Disinfecting made easy

  • With the current FMD crisis still far from over, disinfecting procedures are still in place in many areas and showgrounds.

    Vaughns of Leicester Ltd has developed a highly effective mat system in association with the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society.

    The Isolation Barrier Mat system is a capillary sponge, compromising of layers of disinfected absorbent polyester fibre. The absorbent action of the sponge allows disinfectant to be drawn into all areas of the horse’s foot, tyre and sole.

    This system performed well in trials at Kings Hall in Belfast, where a continuous stream of people passed over the mats for a total of 12 hours. It also proved economical using only eight gallons of disinfectant solution.

    The Isolation Barrier Mat System thoroughly disinfects wheels without the need to spray each one individually.

    Available in a range of sizes from 1m x 2m up to 3m x 4m, although larger sizes are available to customer specification.

    Cost at around £58 (1m x 2m mat).

    For more information contact (tel: 0116 244 0142) or email sales@prima-floor.co.uk

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