Dublin Show 4 – 8 August ’04

  • DUBLIN Ballsbridge, 4-8 August

    Bewley’s Hotels l’wt 6/8-y-o geld 1, N Connors’ Woodfield Alf; 2, J McGrath’s Kalgoolie Gold; 3, P Finnegan’s City Lad. 4-y-o geld 1, ch, sup ch & ch 4-y-o, J Lewis’ Lorenzo; 2 & res, J Burgess’ What’s What; 3, D Reid’s Glengoyne. 4-y-o mare 1, K Ryan’s Intuition; 2, F Crosse’s St Helene; 3, M Creighton’s Here’s Hoping. 5-y-o geld 1, C McAlpine’s Kilcotty Jim; 2, W Ryan’s Dukey Robe: 3, P Guy’s Ardochs Harvester. 5/8-y-o mare 1 & res mare, C & J Bradbury’s Pink Mist: 2, P Tunney’s Ballyglass Bella; 3, A O’Brien’s Burlesque. m’wt 6/8-y-o geld 1, W McIllwaine’s Lord Of The Dance; 2, P O’Connor & F Kenny’s Free Hold; 3, C Lynch’s Norwood Sea Sam. 5-y-o geld 1 & res, ch m’wt, J Lewis’ Fairman T; 2, L Boggs’ Tamerlane Ice; 3, F Flannelly’s Old Gold. 4/8-y-o mare 1, ch mare, ch m’wt & Pembroke Cup, D Tierney’s Bloomfield Rebekah; 2, C & J Bradbury’s Elijah Blue; 3, S Brennan’s Sophie Belle. 4-y-o geld 1 & res Pembroke Cup, Mrs H Troughton’s Silken Prince; 2, J Pearson’s Gurteen Amos; 3, A Ryan’s Regal Silver. h’wt 4-y-o 1, ch & res sup & res ch 4-y-o, R Boyd’s Connswater; 2 & res ch, N Holloway’s Raccoon; 3, G & G Gale’s Osbourne. 5/8-y-o 1, A McCusker’s Rumours; 2, P M Creighton’s Freddie Kruger; 3, A Brewster’s Dramore. Westward Scania Side Saddle m’wt 1 & ch, Mrs C McAlpine’s Danakill Taylor; 2, Lord Of The Dance; 3, K Marshall’s Spencilhill. l’wt 1 & res ch, N Connors’ Woodfield Alf; 2, J Armstrong’s A Little Hope; 3, E Patterson’s Brookville. Exhibition Catering Small Hunters 4/5-y-o 1 & ch, G Chapman’s Elegant Grey; 2, D Prendergast’s Coldstream’s Dutch Knight; 3, M Leonard’s Foxy Sox. 6/8-y-o 1 & res ch, J Whitaker’s Jameela; 2, J Burgess’ Coronea Kestrel; 3, G O’Gorman’s Exclusive. Fifth Avenue Cobs l’wt 1 & ch, M Corr’s Jack Jones; 2, S L Gault’s Maurice Minor; 3, E Hayes Edwould. H’wt 1 & res ch, R Morrow’s Gowla Mr Morrow; 2, B Bourns’ Short Change; 3, D O’Connor’s Shakespeare. RH sml 1 & ch, C Ward Davey’s Siena; 2 & res ch; RPA McCarthy’s Bobby Fennell; 3, E Wentges’ Victorious Day. RH lge 1, G O’Gorman’s O’Loughlin’s Hope; 2, D Gomes’ Braveheart; 3, S Collen’s Harcourt Portly. side saddle 1, G O’Gorman’s Exclusive; 2, A Searson’s Chattie Charlie; 3, M Purcell’s Berberous. Coloured Horses sml 1, F McCarthy’s Picture Puzzle; 2, P Murphy’s Vaidoso; 3, L Young’s Dorney Park. lge C Ward-Davey’s Siena; 2, R Turner’s The Coloured Man; 3, P Cotter’s Blue Huzzar. coloured Cobs 1, S Oakes’ Croboy JJ; 2, R Morrow’s Gowla Mr Morrow; 3, S&G Murphy’s Bewley’s Mr Pye. Quality mare retention scheme 1, D Campbell’s Miss Baloubet; 2, F Crosse’s St Helene; 3, M Roche’s Assagart Millenium. hunter breeding mares h’wt 1 & res ch, M English’s My Irish Charm; 2, D Rothwell’s Greenhall Flowing River; 3, J Carlisle’s Night-Fever. l’wt 1 & ch, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare Golden Moments; 2, M English’s Dimmer Light; 3, P J Hegarty’s Fenya. colt foals 1, G Allen’s unnamed; 2, M English’s unnamed; 3, J Carlisle’s unnamed. filly foals 1, P J Hegarty’s Feny’s Elegance; 2, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare