Cheshire County showing results, 22-23 June

  • Hunter breeding (Mrs D Gooch) b’mare.— 1, Upham & Davey’s Coogee Bay; 2, C Shaw’s Marlay Elite; 3, Country Farm Stud’s Country Puzzle. foal.— 1, Dave & Upham’s; 2, Country Farm Stud’s Jasper; 3, C Shaw. y’ling.— 1 & ch, J & W Moran’s Lush Lashes; 2, T Humphrey’s Titus Endeavour; 3, E Brady-Edward’s Runnon Co-Star. 2-y-o.— 1, Craigie Equestrian’s Southills Spook; 2, B Barron’s Elevations Easter Lily; 3, C Archer’s Davina II. 3-y-o.— 1 & res, Davey & Upham’s Trenavey Cry Freedom; 2,G Sandford’s Lady Gabrielle; 3, J & W Moran’s Punch Town. ridden hunter (Mr M Nicholson & Ms J Cooper) 4-y-o.— 1, J Owen’s Gaelic Gamble; 2, A Burns’s Monaco; 3, E Meredith’s Exclusively. novice.— 1, A Golding’s All Ireland; 2, S Scott-Hunter’s Bally Shall; 3, K Boothby’s Dunlin. lwt.— 1, P Underwood’s Loch Royal; 2, E Young’s Byron Lodge. mwt.— 1 & res, C Davies’s Standing Ovation; 2, C Bardo’s Knightsbridge Court; 3, J Blundell’s Wonder. hwt.— 1, & ch, C Bardo’s Silverstream; 2, V Ramm’s Swaggerman; 3, E Gibson’s The Candleman. sml.— 1, I Susca’s Highlane Milo; 2, D Heath’s Carnsdale Countryman; 3, P Underwood’s Mr Socks. ladies (Ms J Cooper).—1, L Rowe’s Mllrowes Say No More; 2, A Hunt’s Romany King; 3, K Marfleet’s Penstrumbley Pen Arthur. working hunter (Ms J Darwin & Miss H Knight) local.— 1, E Nettleton’s Winterstorm; 2, R Evason’s Louis; 3, N Kapusniak’s Business Opportunity. HOYS open lwt.— 1 & res, L Bell’s Cracker; 2, A Robinson’s Irish Whisper II; 3, A Callwood’s Noble Romeo. hwt.— 1 & ch, J Callwood’s Thor; 2, L Bell’s W Get Smart; 3, K Stanworth’s Market Man. rest.— 1, J Tyldesley’s Millthyme Spritzer; 2, A Allman’s Minority; 3, C Cooper-Wyatt’s Ever So Lightly. side saddle (Mrs J Say) riding club.— 1, A Bryan’s Silver Rascal; 2 & res, B Robinson’s Poppet; 3, E Harrison’s Tom Brown. equitation jnr.— 1, A Holloway’s Crownpoit Cracker; 2, S Goodrige’s Yealand Serenade. do snr.— 1 & ch, C Ashby’s Pickmere Amrita; 2, Poppet; 3, N Roberts’s Rocket Flair. costume.— 1, K Wilson’s Silver Ghost; 2, Rocket Flair; 3, C Londons Tocka Mardy. Tattersalls RoR (Ms J Darwin & Miss H Knight).— 1, L Cottrell’s Bertie Bear; 2, A Lee’s Roane; 3, R Evason’s Logger Rhythm. Winergy Equilibrium (Mr M Nicholson).— 1, Penstrumbley Pen Arthur; 2, J Owen’s For Keeps; 3, A Golding’s All Ireland. hack (Mrs A Leaver & Mrs J Phillipps) nov.—1 & ch, S Carey’s Pearly King; 2, S Barnes’s Persian Josr; 3, J Owen’s Serw Tiger Feet. sml.— 1 & res, L Robertson’s Pendley Apassionata; 3, S Collins’s Maid In Manhattan. lge.— 1, D Warman’s Holtess Moss Bros; 2, E Young’s Prince Bishop; 3, D Harper’s Colbeach Bright Light. cob (Mr P Scott & Mr P Crafts) nov.— 1, C Bardo’s Fait Acobbli; 2, S Ashton’s Ted Baker; 3, W & L Green’s Commadore. lwt.