Derbyshire Festival showing results, 12-13 June

  • SHP breeding (Mrs S Crow) 153cm.—1, K Wood’s Leevale Jingle; 2, Y Harrington’s Crimson Lord Snooty; 3, R Parry’s Kathbarr Superstar. foal.—1, L Whalton-Barnes. y’ling.—1, J Marsden’s Carrhouse Boston Legal; 2, Brindlebrook Under Suspicion; 3, M Massey’s Man in the Mirror. 2-y-o.—1, S Cockram’s Bevois Crusader; 2, H Cornes’s Anstar La Crème; 3, S Smithson’s Lowland Crackerjack. 3-y-o.— 1 & ch, R Timson’s Brindlebrook Little Scoundrel; 2, P Lindley’s Wynmere Renita. colt/stallion.—1, & res, J Bowman’s Heavenly Boy Blue; 2, Roberts & Taggart’s Rotherwood Peeping Tom; 3, Telynau Stud’s Telynau Just William. RPB (Mrs M Barron) b’mare.—1, M Selby’s Archwood Groovy Chic; 2, M Pickles’s Crabfield Pearl Jenome; 3, K Sutherland’s Kelsborrow Fleur. foal.—1, M Selby’s Archwood Flash Dance; 2, M Pickles’s Crabfield Priti Rufus; 3, K Sutherland’s Tirissa Tawny Whisper. y’ling.— 1 & ch, G Grimshaw’s Moluccas Tarragon Tiger; 2, C Saul’s Oakstead Panache; 3, P Gilfillan’s Grindles Zodiac. 2-y-o.—1, Mr & Mrs Rennocks’s Rendene Royal Charm; 2, K Phillips’s Rotherwood Springstorm; 3, M Armstrong’s Westhill Quizzical. 3-y-o.—1, P Lawson’s Keyhouse Celeste; 2, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Lady Arabella; 3, J Redpath’s Megland Jaunty. stallion/colt.— 1 & res, Heavenly Boy Blue; 2, Froggatt & Wilkinson’s Orlando Spritzer; 3, E Cross’s Bombay Royal Prince. part bred Welsh (Mrs M Bigley) stallion/colt.—1, Rotherwood Peeping Tom; 2, Telynau Just William. 3-y-o.—1, Mr & Mrs Duke’s Greenbarrow Geisha Girl; 2, M Russell’s Stanley Grange Ballerina; 3, Megland Jaunty. 2-y-o.—1, K Phillips’s Rotherwood Springstorm; 2, Mr & Mrs Rennocks’s Rendene Royal Charm. y’ling.— 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Duke’s Greenbarrow Prince of Thieves; 2, S Haworth’s Carrhouse Button Moon; 3, l Phoenix’s Barkway Little Star. mare/geld.— 1 & ch, B Smith’s Fenwick Bloomsbury; 2, T Heathcote’s Roseberry Special Occasion; 3, M Pickles’s Crabfield Pearl Jenome. foal.—1, B Smith’s Fenwick Little Venice; 2, Crabfield Priti Rufus. pure bred Arab breeding (Mrs N Mellor) mare/geld.— 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Hill’s Ffrivolity; 2 & res, S Taylor’s Kal El. do part bred/anglo Arab (Mrs N Mellor) mare/geld.—1, E Cross’s Faranella Valencia; 2, Archwood Groovy Chic; 3, S Taylor’s Talponciau Cat Burglar. y’ling.— 1 & ch, P Gilfillan’s Grindles Zodiac; 2, Marriot & Cryer’s Aquarius Last Masterpiece; 3, C Saul’s Oakstead Panache. 2-3-y-o.—1, Megland Jaunty; 2, Froggatt & Wilkinson’s Orlando Spritzer; 3, M Hobson’s Chagford Picture Perfect. stallion.— 1 & res, Heavenly Boy Blue. hack breeding (Mr A Mickleburgh) b’mare.— 1 & res, Faranella Valencia; 2, J & W Moran’s Smart Thinking. y’ling.