Calling all Volvo and Saab owners

  • Volvo and Saab owners are being warned to check their towbars due to a potentially design fault

    Volvo and Saab are recalling more than 1,600 detachable towbars because of a design defect following the failure of a correctly fitted bar in Sweden.

    The towbar affected is type G3.0 and has a round, locking signal pin cover and a green release handle. Saab and Volvo have also used other detachable towbars with green handles and square signal pin covers.

    The G3.0 was made between August 1998 and May 2000 and has been fitted to 1,042 Volvos and 596 Saabs in the UK.

    Owners are being encouraged to check what bar they have, because towbars are usually dealer-fitted and, unlike a recall for a fault with a factory-fitted part, Volvo and Saab cannot be sure of tracing all the affected cars to inform customers.

    A Volvo spokesman said that it was particularly important for owners of horse trailers to check their towbars because of the weight involved.

    The problem results from wear on the locking mechanism. Affected car owners should take the car to their Volvo or Saab dealer, who will make it safe, free of charge.

    The bars will be replaced with a new design in a few months when the Swedish towbar factories, currently on holiday, are back in action.

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