Connemara Ridden and In-Hand showing results, Moreton Morrell, 16-17 July, 2011

  • Very novice stallion/geld (P Hodge).— 1, S Gibb’s Braemar Bertie; 2, J Staveley’s Eastlands Black Watch; 3, S Evans’ Kippure Cougar. mare.— 1 & ch, H Somerset’s Tesremos Top Bear; 2 & res, Messrs Williams & Gibson’s Rineen Eveen; 3, R G Willetts’ Woodbank Polka. NPS/Dargavel M&M young.— 1, S Fuller-Lewis’ Wormsley Glen Paddy; 2, D Cowan’s Sydserff Teresa; 3, Messrs Williams & Gibson’s Lickeen Dandy. part-bred/overheight.— 1, A Allan’s Dream Boat; 2, S Lidsey’s Silver Shadow; 2, J Harbison’s Kilmiston Smarty Pants. NPS/RHR Demolition M&M jnr q.— 1, J Sheppard’s Corcullen; 2, J Sehne’s Rudgeway Silver Trinket; 3, M Serby’s Carrickleas Mirah Seal Cygnus. ridden ch final.— 1, M Coneely’s Ivy Rock Prince; 2, J Somervail’s Bellindene Franklyn; 3, C Ireland’s Haselor Crystal’s Surprise. NPS/Peasedown Stud M&M int q.— 1, T Fawcett’s Kilmazing Merlin; 2, M Conneely’s Ardbear Shadow; 3, Corcullen. HOYS q (C Fletcher, D Blair).— 1 & sup, H Wyslych’s Frosty Cove. NPS silver medal/gp q, geld.— 1, Frosty Cove. 138cm.— 1, F E Rollinson’s Millfields Sportsman. best British-bred (P Hodge, T Deja, C Fletcher, D Blair, A Nicol, S Coles, M Jones).— Rudgeway Silver Trinket; res, Wormsley Glen Paddy. CT nov 138cm.— 1, A Sharman’s Freemain; 2, C Jones’ Carlingford Crusader; 3, D Cowan’s Sydserff Teresa. open.— 1, A Allan’s Atlantic Teal; 2, N Walters’ Oaklands Rowan. part-bred/overheight.— 1, Dream Boat. performance q (T Deja) 148cm.— 1, B Bagshaw’s Ballymoe Joe; 2, S Gibb’s Braemar Bertie Buckle; 3, B Curran’s Fall Guy. part-bred/overheight.— 1, K Frost’s Kerrigans Shadow. pure-bred 148cm.— 1 & res, S Burt’s Walstead Mimosa; 2, K Simmons’ St Flannans Aodhan; 3, S Evans’ Hookey Quaverlough. part-bred/overheight.— 1, Dream Boat; 2, Messrs Williams & Gibson’s Fernville Louise; 3, Messrs Williams & Gibson’s Ardbear Spirit. pure-bred 148cm.— 1 & ch, S Smith’s Gorgeous George; 2, B Bagshaw’s Ardbear Spirit; 3, S Derby’s Nikita Thibergere. WHP (S Coles, M Jones) jnr ch 138cm.— 1, N Walters’ Oaklands Rowan. 148cm.— 1, Walstead Mimosa; 2, M McCombe’s Brodella Lissnaught Thyme; 3, A Whitehall’s Black Wood Fred. NPS/Bowling M&M nov 138cm.— 1, D Cowan’s Sydserff Teresa; 2, V Compton’s Chesham Whisper; 3, Carrickleas Mirah Seal. 148cm.— 1, ch & res sup, Atlantic Teal; 2, C Jones’ Carlingford Crusader; 3, S Smith & M Barber’s Careclough Gaeilgeoir. NPS/KBIS int WHP q 138cm.— 1, res & best 138cm, N Walters’ Holnest Fuionnala; 2, S Evan’s Hookey Quaverlough. 148cm.— 1, Atlantic Teal; 2, S Kivlochan’s Braemar Breeze; 3, N Palmer’s Oaklands Satyricon. very nov 148cm.— 1, K Simmons’ St Flannans Aodhan; 2, J Cusack’s Freemains; 3, H Houghton’s Heather’s Eloise. part-bred/overheight 148cm.— 1, A Allan’s Dream Boat. exc 148cm.— 1, J Parry’s Dinbarthall Blue Peter; 2, Messrs Williams & Gibson’s Fernville Louise; 3, Messrs Williams & Gibsons’ Ardagh Mirah. NPS Area 25 q 138cm.— 1, S Evans’ Hookey Quaverlough; 2, N Walters’ Oaklands Rowan. not exc 14.2hh.— 1, A Whitehall’s Black Wood Fred; 3, S Kivlochan’s Braemar Breeze. dressage, nov prelim 13.— 1, N Walters’ Oaklands Rowan; 2, S Burt’s Walstead Mimosa; 3, L Jennings’ Kilimazing Park. restricted.— 1, M McDonagh’s Kerrigans Shadow; 2, J Funnell’s Deards Blue Peter; 3, H Harbison’s Kilmiston Smarty Pants. open, nov 28.— 1, J Cazabon & J Crowley’s Roundstone Heather; 2, Kivlochan’s Be Lucky; 3, J Cusack’s Freemains. part-bred/overheight exc 148cm.