— 1 & ch, J Platt’s Tommy Tucker; 2 & res, C Bardo’s The Humdinger; 3, A Bevis’s Boddington. hwt.— 1 & am ch, H McCloy’s Rodney Boy; 2, K Sankey’s The Names Bond; 3, C Tunnicliffe’s Equator. riding horse (Mrs J Phillipps & Mrs A Leaver) nov sml.— 1, W Ryle’s Regal Request; 2, L Needham’s Mortomley Twilight Jasper; 3, K Robinson’s Celtic Royale. do lge.— 1, L Smith-Crallan’s Holtess D Day; 2, J McClure’s Silver Heights; 3, J Owen’s For Keeps. open sml.— 1 & res, J Day’s Party Time; 2, C Twiston-Davies’s Royal Mirage; 3, S Iggulden’s Galliano. lge.— 1 & ch, V Ramm’s Sirius II; 2, L Smith-Crallan’s Tranqui Heights; 3, H Grime’s Craigmanchie Flyer. HOYS M&M WHP (Mr J Nash & Mrs G McMurray) 122cm.— 1 & ch, S Challinor’s Pumphill Buckthorn; 2 & res, A Prince’s Kyregate Peter Pan; 3, L Wilson’s Owston Harlequin. 138cm.— 1, D Scott’s Derrygimbla Atlantic Storm; 2, Lewendon’s Trewithian Woodrough; 3, A Goodwin’s Maninnard Cashel Fin. exc 138cm.— 1, D MacTaggart’s Caperann Swift; 2, S Weir’s Ruby Slippers; 3, S Tate’s Ristol Cuchulainn. Arab in-hand (Mrs A Dixon) part bred y’ling.— 1, Mr & Mrs Sykes’s Serene Royal Dancer; 2, T Moulden’s Rytans Revelation; 3, C Saul’s Oakstead Panache. 2/3-y-o.— 1 & res, Ribble View Stud’s Bombay Royal Prince; 2, Wilkinson & Froggatt’s Orlando Spritzer; 3, R Rennocks’ Rendene Royal Charm. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, Ribble View Stud’s Faranella Valencia; 2 Miss Wilstrup’s Royal Crown Derby; 3, J Sidebottom’s Wethercotes Sapphire. pure-bred mare.— 1, K Brown’s Arabella El Balesha; 2, Mr & Mrs Turton’s Ht Fizzikal. y’ling.— 1, Mr & Mrs Hickford’s Aja Sandro; 2, H Lambe’s Marinho; 3, T Jump’s Psyches Surprise. filly 2-3-y-o.— 1, E Clare’s Muranas Nadirah; 2, A Mitchell’s Maradina; 3, N Lewis’s Rosina Bint Halma. geld 4-y-o &over.— 1, Mr & Mrs Hill’s Frivolity; 2, L Breeze’s Zinjadi; 3, N Mello’s Nabiell. stallion.— 1, A Hallworth’s Aja Estaravagance. ridden Arab (Mrs K Houghton) anglo & p’bred mare.— 1, T Ewen’s Pessall Hestia; 2, Colbeach Bright Light; 3, Mr & Mrs Buckley’s Strinesdale Celebrity. male.— 1 & ch, A Sellers-Smith’s Holtess Hacket; 2 & 3, R Avery’s Selby Springwind Strider & Highland Reel. HOYS pure-bred (Mrs F Atkinson) mare.— 1 & res, L Maryon’s Crystal Ora Sheen; 2, S Wigglesworth’s Tabara; 3, L Hughes’s Miss Debutante. geld.— 1, D Froggatt’s Malik Ibn Rossali; 2, K Hutchinson’s Esp Can Can; 3, Rhodes & Starkie’s Kezzan. stallion.— 1, S Wigglesworth’s Plumbum 2, W & M Gwennol-Jones’s Ohio; 3, B Neal’s Ra Zanam. palomino (Mrs K Holloway) y’ling.— 1 & 3, Pinewood Stud’s Sir Nunns Pinewood Flame & Sir Nunn Golden Movie; 2, E Williams’s Rianwyn Golden Tuscany. 3-y-o.— 1 & res, Pinewood Stud’s Sir Nunn Royal William. