Cool Boot heat busters

  • Cool Boots provide cold, compression and support to your horse’s legs

    If you are worried about your horse’s legs after working on hard ground then why not try 3 in 1 Cool Boots from human sport injury specialists, Cool Sport.

    Designed to aid the body’s natural healing ability by providing cold, compression and support to hard-working legs, the boots cover from below the knee to just above the coronet. The rear of the boot featuresa row of vertical channels to provide treatment directly to the flexor tendons.

    The boots are filled with crystals that swell to form a gel when soaked in cold water. The gel actively draws heat from the horse’s leg, while staying cool for up to 40mins. The boots can then be reactivitied by submerging them in cold water for 15mins.

    The boots are kept in place with six stretch Velcro fastenings, ensuring the boots stay in positon while providing additional support to the leg.

    The bootsare available in three sizes: size one for 13-15hh, size two for 15-16.2hh and size 3 for over 16.2hh.

    Costs around £55.

    Knee and hock boots are also available.

    Contact Cool Sport (tel: 0800 243823) or visit www.coolsport.com

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