— 1 & ch, A Allan’s Dream Boat; 2, S Lidsay’s Silver Shadow; 3, A Funnell’s Deards Blue Peter. BCPS regional dressage final, rest.— 1, M Burke’s Goodland Pride; 2, B Bagshaw’s Ardbear Spirit; 3, S Widgery’s Chaffcombe Aspen. open.— 1, K Simmons’ St Flannans Aodhan. reg final, nov 22.— 1, S Heanue’s Loughfadda Bestman; 2, S Bates’ Mundon Twilight; 3, S Widgery’s Chaffcombe Aspen. open.— 1, S Barton’s Kilmiston Night Hawk. family pony (A Nicol).— 1, B Bagshaw’s Ballymoe Joe; 2, L Jennings’ Kilimazing Puck; 3, T Cleeve’s Dawn Arrival. in-hand y’stk (P Hynes) 3-y-o gelding.— 1 & res, W Heller’s Bellindene Buchanan; 2, A Aubin’s Tyan First Night; 3, M Cookson’s Tulira Raven. 2-y-o.— 1, L Jeffrey’s Rocklawn Sean; 3, H Sprigg’s Stormway Lad. y’ling.— 1 & ch, J Sutton’s Innellan Rambler; 2, J Somervail’s Bellindene Rhuaridh; 3, N Windsor-Home’s Ambra Cadenza. y’ling colt.— 1, K Clark’s Lockinge King Arthur. filly.— 1 & ch, V Compton’s Chilham Lola; 2, L Ryan’s Conula Robin; 3 & res, H Somerset’s Tesremos Sunnybear. 2-y-o.— 1, S Burt’s Walstead Lady Daphne; 2, C Thurlow’s Maeldunbe Lucinda; 3, J Parry’s Dinarthall Busy Lizzie. 3-y-o.— 1 & y’stk ch, J Mulholland’s Carlingford Enchantment; 2, A & E Summerfield’s Kilclammon Zippy; 3, L Jeffery’s Newtown Blaithin. 2-y-o colt/stallion.— 1, Innellan Condor. 3-y-o stallion.— 1, S Wood’s Skellorn Prairie Dancer; 2, V Compton’s Chilham Pursuit; 3, A Humble’s Doneen Pride Of Fionn. breeding (M Beckman) stallion 4/5-y-o.— 1 & res, Messrs Williams & Gibson’s Dinarthall Digger; 2, N Palmer’s Oaklands Adonis Blue; 3, S Hodgkins’ Uisneach. 6-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, N Palmer’s Oaklands Satyricon; 2, Ardbear Spirit; 3, F Tyler’s Shipton Merlin. b’mare with cert of service.— 1, A & L Ryan’s Rathcoona Cave; 2, S Young’s Cocum Wood Violet; 3, S Hodgkins’ Spinway Lucky Penny. novice.— 1 & sup, H Knight’s Sweet Charity; 2, A & L Ryan’s Rathcoona Cove; 3, S Hodgkins’ Callowfenish Mary. b’mare 4-8-y-o.— 1, T Fawcett’s Kilimazing Dubh; 2, W Hodge’s Sydserff Lady Of The Woods. 9-13-y-o.— 1, C Fletcher’s Millfields Tara Breeze; 2, J Wyman’s Canal Lady Laura; 3, D Webb’s Martinside Plum. 14-y-o.— 1 & res, S Vivian’s Rosenaharley Ronaha. colt foal.— 1 & ch, H Knight’s Lockinge King Cormack. filly.— 1 & res, D Webb’s Wefan Camrose; 2, C Fletcher’s Carlingford Minuet; 3, S A & R P Jones’ Carnaddau Bright Star. breeding ch, vet.— Glencarraig Eleanor; res, Rosenaharley Ronaha. Rosenaharley Trophy.— Carlingford Enchantment. sup.— Sweet Charity; res, Carlingford Enchantment. best opposite sex.— Oaklands Satyricon. young handler.— ch, C Wright; res, A Tomlinson. part-bred, y’stk.— 1 & ch, V Compton’s Sheabrook Flaming Ace. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & res, Messrs Gibson & Williams’ Fernville Louise. non-breeding (A Nicol) mare.— 1 & ch, R Blackburn’s Glencarrig Lady; 2, H Somerset’s Tesremos Top Bear; 3, J Sehne’s Rudgeway Silver Trinket. geld.— 1, R Blackburn & P Clingan’s Boyne Valley Pride; 2, S Kissock’s Eastlands Black Watch; 3, E Davidson’s Ballymoe Jo. Tam O’Shanter ch, b’mare.— 1 & res, J Wyman’s Canal Lady Laura; 2, S Young’s Cocum Wood Violet. 3-y-o.— 1 & ch, P Berry’s Cluain Laragh Star; 2, S Wood’s Skellorn Prairie Dancer; 3, A & E Summerfield’s Kilclammon Zippy. 2-y-o.— 1, L Jeffrey’s Rocklawn Sean; 2, S Vivian’s Greycroft Rohanna; 3, C Wright’s Goulane George. y’ling.— 1, J Somervail’s Bellindene Rhuaridh; 2, Tesremos Sunnybear; 3, N Windsor-Horne’s Ambra Cadenza.

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