Casco Master Helmet

Rebecca Pattenden tests the Casco Master Helmet from Battle Hayward & Bower

The Casco Master Helmet is a lightweight riding hat with an adjustable Disk-Fit system.

The Disk-Fit system allows adjustment of the head ring to fit every head size. Fitted with an inner lining of Coolmax and ALVOtec materials, the helmet has a streamline ventilation system to allow effective airflow.

The helmet, which meets the European standardCE/EN 1384 T, v/GC is available in black or black velvet finish and in sizes 52-57 and 57-62. Cost around £55.

Tester’s comments

Rebecca who regularly rides her coloured gelding Thomas, says: “I found this hat very different to any other I’ve used before. It was quite similar in fit and style to a cycle helmet. It felt very light and initially, a little strange, but once I got used to the new sensation, it was comfortable and kept me cool.”

“Thomas is quite strong so I tend to get quite hot when I’m riding him, especially in the summer. The ventilation system definitely helped keep me cool. I have worn it regularly through the summer and its smooth outer still looks good.

“The adjustable Disk-Fit system is a great idea as it allows you to achieve a really good fit. I think it is quite stylish and like the fact that you can choose between a smooth or velvet finish.”

“It is slightly more expensive than a normal jockey skull, but I think it is reasonable value for money.”

Contact Battle Hayward & Bower (tel: 01522 529206) or visit www.battles.co.uk.

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