Look At Me; 3, J Carlisle’s unnamed. stinted mares 1, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare My Fair Lady; 2, F Jennings’ Little Megan; 3, P Mansergh-Wallace’s Sonata. Libra Designs ID mares 3/4-y-o 1 & ch, P Hoare’s Moylough Countess; 2, V Draper’s Rosses Quiet Kim; 3, M Moore’s Homefarm Dancing Queen. ID mares 5-y-o & over 1 & res, W Savelkouls’ Ardattin Mandy; 2, H & C Kelly’s Derrynagarra Clorin; 3, C Deon’s Gurraun My Way. colt foals 1, H & C Kelly’s Derrynagarra Sage; 2, V Draper’s unnamed; 3, E Corbett’s Mr Bandit filly foals 1 & ch, M Marron’s unnamed; 2 & res, R Kennedy’s Munster; 3, M McKenna’s Mill Hollow Pearl. foals 1, C & N Moore’s Tully’s Delta; 2, P Wall’s Moot Hero; 3 M McKenna’s Mill Hollow Rose. stallions 1 & ch, F Brannigan’s Crosstown Dancer; 2 & res, M Feeney’s Pride Of Meath; 3, T & H O’Regan’s Coolcronan Wood. Tattersalls Ireland TB y’ling/2/3-y-o 1, S Shields’ Tullyhubbert Duke. Goresbridge Horse Sales TB stallions 1, P & V Foy’s Spirit House (USA); 2, L Tougher & L O’Toole’s Darr Alzamarn; 3, V Robinson’s Rachelle Comet. Breeders Championship 2004 1, Hurst Show Horse’s Tattygare Golden Moments; 2, J Carlisle’s Night-Fever; 3, J Bowe’s Ghareeb Sky. Aiken Promotions Young Horses y’ling geld/colt 1 & ch, D Gibson’s Best Buddy; 2 & res, S Mateer’s Contractors PJ; 3, H Dunlop’s Smooth Operator. y’ling filly 1, D Gibson’s Morning Glory; 2, G Allen’s Mullentine Power One; 3, S & J Collins’ Ballinabarney Cool Bouncer. 2-y-o geld m’wt 1 & res, A Brown’s Solar Touch; 2, D Wilson’s Tattygare Austintatious; 3, S Mateer’s Contractors Fields Of Gold. 2-y-o geld l’wt 1, K McMahon’s Currantarmuid Moondancer; 2, G Chapman’s The Deputy; 3, P & L Downes’ Gold Porter. 2-y-o fillies 1 & ch 2-y-o, ch filly & res sup young horse, T Gill’s unnamed; 2, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare Watch Me; 3, Mrs M Jeffares’ Hi Hope. 3-y-o geld h’wt 1 & ch 3-y-o & ch sup young horse, T Gill’s Flogas Marbella; 2, H McCusker’s Dunlavin; 3, D & C Kirkpatrick’s Redwood Earl Grey. 3-y-o geld m’wt 1, H McCusker’s unnamed; 2, T Johnston’s unnamed; 3, D Gibson’s Country Boy. 3-y-o geld l’wt 1 & res ch 3-y-o, J J Bowe’s Laura’s Ghareeb; 2, T Wallace’s Flash Dancer; 3, J Dolan’s Kilpatrick Imp. 3-y-o filly h/m’wt 1, D Gibson’s Country Times; 2, Quinsboro Stud’s Westpoint Fitness Centre; 3, F Brennan’s Jeannie Johnston. 3-y-o filly l’wt P Meere’s My Lovely Hope; 2, M Hennessy’s An t-Oilean Oir; 3, M Breen’s Bangelstown Imp. 3-y-o loose performance jumping 1, J Finucane’s Kings Marshall; 2, T Gill’s Flogas Corrado; 3, T Clancy Jnr’s Ballyvoile. Southside Contract Cleaners jnr side saddle 153cm 1 & res ch, P Mansergh-Wallace’s Derrymore Paddy Finn; 2, M Hudson’s Pit Willow; 3, T & L O’Brien’s Lady Milverton. 143cm 1 & ch, E Freeman’s Moelgarnedd Dymuniad; 2, Mrs P Mansergh-Wallace’s Warleigh Classic Touch; 3, M Dempsey’s Celtic Legend. Connemara in-hand y’ling/2-y-o mare 1, G Curran’s Glencarrig Princess; 2 & res ch, J Dolan’s Kilpatrick Orchid; 3, F Joyce’s Cailin Si. 3-y-o mare 1, T Melody’s Nire Valley Kestrel; 2, S Lusby’s Lucky May. 4/5-y-o mare 1, C Conlan-Dempsey’s Lissroe Hollyhock; 2, K Tobin’s Rineen Reiltin; 3, P McGrath’s Smokey Breeze. 