker’s Good Guy; 3, D Tierney’s Bloomfield Bash. mare.— 1, A Smurfitt’s Saint Moritz; 2, P Leonard’s Ballingowan Martyna; 3, D Sloan’s Drumlane Susie. 5-y-o geld.— 1, J Lynch’s The Publisher; 2, D Tierney’s Bloomfield Barack; 3, O Scully’s Fortmoy Daingean. mare 5-10-y-o.— 1, ch, ch mare & sup, R Connors’ Woodfield Valier; 2, D Sloan’s Drumlane Rose; 3, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare Cover Girl. mwt (Mr R Sharp, Mr M Gallerdal) mare 4-10-y-o.— 1 & res mare, Waifer Brothers’ Miss Conci; 2, A Moore’s Wicklow Rose; 3, S Brophy’s Grey Mountain. 4-y-o geld.— 1, Spence & Boggs’ King Sitric; 2 & res, 4-y-o, D Tierney’s Bloomfield Ackzo; 3, Mr & Mrs Mahony’s The Exile. geld 5-10-y-o.— 1, ch & res sup, G Smith’s Millbank Classic; 2 & res, J Lynch’s The Mighty Celt; 3, M Perks’ Monatrea Rodger. hwt (Mr D Machin, Miss B Ensten) 4-y-o.— 1, ch & ch 4-y-o, Cash & Manning’s Downtown; 2 & res, L Wallace’s Cheerio; 3, J Donaghy’s Cloneyhea Fame. 5-10-y-o.— 1, M Rooney’s The Journeyman; 2, E Holden’s Dunleckney Dancer; 3, M & D Corr’s Trew And Moy. ladies (Ms M Thomas, Miss B Ensten).— 1, G O’Gorman’s Dream Catcher; 2, S Garrigan’s King Lux; 3, R Shields’ Rockrimmon Glenside Monarch. working hunter (Mr D Machin, Mr M Gallerdal) 4-y-o.— 1, K Ryan’s Reminisce; 2, P Finnegan’s Earl Of Guidam; 3, T Gill’s Flogas Rivermoy. lwt 5-10-y-o.— 1, M McDaniel-Stone’s Borleagh Baron; 2, M Smithwick’s Hazy Dayz; 3, R McKee’s Blackwood Quantum Rebel. hwt.— 1, Y Pearson’s Amplifire; 2, B MacAuley’s Jupiter Rising; 3, M & D Corrs Trew and Moy. Sportsman amateur (Mr D Machin, Mr M Gallerdal).— 1, P Mansergh-Wallace’s Pebbly Huntingfield; 2, J O’Donoghue’s Teddy Boy II; 3, L & T O’Brien’s My Silver Knight. small (Ms L Henson, Ms M Thomas) 4-5-y-o.— 1 & res, J Darragh’s Garveys Joy; 2 & ch, Saint Moritz; 3, F Flannelly’s Silver Berry. 6-y-o & over.— 1, L Wallace’s Master Klass; 2, M Robb’s Braeview Nemesis; 3, R Henry’s Rainbow Jacket. cob (Mr R Sharp, Miss B Ensten) lwt.— 1 & ch, M Comerford’s Merrick; 2, S McAteer’s Randalstown Grafton; 3 P O’Shaughnessy’s The Forger. hwt.— 1 & res, S McAteer’s Randalstown Limited Edition; 2, A Smyth’s Sock-Et-Set; 3, V Fogarty’s Sid. riding horse (Mr J Poole, Ms M Thomas) sml.— 1, L Wallace’s Alice Through The Looking Glass; 2, S Fitzpatrick’s Florentine; 3, L & T O’Brien’s Razzle Dazzle Girl. lge (sec A).— 1 & ch, M Butler’s Corrileas Imp; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs Casey’s Terrierman; 3, L & T O’Brien’s Mr Shakespeare. sec B.— 1, S Killilea’s Landanos Rolling Clover; 2, A Glass’ Maserene Being Ernest; 3, M Horsman’s Dusky Island. side-saddle (Ms M Thomas, Miss B Ensten).— 1, Corrileas Imp; 2, H Gordon’s Beamish; 3 P Mansergh-Wallace’s Kilbride Billy Jo. coloured (Ms L Henson) 158cm.— 1, Garveys Joy; 2, M & L Murphy’s Cheque Mate; 3, A Quinlan’s Lady Diva. exc 158cm.— 1 & ch, F Flannelly’s Royal Shakespere; 2 & res, S Gallagher’s Ricardo Colour; 3, P Cluskey’s Keenogue Happy Feet. cob.