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, Pinewood Stud’s Pewit Dancing Movie Magic. veteran (Mr J Bourne) open in-hand.— 1, C Smith’s Chesapeke Ruling Passion; 2, S Maththews’s Dream Chaser; 3, S Richards’s Carric Hestan. ridden.— 1, Chesapeke Ruling Passion; 2, R Parry’s Kathbarr Surprise; 3, J Riding-Smith’s Lostock Just William. coloured (Miss J Newbury) in-hand y’stk plaited.— 1 & res, Charlesworth & Armstrong’s The Longhouse Poet Laureate; 2, L Heery’s Gorgeous Gift; 3, D Parkinson’s Vagelloron Chiquatita. native.— 1, J McGiven’s The Heartbreaker; 2, A Shaw’s Sherlocks Star Dreamer; 3, S Rogers’s Sergeant Bilko. 4-y-o & over 153cm.— 1, Z Aspinall’s Bassano Big Country; 2, Butterby Shetland’s Butterby Kracker; 3, L Knowles’s Redburn Mighty Me. exc 153cm.— 1, T Nelson’s Blinkbonny Prince Harry; 2, S Armstrong’s Weggs Moschino; 3, S Collier’s Diamond Geezer. b’mare.— 1 & ch, L Waite’s Country Puzzle; 2, V Harrison’s Blewkins Sky Lark; 3, J Hill’s El Testanna. Welsh part-bred (Mrs J MacInnes) y’ling colt.— 1, Goresmead Stud’s Goresmead Chopard; 2, S Roberts’s Nantco Sir William; 3, E Howard’s Izzell Perfect Dream. filly/geld.— 1 & res, Lush Lashes; 2, L Winter’s Winter Didier; 3, T Moulden’s Rytans Revelation. 2-y-o colt.— 1, Rendene Stud’s Rendene Royal Charm; 2, S Roberts’s Nantcol Lady Charlotte; 3, Doulton Stud’s Doulton Royal. 3-y-o colt.— 1, Carrhouse Stud’s Keyhuse Celeste; 2, Kuros Stud’s Stanley Grange Ballymena; 3, D Hardy’s Bexton Fidelio. 4-y-o & over mare/geld.— 1, S Taylor’s Talponciau Cat Burglar; 2, K Robinson’s Celtic Royale; 3, N Lee’s Pennyroyal Brave Owl. stallion.— 1 & ch, G Berrisford’s Nantcol Libretto; 2, G Curran’s Doulton Elliott; 3, E Howard’s Crimson Defence Of The Realm. Shetland (Mrs E Young) stallion.— 1, J O’Nions’s Handale Voyager; 2, Butterby Kracker; 3, L Knowless Redburn Michty Me. b’mare.— 1, Mr & Mrs Atkinson’s Horninglow Dow Crag; 2, P Drayson’s Blltwood Peace Request. foal.— 1, Mr & Mrs Atkinson; 2, P Drayson’s Kaydo Utare. barren.— 1, J Walters’s Schivas Pepsi; 2, Mr & Mrs Gregory’s Brewards Penny; 3, Mr & Mrs Kerloch Velvet. 2-y-o filly.— 1, P Coppock’s Roughwood Verage 2, K Wigley’s Ramper Sweet Cherry; 3, E Barnes’s Rawside Royal Maizie. 3-y-o.— 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Gregory’s Brewards Pixie; 2, Mr & Mrs Sherratt’s Pankymoor Emerald; 3, J Walters’s Sharptor Chiffon. y’ling.— 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Sherratt’s Pankymoor Apple Blossom; 2, S Ashton’s Syltina Cassandra; 3, J Wood’s Lathom Jingle. in-hand M&M (Mrs V Appell) stallion.— 1, ch & res sup, S Burton’s Coolilaun Cushlawn; 2, H Martin’s Wellbrow Black Jack; 3, A Taylor’s Tower Scottish Pride. highland (Mrs H Prescott) y’stk.