—1, Aquarius Last Masterpiece; 2, S Haworth’s Carrhouse Billie Jean; 3, S Halliday’s Espirit De Mooiman. 2-3-y-o.— 1 & ch, J & S Carey’s Stanley Grange Regal Occasion; 2, L Murphy’s Spellsbury Significance; 3, D Niland’s Ruby Bint Krayaan. riding horse breeding (Mr A Mickleburgh) b’mare.— 1 & ch, S Haworth’s Wayward Fairview; 2, T Atkinson’s Destiny V. y’ling.—1, C Roston’s Casias Bang On Time. 2-3-y-o.— 1 & res, Morris & Dalby’s Raindance III; 2, C Helliwell’s Songbird of the Skie; 3, W Simpson’s Winner Takes All. Welsh Section A (Mrs S Johnsey) stallion/colt.—1, E Waller’s Sunwillow Galong; 2, P Fielding’s Telynau Dakota; 3, E & M Gardiner’s Tyngwndwn Polo. barren.— 1 & ch, P Lockley’s Tibbysfield Royal Roxanne; 2, S Cannon’s Tetcott April Fourteenth; 3, A Durrant’s Wellbank Gemini. b’mare.—1, C Wood’s Pontillys J-Lo; 2, R Mackenzie’s Forland Honey Cookie; 3, A Brough’s Bethel Morwena. foal.—1, C Wood’s Mosswood Danzy Jones; 2, A Brough’s Kelkard Montana; 3, E Mackenzie. y’ling.— 1 & res, E Thomas’s Weston Liberty; 2, S Anderson’s Thistledown Edison; 3, P Stee’s Nantdywyell Sylvia. 2-y-o.—1, J Devenney’s Haverford Imp; 2, P Lockley’s Baledon Hafina; 3, G Oldroyd’s Caepell Magdalaine Rose. Welsh B (Mrs S Johnsey) stallion/colt.—1, Owen & Rooke’s Moelgarnedd Calipso; 2, M Fielding’s Milford Fair Kestrel; 3, Mr & Mrs Williams’s Moelview Celebration. mare/geld.— 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Butterworth’s Paddock Pashmina; 2, T Milward’s Llangeitho Copper Beach; 3, G Eastwood’s Eyarth Boneddwr. foal.—1, Mr & Mrs Butterworth. y’ling.— 1 & ch, K Cheetham’s Carrwood Shimmering Gold; 2, Bramwell & Noble’s Cadlanvalley Consort; 3, A & T Parry’s Rotherwood Penny Whisper. 2-y-o.—1, J Mansfield’s Janpete Babycham; 2, Mr & Mrs Williams’s Doulton Dexter; 3, G Lawless’s Eyarth Milan. NCPA in hand (Mrs M Barron) M&M.—1, A Newbold’s Meering Mayflower; 2, Mr & Mrs Cowell’s Mhairi of Silverstripe; 3, J Crane’s Rochedo Beach Bounty. non M&M.—1, R Parry’s Royalpark Llewelyn; 2, W Barnes’s Maybe Just Maybe; 3, I Reid’s Woody III. M&M y’stk.— 1 & res, J Revell’s Meering Mister Buzz; 2, S Mathews’s Hafdre Acw; 3, A Newbold’s Rosevear Sweet Mystery. do non M&M.— 1 & ch, D Henning’s Litton Midnight Affair; 2, S Rogers’s Sergeant Bilko. young handlers (Mrs M Barron) 7-14yrs.— 1 & res, J Shaw’s Broom Riddings Fly By Night; 2, T Bott’s Carmilo Benjemen Bunny; 3, D Oddiler’s Blackwell Jackpot. 14-25yrs.— 1 & ch, A Schofield’s Collytown Golden Nugget; 2, A Newbold’s Meering Mayflower. hunter breeding (Mr P Crafts) b’mare.— 1 & ch, J & W Moran’s Tiger Lily. foal.—1, J & W Moran’s Look Ahead. y’ling.—1, K Smith’s Yarrow Polling Day; 2, L Salmon’s Vale Royal Alexander. 2-y-o.—1, F Thompson’s Southills Spook. 3-y-o.— 1 & res, G Sandford’s Lady Gabrielle; 2, J Rooke’s Highlane Riley; 3, V Harvey’s Bank Top Embassy. sport horse breeding (Mr M Fitton) y’ling.