— 1, B Bourns’ James Rabbit; 2, S Fenlon’s Monty Santa Cruz; 3, J Hamilton’s The Hammerman. racehorse to riding horse (Mr J Poole, Mr M Kinane).— 1, Gigginstown Stud’s War Of Attrition; 2, L Byrne’s Hardy Eustace; 3, C McBarron’s Firecatcher. mares & foals (Ms E Morley, Mr R Matson) mare med/hwt.— 1 & ch b’mare, J Tempany’s Leader Star; 2, R Cahalane’s Krystal Rath; 3, D Tierney’s Bloomfield Rebekah. lwt.— 1 & res b’mare, W Smyth’s Cosmo Girl; 2, M Jeffares’ Debbies Clover; 3, V & M Breen’s Banglestown Imp. colt foal.— 1, P Glynn; 2, W Smyth; 3, D Rothwell. filly.— 1, R Cahalane; 2 & 3, M Roche’s Assagart Dancer & Assagart Mistress. foals by TB.— 1, P Glynn; 2, J Lynch’s Seefin Sail Away; 3, R Cahalane. stinted mare.— 1, D Rothwell’s Greenhall Dismissed; 2, L Supple’s Southwell Diamond Diva; 3, N Murphy’s Rose Garland. Irish draught (Ms E Morley, Mr R Matson) mare 3-4-y-o.— 1 & ch, S Sloyan’s Elm View; 2, P Hoare’s Moylough Ruby; 3, P Noone’s Beechmore Banrion. 5-y-o & over.— 1, H Murphy’s Cogans Dawn Star 2, I Shervington’s Tors Ballykissangel; 3, J & R Cowley’s Leitra Lady. colt foal by reg ID.— 1, M Neville’s Blackmoor Rinnce Ruadh; 2, L Morley’s Power Plant; 3, C & N Moore’s Tullys Blue. filly.— 1, H Murphy’s Barnaview Midnight Star; 2, S Burchill’s An Rinnin Silver Lightning; 3, M Shaughnessy. foal.— 1, I Shervington’s Mabel; 2, V Wilson; 3, E Skelly’s Shanaghan Emperor. stallion (Ms E Morley, Mr R Matson).— 1, S Barker’s Gortfree Hero; 2, J Quinn’s Cappa Cochise; 3, F Healy’s Heigh Ho Dubh. ridden (Mr D Machin, Miss B Ensten).— 1, R Shields’ Rockrimmon Glenside Monarch; 2, T Murphy’s Rochestown Amoroso; 3, B McKee’s Rockrimmon High Spot. breeders ch (Dr T Nissen, Dr B Bade).— 1, K O’Gorman’s Kildysert Royale & Brookfield Mr Lux; 2, P Glynn’s Parkmore Diva & colt foal; 3, D Rothwell’s Millenium Cruise & colt foal. young horse (Mrs A Tucker, d Mrs P Powley) y’ling male.— 1 & yl ch, S Lehane’s Ballard Playboy; 2, J Donaghy’s Caesars Palace; 3, Keane & Lyons’ Gatestown Master. do filly.— 1 & yl res, G Lyons’ Lisnagade; 2, K O’Gorman’s Brookfield Miss Lux; 3, J Hyde’s The Bally Girl. 2-y-o lwt male.— 1 & 2-y-o res, D Gibson’s Ballinacarra; 2, Casey & Meaney’s Tattygare Just A Dash; 3, P & A Milligan’s King Vectra. hwt.— 1, 2-y-o ch & sup young horse, S Lehane’s Ballard Eagle; 2, D Gibsons Credit Crunch; 3, T Gill. 2-y-o filly.— 1 & 2-y-o res, J & R Cowley’s Cloneyhea Peas; 2, L Comiskey’s Dynamic Dancer; 3, V McCallister’s Sparkling Gem. 3-y-o geld hwt.— 1 & 3-y-o res, D Tierney’s Bloomfield Ollie; 2, V Glass’ Dark Valley; 3, J Cusack’s Clonaslee Master Diamond. do lwt.— 1, 3-y-o ch & res sup, S McCormick’s Lislan Last Hope; 2, A Russell’s Rehy Truly Special; 3, Swan & Walsh. 3-y-o filly.— 1 & filly ch, D Rothwell’s Greenhall Stormdancer; 2, A Norton’s Newtonbarry Miss Holly 3, K McMahon’s Currantarmuid Black Tie. jnr side-saddle (Ms M Thomas, Ms B Ensten).