Experts unite to solve lameness

  • There are many reasons why a horse goes lame – from external factors, such as kick to a conformation problem, which induces a weakness.

    Whatever the reason for the lameness, many owners often wonder who they should call – vet, farrier or physiotherapist – to treat their horse. There is no right or wrong answer, all professionals in their own field and can treat and improve the majority of conditions.

    The EFP Equine Podiatry Clinic, which recently opened in Edenbridge in Kent, has been developed by farrier, Clive Meers-Raigner to treat long-term lameness in horses and ponies. The difference with this clinic is that it brings together farriers, vets and physios.

    By looking at the entire horse, the clinic aims to treat the whole patient. Clive, who has run his own farriery practise in Kent for the past 25 years explains: “Getting a horse sound is like a jigsaw. If pieces are missing then it doesn’t look right. We all need to work together for the same aim.”

    For more information on the services provided contact Clive Meers-Rainger (tel: 01732 860557) or emailcmr@breathemail.net

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