Essex and Suffolk team chasing results, 4 November 2012

  • Novice (bogey time).— 1, Flying Foxes (L Paske, H Cranfield, B Alco, A Regis); 2, Why Nots (S Morgan, N Dixon, S Bryant, P Sewell); 3eq, Boozy Blues (C Mills, A Eavis, L Spence, T Hassall) & Thurlow Thrusters (H Monks, I Monks, J Wilson); 5, Hunting Hotshots; 6, The Absconders. intermediate.— 1, Vicious & Delicious (C March, D Huxtable, V Wells, I Pile) 5.19; 2, Sofa King Goods (P Holland, K Low, C East, V Northover) 5.24; 3, Full Action (T Morgan Evans, B Rivet, E Shearwood, R Thorogood) 5.43; 4, Puckeridge Hunt; 5, The Cougar Girls; 6, Langham All Sorts. Material Change open.— 1, Relentless (R Cope, D Barrett, W Grant, S Coady) 6.34.74; 2, Point Two TopSpec Hair Raisers (A Brown, A Brown, L Brown, P Thomason) 6.46.96; 3, Boring Gorings (F French, N Fuller, E Wass, B Allen) 6.56.23; 4, Art Hotel Chasers; 5, Barnsley Babes N A Banker; 6, Stunts That Can’t Be Made.

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