— 1, A Ryan’s Thorndale Mischief; 2, U Byrne’s Longstone Hero; 3, M McNamara’s Uppacott Xotica. Connemara in-hand (Mrs O Haslett, Dr O Wedekind) mare 3-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, C Geoghegan Coosheen Lisa; 2, P Burke’s Creggrush Realta; 3, S McGrath’s Lucky Hazel. do stallion.— 1 & res, M Huntley-Jones’ Killacloran; 2, J Grogan’s Mountain Cascade; 3, M Igoe’s Crusader Of Kippure. Connemara performance hunter (Mrs O Haslett, Dr O Wedekind) 5-7-y-o.— 1, B O’Halloran’s Young Walt; 2, J Winterbotham’s Ciarog; 3, F Callaghan’s Ashfield Trobadour. 8-15-y-o.— 1, Cashel Bay Pony Stud’s Cashel Bay Prince; 2, J Moffatt’s Iratu Varagnac; 3, A Dempsey’s Cloonisle Cashel Blue. Connemara ridden (Mrs O Haslett, Dr O Wedekind) 4-5-y-o.— 1, J Corbett’s Dunally Grey; 2, D & A Henderson’s Ballyalt Call Lilly; 3, E Taaffe’s Cloonboo Dancer. 6-y-o & over rider 10-17yr.— 1, H Dawson’s Gloster Boy; 2, J Lumley-Fleming’s Kilbride Ruby; 3, H O’Toole’s Cashelbay Joe. do riders exc 17yr.— 1 & ch, P Mansergh-Wallace’s Derrymore Paddy Finn 2, E Lyons’ Mister What; 3, F Donohue’s Duntally Storm. stallion.— 1 & res, M Huntley-Jones’ Killacloran Fuinnseoig; 2, Cashel Bay Prince; 3, M Igoe’s Braveheart Of Kippure. SHP (Mrs D Machin) 133cm riders not over 12-y-o.— 1, J Wixted’s Hollyvale Citation; 2, F Callaghan’s Newoaks Celebrations; 3, L Grimes’ Paulank Summer Fog. do riders 14-y-o.— 1 & res, D Graham’s Valmore Irish Mist; 2, Paulank Summer Fog; 3, C Wall-Kelly’s Silverstone. 143cm.— 1, S Moore’s Heartlands Secret Weapon; 2, A Ogrady’s Hardingville Clockwork Orange; 3, M Rath’s Lehenagh Rebel. 153cm.— 1, G Clugston’s Mrs Lovely; 2, M O’Sullivan’s Gungadin; 3, K McNamee’s Prince Of Dromelihy. 158cm.— 1 & ch, Pebbly Huntingfield; 2, K McMahon’s Currantarmuid Inis Faith; 3, T Hall’s Mullentine Master Paddy. CT (Mr J Force).—1, P Cassell’s Loughtown Lass; 2, C McAlpine’s Rum Jumbie; 3, S Hamilton-Stubber’s Ballader Stanley. do members.— 1, C Jackson’s King Cliff; 2, M Hosey’s Marianne MacDanziga; 3, C Troughton’s Cosmic Rolo. jnr equitation (Mr J Force) 138cm.— 1, P O’Loughlin’s Golden Grove Maple; 2, P McGowan’s A Touch Of Magic; 3, H Dawson’s Dun For Now. 153cm.— 1, H O’Neill’s Rathkenny Snapdragon; 2, P Cummins’ Carnhill Diamond; 3, Cashel Bay Pony Stud’s Cashel Bay Misty. mini pony (Mrs D Machin) LR.— 1, C Kelly’s Bantiss Alcazan; 2, C Egan’s Nantcol Sir Galahad; 3, H Williamson’s Springdale Sequence. FR.— 1, L Twomey’s Lanaway Sparkle; 2, Bantiss Alcazan; 3, H Rea’s Golden Grove Romance. WHP (Mr J Force) starter stakes.— 1, A Ryan’s Wedderlie Marmion; 2, U McSorley’s Mini Me; 3, D Burns’ George Of The Jungle. 133cm.— 1 & ch, L Lambe’s Foxgrove Rocky; 2, P O’Loughlin’s Golden Grove Maple; 3, H Dawson’s Dun For Fun. 143cm.— 1, M Springate’s Killlinaskully King; 2, M Springate’s Killinaskully King; 3, D McClay’s Lisavon Tigger. 153cm.— 1, W Hooton’s Cashelbay Benny; 2, J Hay’s Quiverhill Remember Me; 3, H Dawson’s Gloster Boy.

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