Building rider confidence

  • A new series of self-hypnosis CDs could be the cure to rebuilding confidence in riders who’ve lost their nerve

    Have you lost your nerve over fences, or become hesitant about competing?

    According to hypnotherapist Sharon Shinwell, the power of the mind over the physiological state of the body has long been documented. Self-hypnosis can offer a vital breakthrough in overcoming deep-seated fears for many riders

    “The subconscious is full of forgotten incidents that we have seen, heard, felt and experienced throughout our lifetime, ” she says.

    “Hypnotherapy works to access all the possibilities that these long forgotten memories can help us achieve.

    While in a state of deep, profound relaxation, we can by-pass the critical sensors that create blockages and negative thoughts, and access the subconscious to change how we feel, think and act.”

    Hypnotherapists say that it is this subconscious resource that riders can tap into to overcome fears we didn’t think we could .

    A qualified hypnotherapist with more than 25 years riding experience, Sharon has produced a series of CDs specifically targeted at rebuilding rider confidence.

    The Confident Rider series – General Riding, Dressage, Showjumping – aims to help control panic attacks, stage fright, anxiety, and tension.

    Cost at around £15.95, plus £2.00 p&p.

    For more information contact (tel: 0161 2812061) or visit www.confidentrider.co.uk

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