Couple banned after dog dies

  • A pet dog left chained to its kennel after a couple split up has been found starved to death in Wales

    A Staffordshire Bull Terrier died a painful death after being left chained and starved in a garden when its owners’ relationship ran into problems.

    Mold Crown Court in north Wales heard that on 6 April this year following a complaint by a member of the public, an RSPCA inspector found the emaciated body of a dog chained to her kennel.

    When RSPCA inspector Tim Jones entered the garden, he found a kennel surrounded by rubbish.

    He said: “I was disgusted by what I saw and called the police. The dog had clearly suffered for several weeks and was stiff and cold.”

    According to the post mortem carried out by a vet, Penny, an 18-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier died of starvation. She had no food in her stomach and there were no fat reserves around any of her major organs.

    Her owners Paul Williams, 25, and Theresa Lowry, 19, both admitted cruelty and were banned from keeping animals for five years, fined £117 and ordered to pay £100 costs.

    The court heard from their defence that the couple were now back together and regretted what had happened.

    An RSPCA spokesperson said: “If people can no longer look after their animals there is a rehoming service. This poor dog suffered needlessly.”

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