—1, M Fox’s Spirals Sparkle; 2, K Smith’s Yarrow Polling Day; 3, S Halliday’s Espirit De Mooiman. 2-y-o.— 1 & ch, W Simpson’s Winner Takes All; 2, T Bott’s Bethel House Imari. 3-y-o.— 1 & res, Lady Gabrielle; 2, R Savage’s Blue Highway; 3, Songbird of the Skie. Welsh C (Mr D Roberts) stallion/colt.— 1 & ch, S Williams’s Cwmmaddoc Neifion; 2, Abbeyvale Cobs’ Abercippyn Royal Rebel. mare/geld.— 1 & res, P Steeples’s Abercippyn Wild Honey; 2, C Ingram’s Newbrook Roseanne; 3, E Hatton’s Banroc Romana. foal.—1, C Ingram’s Newbrook Lady Luck. y’ling.—1, Costello Family’s Bluehaven Roxette; 2, S Rogers’s Gornoeth God Dust; 3, k Smith’s Llanstephan Timmy. 2-y-o.—1, L Eckersley’s Renvarg Bella; 2, l Dickinson’s Burghwallis Botticelli. Welsh D (Mr D Roberts) stallion/colt.—1, J Williams’s Avonvalley Dai Vinci. mare/geld.—1, E Hatton’s Cathedine Daphne; 2, K Prins’s Penffridd Welsh Lady; 3, K Tod’s Ysbyty Ifan. y’ling.— 1 & res, L Coope’s Brynfa Welsh Dragon; 2, C Ingram’s Brackews Estelle; 3, N Oldershaw’s Larnleighs Express. 2-y-o.— 1 & ch, G Holt’s Wilgar Megan Mai; 2, Costello Family’s Thorneyside Enchanted Lady; 3, V Thompson’s delphdale Father Ted. side saddle (Ms E Green) concours D’Elegance.—1, N Roberts’s Rocket Flair; 2, C Ashby’s Pickmere Amrita; 3, H Moloney’s The Quiet Lad. equitation.— 1 & res, A Clarkson’s Mount Forest Madam; 2, The Quiet Lad; 3, H Craggs’s Roosevelt. best horse/pony.—1, Rocket Flair; 2, H Jones’s Mutaqar; 3, Mount Forest Madam. riding club.—1, J Tile’s Pytchley Lad; 2, C London’s Tocka Mardi; 3, Mount Forest Madam. classical.— 1 & ch, Rocket Flair; 2, Pychley Lad; 3, The Quiet Lad. NCPA ridden (Mrs J Adams) M&M sml.—1, V Thurston’s Rhydspence Madam; 2, S Ward’s Llanarth Royal Grey; 3, R Farley’s Dunsmore Glenmorangie. lge.— 1 & ch, H Reynolds’s Castle Hill Raven; 2, S Ward’s Tambrook Tickle; 3, C Dawson’s Lagrug Dawn. non-native.— 1 & res, J Bradbury’s Alonby Valorie; 2, J Stuart’s Kelcott Foxglove; 3, S Cantrell’s The Minky Moo. do lge.—1, N Burrows’s Sherwood; 2, D Hall’s Jarosa Rioalto. M&M in hand (Mr W Farrell) Dartmoor.—1, L Costley’s Jumbles Ramblin Rose; 2, A Newbold’s Meering Mayflower. y’stk.— 1, J Revell’s Meering Mister Buzz; 2, l Costley’s Chagford Daisy May; 3, A Newbold’s Rosevear Sweet Mystery. Exmoor.— 1 & ch, R Mackenzie’s Cnocan Sithean Rush. mare/geld.—1, Mr & Mrs Tomlinson’s Birchmoor Admiral; 2, P Hall’s Threapwood Velvet; 3, E Gray’s Earlswood Jubilation. Shetland y’stk.—1, S Preston’s Knix Ptarmigan; 2, C Davies’s Lanamist Gracie Anna; 3, l Hutchinson’s Camilan Jini. New Forest mare/geld.—1, D Oddiler’s Blackwell Jackpot. y’stk.— 1 & res, J Smith’s Lovelyhill Prospector. stallion Dartm/Exm/Shet/New Forest.—1, J Crane’s Rochedo Beach Bandit; 2, K Duxbury’s Shilstone Rocks Freedom. Fell mare/geld.