6-y-o & over mare 1, J Geoghegan-Burke’s Beckingdale; 2, M Igoe’s Rosscastle Kippure Heather; 3, A Geoghegan’s Westmir Queen. stallions 1 & ch, V Compton’s Castle Comet; 2, M Hanley’s Spiddal Playboy; 3, M Igloe’s Crusader Of Kippure. Kitty O’Shea’s National Ridden Connemara chship 4-y-o & over 1, M O’Reilly’s Dunlewey Rodoifo; 2, P O’Leary’s Murphy’s Spirit; 3, E Fitzgerald’s Barney Millar. 4/5/6-y-o & over 1, A Stanley’s Bob Marley; 2 & res ch, J McNeice’s Holiday Out Of The Blue; 3, P Mansergh-Wallace’s Derrymore Paddy Finn. 7-y-o & over 1 & ch, J O’Dwyer’s Bunowen Mist; 2, J Brindley-O’Brien’s Fionn Mac Cumhaill; 3, G Glynn’s Ballybawn Millar. SHP starter stakes 1, J O’Dwyer’s Tilston Jacana; 2, S Hayes’ Lady Arabella; 3, D Ffrench’s Ballyboy Pumpkin. 133cm 1, R Kelly’s Brookvale Playboy; 2, A Steele’s Mount Caulfield Red Granite; 3, E Wentges’ Jingle Bells. 143cm 1&Res, B Brindley’s Gransha’s Jerry Mouse; 2, P Meekin’s Tyrsdagar; 3, M Dempsey’s Celtic Legend. 153cm 1 & ch, A Naughton’s Blue And Gold; 2, I Reynolds; Rathbawn Alaska; 3, L Crutchley’s Monochrome Apache. children’s riding ponies open 148cm 1 & ch, K Reynolds’ Roodlebats Sinnitta; 2, B Leadon-Bolger’s Brookvale Snowy River; 3, A Rountree’s Shushack. 138cm 1, R Daly’s Haynevalley Pierre; 2, C Devlin’s Selor Minetsky; 3, P Mansergh-Wallace’s Warleigh Classic Touch. 128cm 1 & res, M Dennehy’s Ballyloughan Subadah Major; 2, G F Torrens’ Acraglas Top Secret; 3, R Daly’s Dargale Pirouette. nov 148cm 1, ch & res sup, J Corbett’s Windale Copper Coin; 2, Mr & Mrs C Grudgings’ Chinook Calibra; 3, D Collins’ Silver Spear. 128cm 1 & res, E Sherrard’s Parkhill First Edition; 2, M Dennehy’s Hollyvale Citation; 3, D Byrne’s Sister Jane. Southside Contract Cleaners Equitation 138cm 1 & res, J McCracken’s Errigal Moonlight; 2, B Thompson’s Scottie Too Hottie; 3, A Maguire’s Mighty Ben. 153cm 1 & ch, T Igoe’s Misty Rath; 2, G Graham’s Lenamore Bianca; 3, S Stears’ Huracaine. LR 1, D O’Sullivan’s Starry Knight; 2, R Daly’s Barkway Queen Bee; 3, J Wixted’s Paulank Windstorm. FR 1, J O’Sullivan’s Rising Mist; 2, S Moore’s The Fiddler; 3, J Taggart’s Romany River Victoria Rabbit. children’s WH starter stakes 1, E Power’s My Little Cracker; 2, E Freeman’s Moelgarnedd Dymuniad; 3, A Maguire’s Mighty Ben. 133cm 1, L Young’s Ardfry Ahab; 2, B Brindley’s Teddy’s Rocket; 3, M Morrissey’s Tanto. 143cm 1, S Stokesberry’s Emerald’s Mr Mischief; 2, B Brindley’s Gransha’s Jerry Mouse; 3, F Toole’s Rylane Kelly. 153cm 1, J Rocca’s Guinness Legend; 2, A Davis’ Captain Scarlet; 3, L McCauliffe’s Sadats Golden Princess. Paul Behan Senior Equitation Final 1, D Clarke’s Hands Free; 2, H Kuehnle’s Grande Giselle. Thornton’s Waste Disposal WH 4-y-o 1, FJ Crosse’s St Helene; 2, F&L Glynn’s Park Select; 3, D Considine’s Willows Fairground Attraction. mares 5/8-y-o 1, R Ireson’s Poulmanna Princess; 2, P Tunney’s Ballyglass Bella. geldings 5/8-y-o 1 & ch, Lady P Blackwood’s Steeple Jack; 2 & res, C Clarke’s Out Of Bounds; 3, A Brewsters’s Dramore.

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