— 1, C Farrow’s Monreith Moonshine; 2, T Walker’s Lagalgarve Ben Ghuilean; 3, A Fairclough’s Orneyinga Anya. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, J Kelly’s Stewart Of Inverdarroch; 2 & res, T Cadwell’s Osmonds Lady Fiona. dales (Mr J Hunter) y’stk.— 1 & ch, Hayes & Noble’s Stuffynwood Louisa Mae; 2 & res, L Westwood’s Pingate Holly; 3, H Sheldon’s Nipna Golden Poppy. mare.— 1, D Critchlow’s Waterside Maria; 2, H Sheldon’s Rowhurst Rocket. fell (Mr J Hunter) y’stk.— 1 & res, A Tattersall’s Townend Melody; 2, M Catterall’s Darrenvale Charlotte. 4-y-o & over.— 1, ch & sup, J Steeples’s Lunesdale Eliza; 2, G Kenyon’s Drummersdale April Daisy; 3, S Moore’s Littletree Born Indentity. Connemara (Miss M Evans) y’stk.— 1, P Berry’s Cluain Laragh Star; 2, Mr & Mrs Hodge’s Kirtle Laurel; 3, E Rowan’s Landslow Mystical. adult.— 1 & res, J Daniels’s Carrantubber Dolly; 2, H Horsfall’s Cummer Park Robin; 3, Mr & Mrs Hodge’s Sydeserff Lady Of The Woods. New Forest (Miss M Evans) y’stk.— 1 & ch, C Baxter’s Marleydenes Nashaal; 2 & res, J Smith’s Lovelyhill Prospector. 4-y-o & over.— 1, L Egan’s Stourford Boorymba. Dartmoor (Mr D Sykes) y’stk.— 1, S Scott’s Elfinstone Artful Dodger; 2, A Newbold’s Rosevear Sweet Mystery; 3, F Dilks’s Chagford Daisy May. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, F Dilks’s Jumbles Ramblin Rose; 2 & res, S Phillips’s Shilstone Rocks Huckworthy; 3, A Newbold’s Shilstone Rocks Bitter Sweet. Exmoor (Mr D Sykes) y’stk.— 1, S Beardsley’s Cosmic Nova. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, D Sykes’s Cosmic Helix; 2 & res, A Taylor’s Beinnliath Hardleeflow; 3, S Kinney’s Coedywern Hollyhock. SHP breeding (Mrs P Williams) b’mare.— 1, L Walton-Barnes’s Maybe Just Maybe; 2, J Carrantubber Dolly. foal.— 1, Mrs Leander-Barnes; 2, J Daniels. y’ling.— 1, E Edwards-Brady’s Runnon Daisy May; 2, End House Stud’s Imperial High Command; 3, C Merlin-Davies’s Larktonhill Tigress. 2-y-o colt.— 1, S Cockram’s Bevois Crusader; 2, S Heslop’s Cheval Mister Bojangles. 3-y-o.— 1 & ch, Charlesworth & Armstrong’s Brindle Brook Little Scoundrel; 2 & res, Dr More’s Burfordly Sea Wolf; 3, P Hand’s Elfmills Royalist. riding pony breeding (Mrs P Williams) b’mare.— 1, B Rathmell’s Lili Mai; 2, A Rowley’s Sudden Thumbprint. foal.— 1, A Rowley; 2, B Rathmell. y’ling 128cm.— 1, Gorsemead Stud’s Goresmead Chopard; 2, L Winter’s Winter Didier; 3, J Ramsay’ Thirkleby Azure. do 138cm.— 1, Parry & Coulter’s Talponciau Cameo; 2, Carr House Stud’s Carrhouse Button Moon; 3, Owen’s Derw Tabitha. do 148cm.— 1, C Saul’s Oakstead Panache. 2/3-y-o 128cm.— 1, Charlesworth & Armstrong’s Westhill Quizzical; 2, S Roberts’s Nantcol Lady Charlotte; 3, J Redpath’s Megland Jaunty. do 138cm.