—1, G Fitzpatrick’s drybarrows Jan. y’stk.—1, P Steeples’s Inglegarth Belle; 2, F Dillon’s Carsington Nethermost Pike; 3, J Dimelow’s Rlphland Falcon. Dales.—1, H Sheldon’s Rowhurst Rocket; 2, D Critchlow’s Waterside Maria. y’stk.—1, H Sheldon’s Nipna Golden Poppy; 2, L Westwood’s Pingate Holly. Highland mare/geld.— 1 & res, P Steeples’s Morry Thistledown; 2, Mr & Mrs Cowell’s Mhairi of Silverstripe. Connemara mare/geld.—1, K Wilkinson’s Geri’s Prince. stallion.—1, ch & supr M&M, K Wainwright’s Skellorn Harrison. palominos (Mrs M Bigley) ridden.— 1 & res, S Ward’s Tambrook Trick Me Twice; 2, D May’s Chloemay. 2-3-y-o.— 1 & ch, F Davies’s Pioneerstud I’m Gold Dust. M&M part bred.—1, Pioneerstud I’m Gold Dust; 2, T Clarke’s Marshan Lois. mare/geld.—1, L Pugh’s Colebridge Stargold; 2, Marshan Lois. part Arab.—1, Pioneerstud I’m Gold Dust; 2, Colebridge Stargold. CHAPS in hand (Ms E Green) y’stk.—1, A Shaw’s Sherlocks Star Dreamer; 2, O & S Beard’s Hector Diamond Chip; 3, L Whittle’s Murthwaite Rose Blossom. non native.— 1 & ch, M Wood’s Palmira; 2, K Stafford’s Moorland Phoenix; 3, Newbold & Davis’s Doylan Yves St Laurant. native/cob.— 1 & res, I Reid’s Woody; 2, A Shaw’s Sherlocks Star Dreamer; 3, Hector Diamond Chip. non native open.—1, A Donoghue’s Lowhill Morning Dance; 2, D Baxter’s Miley Royal Secret; 3, Z Aspinall’s Bassano Big Country. NPS ridden (Mrs A Squires) nov Welsh D.—1, E Keeling’s Penycoed Queen; 2, J France’s Plasy Bryn Jac; 3, D Housley’s Glanvyrnwy Maximus. lge.— 1 & ch, M Jackson’s Castle Hill Magic; 3, A Tonge’s Wellbrow Raven. New For/Conn.—1, M Morrison’s Coisdeel Ollie; 2, C Thorman’s Cloughanover Lad; 3, C Lotus’s Thunder Star. Welsh B&C.—1, L Craigie’s Gems Isa Bella; 2, S Ward’s Llanarth Royal Grey; 3, Z Rogers’s Monivae Catwalk Queen. sml.— 1 & res, K Duxbury’s Shilstone Rocks Freedom; 2, L Costley’s Jumbles Ramblin Rose; 3, J Pirie’s Deagol. open BSPS/NPS ridden (Mrs M Taylor) sml.—1, Shilstone Rocks Freedom; 2, K Garratt’s Polaris Justin; 3, Mr & Mrs Tomlinson’s Birchmoor Admiral. lge.— 1 & ch, A Dawson’s Kilmannan Kilty; 2 & res, T Milward’s Waterside Ben; 3, L Ennett’s Pentrefelin Sorento. open M&M LR.— 1 & ch, L Curbishley’s Forlan Caprice; 2, k Whitehead’s Cwmllynfell Hylight; 3, S Gibbins’s Swinford Snowbunting. FR.— 1 & res, K Osborne’s Abbeybells Queen Adelaide; 2, L Curbishley’s Skywood Springboc; 3, S Blythe’s Uffington Elvis. P(UK) & NPS jnr ridden 138cm.— 1 & ch, J Hewitt’s Holling Shane; 2, J Smith’s Dalefoot Harry; 3, K Gibson’s Glynwyn Escapado. exc 138cm.— 1 & res, J Green’s Parkton Independence; 2, S Manning Wellbrow Jack; 3, D Oddiler’s Blackwell Jackpot. open.—1, K Waite’s Hanmere Silver Charm. BSPS SHT (Mrs S Smith) mixed ht nov.—1, N Gawley’s Fly By Moonlight; 2, F Pass’s Chevalian Bitesize; 3, R Christopher’s Lilly The Pink. 153cm.