Deerhound proves ideal ski companion

  • Major Callum Lane of the Highlanders has an unusual skiing partner – his Scottish Deerhound, Kleebee

    A Highland officer based in Germany boasts a skiing companion with a difference – his three-year-old Deerhound.

    Named after the Klibrec Mountain in Scotland, Kleebee loves snow and enjoys keeping Major Lane company when he goes cross-country skiing.Back home in their native Scotland, Kleebee also accompanies Callum on mountain climbing trips.

    Callum has owned Kleebee since she was a pup

    “I originally had two Jack Russells, but became fed up with digging them out of holes! A friend had a Deerhound and I was struck by their beauty and gentle nature,” said Major Lane.

    Kleebee joined Callum in Germany shortly before Christmas after getting her pet passport. Together they set off for first assignment together in the Alps, for the (UK) Armoured Division Skiing Division in Les Contamines-Mountjoie.

    There are currently three dogs in the German office and Callum is never short of volunteers to look after her when he is away on short trips.

    “If I get posted away for several months Kleebee will stay with friends in Switzerland until I return.”

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