— 1 & res, Rendene Stud’s Rendene Royal Charm; 2, C Dolan’s Crimson Defender Of The Faith; 3, Carr House Stud’s Keyhouse Celeste. do 148cm. — 1 & ch, Charlesworth & Armstrong’s Scallywag; 2, Kuros Stud’s Stanley Grange Ballymena; 3, C Saul’s Oakstead Natasha. stallion.— 1, Carrhouse stud’s Cusop Julian; 2, Crimson Defence Of The Realm; 3, J Oates’s Newtonhill Casanova. HOYS M&M (Mr M Jones & Mrs C Dew) Dartmoor, Exmoor & Shetland.— 1, B Robinson’s Venhay Villa; 2, J Rogers’s Rosefinch; 3, R Kilroe’s Dykes Lily Mead. Welsh sec A.— 1, J Southworth’s Mynyddtarren The Maverick; 2, T Landon’s Brynrodyn Sirius; 3, L Ashton’s Aros Zak. Welsh sec B.— 1 & res, S Fitzgerald’s Laithehill Czar; 2, L White’s Russelwood Ecstacy; 3, K Vines’s Waxwing Prince Hal. Welsh sec C.— 1, R Kilroe’s Burghwallis Raffles; 2, M Alford’s Reset Sir Lancelot; 3, G Davies’s Kirkhamgate Mr Cool. Welsh sec D.— 1 & ch, J Evans’s Penstrumbly Conor Roche; 2, N Curbishley’s Llanddefel Prince Edward; 3, G Wozencroft’s Pentrefelin Bonny Prince Charlie. New Forest & Connemara.— 1, K Wainwright’s Skellorn Harrison; 2, L Cook’s Millfields Sportsman; 3, J Ford’s Rosscon Silver Justice. fell, highland & dales.— 1, S Challinor’s Lowhouses Rebel; 2, E Corkett’s Rignell Brora; 3, H Kirkham’s Graysons Polly Parking. nov M&M (Mrs K Pole & Mrs J Bushell) lge.— 1 & ch, L Stevens’s Waterside Black Prince; 2, K Bowling’s Millie-Rose Of Strathmore; 3, S Watkinson’s Maidendene. section C & D.— 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Jones’s Murphy’s Magic; 2, A Marshall’s Fencers Sirius; 3, R Clare’s Dunaire Calypso. sml.— 1, A Rogers’s Monivea Catwalk Queen; 2, K Vines’s Llanarth Shelley; 3, K Davey’s Llanarth Shelley. M&M mini (Mrs J Bushell & Mrs K Pole) lr.— 1 & ch, Julie Templeton show team’s Breamish Julian; 2, K Carter’s Sarum White Knight; 3, A Parry’s Cosford Wishes. fr.— 1, C Jones’s Beaconsfield Prince Valiant; 2, Venhay Villa; 3, J Partington’s Moortown Commador. Welsh sec A (Mr W Davies) stallion.— 1 & ch, L Reed’s Coelenhage’s Jarno; 2, Dr Elliott’s Fosterhouses Philosopher; 3, A Parkinson’s Rhydefelin Saracen. b’mare.— 1 & res, R Mackenzie’s Forlan Honey Cookie; 2, S Jones’s Blackhill Glamour Puss; 3, Mr & Mrs Barton’s Greenmeadows Lily The Pink. b’mare over 8-y-o.— 1, A Pygott’s Glangwn Garland; 2, J Shaw’s Legerview Shooting Star; 3, E Sherlock’s Swinford Desert Flower. foal.— 1, R Mackenzie; 2, A Brough’s Kelkardi Montana; 3, J Shaw’s Maplebeck Somethin’ Special. y’ling filly.—1, Mr & Mrs Abel’s Manorlea Maisey May; 2, R Wilson’s Boothsdale Dymuniad; 3, Elcon Stud’s Elcon Golden Wish. do 2-y-o.— 1, Mr & Mrs Waller’s Brynrddyn Blodwen; 2, J Shaw’s Forestgate Hafina; 3, G Kelley’s Trefynys. do 3-y-o.