Cure your aches and pains

  • If you’re suffering from creaking joints and strained muscles from riding in the worst of winter, this new magnet therapy from Natural Dynamics could help.

    These wristbands are said to help to improve blood circulation, enhancing the body’s ownnatural ability to heal. With the increase in circulation, toxins are removed quicker and inflammation and bruising reduced.

    The company claim that these wrist bands can also increase general well being and mental agility, as well as relieve insomnia and jet-lag, and help sufferers of arthritis, gout, headaches and migraines too

    Hand-made in leather, they are available in navy blue, tan, bottle green and beige and in men’s and women’s sizes.

    Cost at around £29.95.

    Contact Natural Dynamics Ltd. (tel: 07000 639266)

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