Enjoying Show Jumping with Tim Stockdale

  • There are two reasons why this virtual lesson with Tim Stockdale is well worth owning. The first is that, despite starting from the very basics such as rider position and relaxing your horse, he constantly relates what he is saying to your final aim — that of jumping a course of show jumps.

    The second is just to hear pearls of wisdom such as, “He’s got four legs — and he’s perfectly able to balance himself.” Many of us are guilty of ‘helping’ our horses too much and I think that some times seemingly obvious statements such as this can be the most startling.

    Beginning with a basic warm up routine, Tim guides you through various exercises on the flat, over poles, through grids, over fences and finally round a course, always explaining what you should you be doing, exactly what you are trying to achieve and how it will benefit both you and your horse.

    Whether you are struggling with your flying changes or your jump off turns, or just want to hear the advice of an Olympian, there is something here to benefit every show jumper and their horse.

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