— 1, Friars Stud’s Friars Queen Of Hearts; 2, Mr & Mrs Goodhead’s Mynddtarran Hesta; 3, Hollytree Stud’s Nantdywyll Tlws. geld.— 1, C Kings Swinford Swordsman; 2, S West’s Tiverton Del Boy; 3 K Watson’s Friars Piccolo. mare.— 1, S Greenwood’s Glenrose Red Ribbon; 2, S Pragnell’s Friars Tia; 3, K Brookes’s Wian Welsh Spice. 3-y-o colt.— 1, S Anderson’s Thistledown Porche; 2, E Eldharat’s Javaldez Iftikhar; 3, J Hampson’s Lacy Magnus. do 2-y-o.— 1, J Devenney’s Haverford Imp; 2, L Berry’s Baledon The Welsh Druid; 3, K Hill’s Morvanna Bailey. do y’ling.— 1, Friars Stud’s Friars Inferno; 2, Mr & Mrs Waller’s Centurion Quicksilver; 3, H Hughes’s Llwyfo Derfel. section B (Mrs T Best) stallion.— 1, M Fielding’s Milford Fair Kestrel; 2, Doulton Stud’s Moelview Celebration; 3, S Draper’s Talponciau Gauntlet. colt 3-y-o.— 1 & ch, Heniarth Stud’s Heniarth Woodwind; 2, Hilin Stud’s Millwood Chic; 3, K Wainwright’s Skellorn Bronze Soldier. do 2-y-o.— 1, M Jones’s Melau Montana; 2, Thistledown Stud’s Thistledown Calon Lan; 3, J Mansfield’s Tiavoric Iconic. do y’ling.— 1, Thistledown Stud’s Thistledow Artic Wind; 2, A Butler’s Eyarth Quartz; 3, R Jones’s Moelview Masquerade. b’mare.— 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Butterworth’s Paddock Parasol; 2, E Mansfield’s Rotherwood Golden Rose; 3, G Hensby’s Laithehill Pollyanna. do 8yrs & over.— 1, J Blackburn’s Westaire Saffron Lace; 2, M Fielding’s Offcote Princess Leah. foal.— 1, E Mansfield; 2, C Jones; 3, M Fielding’s Offcote Lady Lucinda. barren mare.— 1, J Devenney’s Talachddu Swallowtail. filly 3-y-o.— 1, K Cheetham’s Carrwood Adenidg; 2, Mr & Mrs Butterworth’s Paddock Alesha; 3, Mr & Mrs Lowe’s Byley Arianne. do 2-y-o.— 1, J Mansfield’s Janpete Babysham; 2, B Hadley’s Laithehill Polly Flinders; 3, Griffiths & Hughes’s Cadlan Valley. do y’ling.— 1, G Hensby’s Laithehill Concerto; 2, Lloyd & Owen’s Anri Gabriella; 3, G & T Lowe’s Hilin Sienna. geld.— 1, P Hill’s Hilin Oregan; 2, G Eastwood’s Hilin Tahiti; 3, S Scott’s Soudley Maestro. section C (Mrs J Evan) stallion.— 1, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Bouncing Rocket; 2, K Watson’s Coedduon Owain Glyndwr. colt y’ling.— 1, J Bowerman’s Trenewydd Danny Boy; 2, J Hampson’ Kirkhamgate Rendition; 3, A Sharples’s Kirkhamgate Rembrandt. do 2-y-o.— 1, S & A Walker’s Glebedale Ding Dong; 2, C Ingram’s Harriswood Bobby Dazzler; 3, J Welsh’s Newgap Tom Jones. do 3-y-o.— 1 & res, Mrs Hepple’s Karmarth Rocky Balboa; 2, J Watson’s Pantyfid Flash Jack; 3, J Bowerman’s Rhosymeirch Jolly Roger. filly y’ling.— 1, Mr & Mrs Spencer’s Felinmor Red Rose; 2, J Steeples’s Llanidan Sandy Shaw; 3, Ruddick & Saunders’s Taincwm Undeg. do 3-yo.— 1, Menai Stud’s Menai Lady Callie; 2, D Gant’s Blaengwen Red Evie; 3, Rafon Stud’s Brohedydd Rhianna. geld.