Field Relief full face fly net

  • Kerry Smith tests the Field Relief full face fly net on her 15.2 part-TB bay mare who is turned out every day

    The Field Relief full face fly net from Equilibrium Products protectsyour horse from flies and midges while grazing in the field. It also has a new adjustable and detachable nosepiece offering protection to horses that suffer from sunburnt noses.

    The fly net is made from soft netting with padding across the brow and noseband making it comfortable to wear. The fine mesh keeps out flies and midges, and allows the horse good visibility while grazing.

    It has been designed to offer relief to horses that suffer from “head shaking” symptoms while in the field.

    Elasticised bindings and two Velcro straps under the chin help keep it securely in place. Available in black with red trim only and in sizes small (up to 14.2hh), medium/large (cobs and horses up to 16.1hh) and extra large (horses over 16.2hh).

    Cost at around £25.

    Tester’s comments

    “The Field Relief full face fly net is a godsend for my sensitive mare, who hates having flies and midges around her head,” says tester Kerry Smith.

    “She used to remove her previous fly hood while trying to scratch her itchy ears. However, she has only rubbed the Field Relief off once when it wasn’t fasten firmly enough. Since then it has stayed in place every day.

    “I particularly like the way firm mesh is used over the eye area, while the rest of the hood is softer and stretchy. It has not rubbed at all.

    “The extended design behind the ears makes it easy to fit a head collar over the hood while leading too and from the field.

    “It has also saved me afortune in sunscreen, as the extended and removable nosepiece has protected Stara’s white nose from becoming sunburnt.

    “The Field Relief may be a little more expensive than other fly nets, but I think it is well worth the money.”

    Contact Equilibrium Products (tel: 01442 828228) or visit www.equilibriumproducts.com

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