Discover the art of “Real Riding”

  • A new book by trainer Perry Wood promises to help revolutionise owners’ relationships with their horses

    Have you ever wondered why some people appear to be “naturals” with horses, while othersstruggle to make themselves understood? The answer, it seems lies in learning what makes horses tick by developing techniques such as visualisation, crisis management and “feel”.

    This week sees the launch of a revolutionary new guide called Real Riding – How To Ride In Harmony With Horses, which goes a long way to promoting a better understanding between horse and rider.Written by Perry Wood, the book is an easy-to-read mix of sound expert knowledge and advice together with light-hearted observations, quick reference sections and positive action plans.

    Among the issues that are addressed are how to develop long-lasting partnerships, confidence-boosting techniques for horse and rider, plus a section on “riderwork”, which looks at effective aids, seat and contact.

    But it’s not all serious stuff – the book is packed with thought-provoking insights and ideas that can make a real difference to developing a better relationship with your horse.

    A pupil of classical riding having studied with Colonel Mario de Mendoca and Danny Pevsner, Perry teaches “Real Riding” at clinics throughout the UK and coaches corporate executives in leadership using horses to effect high -speed change.

    His quiet method of training combines elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), “natural horsemanship” and Alexander Technique, together with plain and simple confidence boosting techniques, which makes it easy for riders to rediscover the fun of horse ownership.

    “To be really good with horses we need to hone our physical skills, learning a high degree of body awareness and control,” says Perry.

    “We also need to learn a great deal of mental control, learning to be a positive and just leader, learning self control in the face of fear and frustration, thinking of effective ways to communicate, learning to be patient and how to think our way around sometimes insurmountable problems.

    “This is real character-building stuff and it is difficult to be near horses for long before some of these issues come up and require us to face them.

    “The path of learning, experience and challenges offered to us by horses is never-ending. You could spend your whole life dedicated to becoming great with horses and there would still be another horse that would teach you something new.”

    Real Riding – How To Ride In Harmony With Horses is published by Kenilworth Press (price £16.95). For more information email email information@kenilworthpress.co.uk or contact (tel: 01296 715101)

    For more information about Perry’s courses, workshops and clinics,visit: www.realriding.net

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