— 1, C Ingram’s Newbrook Diamond Geezer; 2, K Barlow’s Bluehaven Cadet; 3, L Crosbie’s Gweunydd Glyndwf. mare.— 1, D Gant’s Kirkhamgate Cinderella; 2, L Hampson’s Kirkhamgate Glitz and Glamour; 3, K Grecian’s Rhoswen Rachel. b’mare.— 1 & ch, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Rachel; 2, Mr & Mrs Heppenstall’s Henfynyw Mattie; 3, C Ingram’s Newbrook Roseanne. foal.— 1, Mr & Mrs Heppenstall; 2, Nebo Stud; 3, C Ingram. sec D (Miss H Williams) stallion.— 1 & res, Menai Stud’s Menai Sparkling Imperial; 2, J Haywood’s Fourways Romeo; 3, P Berry’s Morlena Caleb. colt y’ling.— 1, Mr & Mrs Boots Peniment High Flyer; 2, A Ellis-Owen’s Kylebeck Churchill; 3, D Baird’s Cascob Rebel. do filly.— 1, M Griffiths’s Tideline Amelia; 2, C Fell’s Brynseion Bryana; 3, Mr & Mrs Boot’s Danaway Sassy. 2-y-o filly.— 1, C Pygott’s Triad Ffion; 2, Brynfa Stud’s Brynfa Midnight Express; 3, M Cole’s Durkar Amazing Grace. do 3-y-o.— 1, G Holt’s Willgar Megan Mai; 2, J Haywood’s FourwaysLowry; 3, Fwrog Stud’s Fwrog Saranna. geld.— 1, Mr & Mrs Broadhurst’s Llangwm Guto Goch; 2, A Moore’s Lynard Romeo;3, A Langton’s Llechfryn Mabon. mare.— 1, S Mason’s Brynfa Lucky Llinos; 2, Evans Family’s Brynithon Chantilly Lace; 3, R McNeal’s Ionas Modlen Meia. b’mare.— 1 & ch, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Chatterbox; 2, B Watts’s Elton Anwyl; 3, T Bardsley’s Ffosbryn Welsh Lady. foal.— 1, Nebo Stud; 2, B Watts; 3, T Bardsley. show pony (Mr D Machin & Mrs D Machin) 128cm.— 1 & ch, A Maltby’s Chagford Leon; 2, E Young’s Kolbeach Holly’s Firefly; 3, K Carter’s Kenilwood Tobias. 138cm.— 1, V Rudd’s Moluccas Perfect Peppercorn; 3, C Ormrod’s Towan Mister Pickwick. 148cm.— 1 & res, H Forrest’s Milford Grand Marnier; 2, N Hollings’s Crafton Touch Of Gold; 3, E Young’s Pickmere Lady Arwen. intermediate (Mrs D Machin & Mr D Machin) SRT 153cm.— 1, N Hollings’s Fleetwater Xecutive; 2, L Johnston’s Aimbry Kymara; 3, K Bott’s Whalton Wolf Whistle. 158cm.— 1, N Hollings’s Royal Angel; 2, S Collins’s Maid In Manhattan; 3, K Robinson’s Celtic Royale. nov (Mrs M Evans & Mr J Nash) SRT.— 1, S Halton’s Yealand Esculus; 2, V Houghton’s Willowbrook Mayday; 3, C Jackson’s Reveille. open mini (Mr J Nash & Mrs M Evans) lr.— 1 & ch, A Cooper’s Barkway Blackjack; 2, Team Emmerson’s Barkway Tiara; 3, H Barton’s Chaseford Accolade. fr.— 1 & res, L Eadon’s Heatherton Posy; 2, H Varley’s Hightopps Jazz; 3, Team Emmerson’s Trannon Pippin. nov SP (Mrs M Evans & Mr J Nash) 138cm.— 1, V Rudd’s Moluccas Perfect Peppercorn; 2, D Hardy’s Bexton Finesse; 3, L Openshaw’s Royalpark Fatal Attraction. 148cm.— 1, J Tyldesley’s Hideaway Night Time; 2, H Carter’s Thornsett Limited Edition; 3, A Leyland’s Strinesdale Celebrity. open WHP (Mrs P Baker-Beall & Mrs D Gooch) interm.