—1, M Roberts’s Music Trend; 2 & res, K Slight’s Seatshill Little Rogue; 3, Lilly The Pink. 143cm.—1, J Rosebury’s Wychenlea Act of Honour; 2, S Gibbins’s Tricula Glamour Girl; 3, M Lancaster’s Rohsyr Elizabeth. 133cm.— 1 & ch, S Horne’s Parkhill Beckham; 2, J Gater’s Lemonshill Peter Rabbit; 3, J Bowman’s Hassan. LR.— 1 & ch, l Crabtree’s Littlebriars Bartholomew; 2 & res, S Collins’s Keepsake. interm.—1, L Minchin’s Pretoria; 2, P Owen’s Ricardo Kosak; 3, K Green’s My Solway Shadow. HOYS LR SHT (Mrs J Fitchett).—1, A & T Parry’s Bayford Dorabella; 2, Littbriars Bartholomew; 3, A Evans’s Netherfield Mr Rochester. SP (Mrs J Fitchett) nov.—1, Blythe & Bowman’s Miss Moon Fairy. interm.— 1 & res, S Hinchliffe’s Roseberry Highland Fling; 2, l Minchin’s Greenacres Pilot; 3, S Martin’s Liberty Man. 158cm.— 1 & ch, C Twiston-Davies’s Maid In Manhattan; 2, C Robinson’s Promises Kept; 3, Jarosa Rioalto. 128cm.—1, Miss Moon Fairy; 2, Alonby Valorie; 3, Mr Gosmore’s Barkway Tiger Moth. 138cm.— 1 & res, S Hatton’s Wyndham Little Rascal. 148cm.— 1 & ch, J Glover’s Chiddock Time Lord; 2, J Amai’s Jackets Touch of Class. LR.— 1 & ch, B Garner’s Basford Playboy; 2 & res, S Cantrell’s The Minky Moop 3, J Shepherd’s Goldworm Lady Aureka. FR.—1, L McKenna’s Rillaton Sweet Talk; 2, J Shirt’s Nantcole Lady Sphonia. M&M nov WHP (Mrs J Adams) exc 138cm.— 1 & res, P Haworth’s Ebony Lad; 2, J Freer’s Ludor Braint Ap Meredith; 3, M Bowley’s Tireve Byron. not exc 138cm.— 1 & ch, K Seedhouse’s dycott Survivor; 2, l Cadwell’s Alexander of Langsett. confined 122cm.— 1 & ch, J Pirie’s Deagol. RIHS M&M WHP (Mrs J Webb & Mrs J Hillard) 122cm.— 1 & res, E Conway’s Colliyers Pearl Bracelet; 2, L Curbishley’s Tremymor Ap Dylan; 3, Forlan Honey Dancer. 138cm.—1, E Pye’s Starcrest Mel Aur; 2, D Ellis’s Priestwood Elliot; 3, S Love’s Hanmere Mavarick. 148cm.— 1 & ch, A Bebbington’s Willoway Court Jester; 2, P Haworth’s Ebony Lad; 3, S Love’s Acton Humbug. WHP (Ms C Barker & Mr P Aldred) cradle.—1, K Johnston’s Sardis Calypso the Second; 2, J Price’s Liberty VI. nursery.— 1 & ch, S Horne’s Gryngallt Pageant; 2 & res, A Simmonds’s Noble Superted. novice WHP 133cm.—1, Noble Superted; 2, L Cumming’s Forrest Gump. 143cm.—1, K Vaughn-Jones’s Coastguards Paycheck; 2, J Blackshaw’s Ginkgo of Violet; 3, A Goodwin’s Monninard Cashel Fin. 153cm.—1, M Brown’s Roscommon Dancer; 2 & res, R Leavesley’s Cshelbay JJ; 3, L Paterson’s Pictus Monkey Peach. interm.— 1 & ch, J Shaw’s Pebbly Hunt Ball; 2, C Barnes’s Patrickswell Apache. open WHP 133cm.— 1 & res, L Hingley’s Millcroft Dow Jones; 2, J Blackshaw’s All About Jazz; 3, Gryngallt Pageant. 143cm.—1, M Roberts’s Weevers Sweet William; 2, R Leavesley’s Carnsdale Mighty Mouse. 153cm.— 1 & ch, G Brobyn’s Pebbly Limited Edition; 2, C Barnes’s Laughtons Bramble Pie; 3, M Roberts’s Griannagh Marcus. interm.