Cheshire P-to-P

    Alpraham, Sunday, 26 March (Good to Soft with Heavy patches becoming Soft with very Heavy patches)

    637. Hunt Members, 12st5lb

    1 The Eens (Rakaposhi King) (Donald McCain) E Bourne
    2 Chadswell (IRE) (Carrie Ford) H Challenor
    3 Sarah’s Party (Gary Hanmer), fav R Burton

    Also: Sangatte (IRE) (pu). 4 ran. 15l, 20l. 8min 10.0s. SP: 11-10. (Cheshire).

    638. Open Maiden, 12st

    1 Eurodeal (IRE) (Eurobus) (Richard Hewitt) A Wadlow
    2 Deux Bons Amis (Gordy Edwards) L Johnson
    3 Merlots Mystery (IRE) (Patrick Millington) P Millington

    Also: Kong King (ro), fav, Our Bill (pu). 5 ran. 12l, 11/2fncs. 8min 19.4s. SP: 9-4. (Flint & Denbigh).

    639. Confined, 12st

    1 Castleford (IRE) (Be My Native (USA)) (William Kinsey), fav W Kinsey
    2 Robbie’s Adventure (Carrie Ford) Miss S Ford
    3 Boogy Woogy (Robert Bowling), bl Miss M Bowling

    Also: Hugo de Perro (FR) (re), Prominent (pu), Ricky B (ur). 6 ran. 30l, 7l. 8min 08.8s. SP: 5-4. (Cheshire Forest).

    640. Ladies Open, 11st

    1 Next To Nothing (IRE) (Bob’s Return (IRE)) (Carrie Ford) Miss T Harrison
    2 Step And Run (IRE) (Diana Williams), fav Miss J Williams
    3 Dancetillyoudrop (IRE) (Caroline Tellwright) Miss L Tellwright

    Also: Doctor Hanley (IRE) (ur), Returned Un Paid (IRE) (ur), Slaney Native (IRE) (ur). 6 ran. 6l, 30l. 8min 07.3s. SP: 7-2. (North Staffordshire).

    641. Volkswagen Touareg Mens Open, 12st

    1 Darnil (IRE) (Grand Plaisir (IRE)) (Sheila Crow), 7x, fav R Burton
    2 Tinarana Lord (IRE) (Gary Hanmer) S Ross
    3 Judge Reilly (IRE) (Patrick Millington), v P Millington

    . 3 ran. 8l, 30l. 8min 14.5s. SP: 4-7. (North Shropshire).

    642. Restricted, 12st

    1 Ikemba (IRE) (Executive Perk) (John Groucott), fav W Kinsey
    2 Fosse Park (IRE) (Steve Wynne) D Sherlock
    3 Shafts Chance (IRE) (Kelda Wood), 7a Miss K Wood

    Also: Festival Time (4), Ask Me Not (IRE) (pu), 7a, Cashew Cache (IRE) (f), Clodagh Valley (IRE) (pu), Donrico (IRE) (pu), bl, Gaynor’s Gamble (IRE) (pu), Port Salon (IRE) (pu), Robert The Rascal (pu), Sound Advise (IRE) (pu), Top Weld (pu). 13 ran. 7l, 10l, 4l. 8min 12.1s. SP: 8-11. (South Shropshire).

    643. Open Maiden 56&7yo, 2m4f 12st

    1 The Bare Minimum (IRE) (Farhaan) (Steve Wynne) A Wintle
    2 Iris’s Dream (Peter Morris), fav S Ross
    3 Patches Corner (Tim Garton) Miss T Clark

    Also: Posh Crack (4), 7a, Jack Doubleday (pu), Kings Reason (f), Lord Louis (pu), 7a, Merrimac (FR) (pu), Sackville Lad (pu). 9 ran. 10l, 7l, 12l. 6min 12.9s. SP: 5-2. (Sir W.W. Wynn’s).

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