— 1, E Barnes’s Noble Rockstar; 2, J Shaw’s Carnsdale Top Gun; 3, S Boden’s Dun The Business. 133cm.— 1, S Horne’s Gryngallt Pageant; 2, K Ward’s Noble Toreen Lass; 3, C Wonnacott’s My Blue Eyed Boy. 143cm.— 1, B Lears’s Stambrook Pavarotti; 2, H Parkes’s Folly II; 3, A Wybergh’s Chandaem Pippaley. 153cm.— 1, S Weir’s Otto; 2, J Ashmore’s Woodland Amarula; 3, G Worrow’s Knockmore Puzzle. mini WHP (Mrs C Frost & Mrs G Wright) cradle.— 1, J Price’s Liberty V; 2, P Sampson-Pleasant’s Anri Class Act; 3, K Thomas’s Tallulah. nursery.— 1, New Home Farm’s Noble Super Ted; 2, Gryngallt Pageant; 3, C Smiley’s Pied Piper. nov WHP (Mrs G Wright & Mrs C Frost) 133cm.— 1, P Prickett’s My Man Dan; 2, K Mobley’s Willoway Pot Of Gold. 143cm.— 1 & 3, C Muncaster’s Foxdenton Firecracker & Morgans Pride; 2 & res, C Hamilton’s Popstar. 153cm.— 1, D O’Brien’s Wilma Miller; 2, A Higgins’ Silver Sapphire. interm.— 1 & ch, H Sloan’s Tinka’s Flash; 2, M Roberts’s Griannagh Marcus; 3, J Owen’s Cassanova. Lord Leverhulme Gold Cup WHP (Mr T Gibson & Miss S Hollinshead) 133cm.— 1, K Ward’s Noble Toreen Lass; 2, J Blackshaw’s All About Jazz; 3, H Thomas’s Tiger Mike. 143cm.— 1 & ch, Stambrook Pavarotti; 2 & res, Folly II; 3, H Steele’s Rangeview Solo. 153cm.— 1, J Ashmore’s My Amazing Grace; 2, Noble Rockstar; 3, S Scott’s St Patrick III. interm.— 1, Carnsdale Top Gun; 2, S Boden’s Dun The Business; 3, B Brindley’s Peeping Tom. SHP (Ms S Bartle & Mrs P Clifford) 153cm.— 1, N Hollings’s Pendle First Light; 2, V Rudd’s Burfordly Sea Lord; 3, D Commins’s Santana. 143cm.— 1, G Rudd-Kerr’s Van Gogh; 2, S Pritchard’s Rhosyr Elizabeth; 3, J Findlow’s Elenbrook Masterplan. 133cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs Cambray’s Parkhill Ronaldo; 2, S Horne’s Parkhall Beckham; 3, J Smith’s Crimson Macgregor. 122cm. — 1 & res, K Gillott’s Annandale Darcy; 2, V Rudd’ Duntarvie Yogi; 3, N Hollings’s Caradines M’Lord. LR SHT. — 1, Evans & Jackson’s Netherfield Mr Rochester; 2, S McMullans Templedruid Hypericum; 3, H Varley’s Caridines Little Lord. interm SHT.— 1, G Thompson’s Eaglemoor; 2, G Thompson’s Jemoon Star Catcher; 3, Mr & Mrs Binks’s Suwannee River. nov SHP (Mr D Park) 133cm.— 1, L Pass’s Chevalian Bitesize; 2,J Lyden’s Witchill Paprika; 3, L Ashton’s Elmsley Mosaic. 143cm.— 1 & ch, S Gibbins’s Tricula Glamma Girl; 2, J Wakerley’s Cherry Top Disco Diva; 3, B Baxter’s Westvale Dream Make. 153m.— 1, Julie Templeton Show Team’s Woodrow All Gold; 2, C Frost’s Monte Bella Zeta; 3, C Walker’s Escleyside Carol . interm.— 1, Julie Templeton Show Team’s Espoir Just Fab; 2, Y Thompson’s Blairfield Silicon; 3, J Owen’s Cassanova.

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