—1, G Brobyn’s Pebbly Amaretto; 2, Pebbly Hunt Ball. HOYS M&M (Mrs D Hesford & Mr J Helme) New Forest/Conn.—1, S Averis’s Oaklands Donatello; 2, J Cox’s Clogher Valley Gold; 3, S Roche’s Frosty Cove. lge.— 1 & res, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Black Magic; 2, L Stevens’s Waterside Black Prince; 3, H Reynolds’s Castle Hill Raven. sml.—1, S Rawsthorn’s Phi; 2, J Rogers’s Rosefinch; 3, C Bedford’s Penbrynddu Trixie Dixie. Welsh A.—1, Cheshmere Stud’s Heniarth Coran; 2, M Darbyshire’s Brynrobry Darius; 3, l Gray’s Julmar Padgent. Welsh B.—1, K Vine’s Waxwing Prince Hal; 2,J Boardman’s Paddock Hyperion; 3, A Bradley’s Laithehill Jazz. Welsh C.—1, Tyngwndwn Stud’s Tyngwndwn Moonlady; 2, L Brown’s Taincwm The Quaker; 3, Z Rogers’s Estoro Blush. Welsh D.— 1 & ch, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Julie Ann; 2, T Powney’s Kentchurch Copycat; 3, K Wilson’s Normoss Black Daniel. HOYS M&M (Mrs J Burgess & Mr D Wood) LR.— 1 & ch, L Simms’s Breamish Julian; 2, l Reed’s Tamevalley Black Jack; 3, P Jackson’s Thistledown Candice. FR.— 1 & res, E Lister’s Dykes Diplomead; 2, N Grooby’s Bryndefaid Pingu; 3, J & S Leech’s Heniarth Cupcake. HOYS riding horse (J Owen & E Coates) sml.—1, C Yates’s Jackson Fair & Square; 2, S Ambler’s Lucifer; 3, S Iggulden’s Galliano. lge.— 1 & ch, V Ramm’s Sirius II; 2 & res, S Haslam’s Marguerite Lodge; 3, S Iggulden’s High Estate. HOYS hack (J Owen & E Coates) sml.—1, J Bates’s Bronze Star; 2 & res, V White’s Pendley Majestic; 3, L Cook’s Springfield Sir Galahad. lge.— 1 & ch, S Few’s Weltsieger; 2, W Edgar’s Stanley Grange Night Ride; 3, N Hall’s China Rose. PUK ridden hunter (Mr A Bayley-Machin) lwt.— 1 & res, L Rowe’s Millrowes Say No More; 2, A Mather’s Barnaby; 3, H Heyes’s The Rough Diamond. hwt.— 1 & ch, H Hughes’s Orchids Twice As Nice; 2, S Pine’s Kec Steve; 3, G Keedy’s The Alchemist. PUK cob open lwt.—1, C Rhodes’s Smallprint; 2, F Woods’s Wide Load; 3, S Marshall’s Chippendale. hwt.— 1 & ch, Mr Tee’s Toastie Tom; 2 & res, H Erner’s Raffles; 3, D Littleton’s Horace III. hunter (Miss L Szutowicz & Mr R Williams) amateur.—1, Orchids Twice As Nice; 2, Millrowes Say No More; 3, A Bourne’s Rigghsaid Fred. ladies.—1, Millrowes Say No More. sml.—1, S Garside’s Red Dawn; 2, B Hester’s Yealand Strike It Lucky. lwt.—1, Armstrong & Buckton’s Kansas Toddle; 2, Beaverfast Ltd’s Windsor Wood; 3, H Heyes’s The Rough Diamond. mwt.— 1 & ch, I Susca’s Trust; 2 & res, C Davies’s Standing Ovation; 3, J Tanner’s Eastern Silver Sand. HOYS cob (Miss L Szutowicz & Miss E Coates) lwt.— 1 & ch, J Platt’s Tommy Tucker; 2, C Bardo’s Darcey Bustle; 3, J Tanner’s Blue Moon. hwt.— 1 & res, C Bardo’s PJ Tip; 2, D Collinson’s Carbon Copy; 3, C Tunnicliffe’s Equator. HOYS SP (Mrs R Hetherington) LR.