Calling all DIY enthusiasts

  • For horse owners who enjoy a challenge Equikits supply a vast range of do-it-yourself kits

    Owning a horse is expensive and even when using budget brands, costs can still spiral. In order to keep costs to a minimum you may want to investigate the possibility of making your own equipment.

    Equikits is a mail-order company who can supply you with everything you need to make complete rugs, headcollars, bridles, girths, as well as buckles, clips and repair kits. They also sell a selection of complete kits together with instructions.

    Equikits can also supply you with all the tools and thread needed to make items, as well as patterns for rugs, bags and numnahs. It also sellsa range of books from step-by-step guides on making tack to books on running your own tack shop.

    Making your own not only cuts costs but allows you to personalise your tack and equipment by maintaining your own choice of colours throughout.

    Complete kits together with instructions start from as little as £1 for an Irish martingale.

    For more information contact Equikits (tel: 01568 760267).

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