— 1 & ch, M Trevalyan’s Barkway Moonflight; 2 & res, B Garner’s Basford Playboy; 3, E Lister’s Popalbee Georgee Porgie. FR.—1, K Carter’s Lowlands Toy Soldier; 2, Rocks Family’s Cosford Mellitza; 3, C Trodd’s Cosford Sky Blue. 128cm.—1, M Jones’s Rivenhall Height of Fashion; 2, S Horton’s Trelawn Gaitey Girl; 3, A Harrison’s Mouccas Saffron Surprise. 138cm.— 1 & res, S Hatton’s Wyndham Little Rascal; 2, J Cambray’s Wyndham Aristocrat; 3, O Rocks’s Molluccas Moonlight Mace. 148cm.— 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Wrighton’s Moorgate High Hopes; 2, Eaves & Edgar’s Wilderness Fancy Spice; 3, B Edmondson’s Sycamore Candyman. CHAPS (Mr J Van Praagh & Mr C Lawton) trad horse.—1, S Avery’s Two Tone Toby; 2, S Mills’s Tom Cobley; 3, J Jenkins’s Gypsy Valentine. do pony.— 1 & ch, S Wood’s The Pied Piper; 2, M Pickford’s Stardust; 3, K Hodgson’s Monivae Royal Doulton. non native horse.—1, S Ambler’s Endeavour; 2, P Miller’s Sioux; 3, J Powell’s Jigsaw Jack. Non native pony.— 1 & res, D Griffiths’s Spirit of Idaho; 2, W Edgar’s Wilderness Fancy Lola; 3, D Hughes’s Rising Sun. CHAPS (Mr F Bullock) veteran.—1, R Lock’s Come What May; 2, Z Aspinall’s Smart Affair; 3, J Fenwick’s Dancing in the Moon. non native horse.—1, R Roden’s Colourtronic; 2, Sioux; 3, j Hartley’s Spartacus. do pony.—1, M Pook’s Perriland Politician; 2, G Dixon-Jackson’s Chino; 3, Dancing in the Moon. native/cob horse.— 1 & res, G Chippendale’s Serento; 2, D Littleton’s Horace; 3, Two Tone Tony. do pony.— 1 & ch, F Barltrop’s Zapper; 2, Waugh & Hodgkiss’s Ma Petite Fleur; 3, A Russell’s Fieldside Nobleman. LR.—1, J & S Leech’s Border Mystery; 2, A Moore’s Abbeydant Minstrel. jnr ridden 153cm.— 1 & ch, Zapper; 2, S Law’s Little Frog; 3, B Ennis’s Wizard of Oz. factor qualifier.— 1 & res, Z Aspinall’s Smart Affair; 2, I Reid’s Woody; 3, A Teare’s Country News Flash. ridden Arab (Miss J Smith) 153cm.— 1 & res, J Cox’s Rhyllandell Falcon; 2, L Minchin’s Greenacres Pilot; 3, A Leyland’s Strinesdale Celebrity. exc 153cm.— 1 & ch, A Bradley’s Cuba Libra; 2, D Kirkham’s Kize; 3, Mr & Mrs Fenton’s Hindleyhill Kinsman. pure bred.—1, Rhodes & Starkie’s Kezzan; 2, K Hutchinson’s Esp Cancun. working hunter (Mr D Bartram & Miss F Robinson) novice.—1, J Tyldesley’s Millthyme Spritzer; 2, J Howie’s Minority; 3, A Smith’s Diamond Mond. open.—1, V Smith’s Ello Elvis; 2, C Lyons’s Barry Bug; 3, H Dawson’s Kingsthorn. HOYS M&M (Mrs Z Snape & Mr P Cook) 122cm.— 1 & ch, J Armson’s Hanmere Showman; 2, N Greasley’s Porridge; 3, Cowan & Farrow’s Waitwith Windchime. exc 138cm.—1, J Cannon’s Deerleap Ollie; 2, C Harrison’s Furzley Charaide; 3, S Wheway’s Peasedown Mr Muddle. exc 138cm.— 1 & res, Willoway Court Jester; 2, K Seedhouse’s Riversdale Ritzy Nix; 3, J Cooper’s Bellindene Rock Legend.

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