BSPS Scottish, ’06

  • BSPS SCOTTISH, Strathallan Castlle, Perthshire, 11 June ’06

    HOYS SP (Mrs P Dorman) 148cm 1, L Shimwell’s Moorbank Fabian; 2, F Wallace’s Groveside Bellboy; 3, A Cook’s Valentino’s Royal Touch. 139cm 1 & res, J Card’s Strychlands Marcher Lord; 2, J Gill’s Stanley Grange Roulette; 3, R Anderson’s Kingsford Sweet Story. 128cm 1 & ch, J Gill’s Charn Kingfisher; 2, M MacKay’s Watleigh Rosetta; 3, M Thompson’s Sycamore Master Romeo. HOYS SHP (Mrs A Calvert) SHT 122cm 1, S Forsyth’s Roseisle Honesty; 2, O Beebee’s Lochar Red Buttons; 3, L Anderson’s Millay Manoleto. 133cm 1, L Burnip’s Antoinettes Catamout; 2, R Abba & J Knipe’s Yealand Breeze; 3, A Findlay’s Romai Mr Micawber. 143cm 1 & ch, L Curry’s Knockreigh Mistletoe; 2, Mr & Mrs J Corbett’s Sahereca Singing Tribute; 3, C Heginbotham’s Whineray Beach Bay. 153cm 1 & res, E Dun’s Tiger Town; 2, M Thompson’s Santana; 3, E McNinch’s Bingham’s Royal Flush. HOYS int SHT (Mrs A Calvert) 1 & int res, L Kelbie’s Derrylossett Flash; 2, J Cook’s Colorado; 3, L Falcus’s Oakhill. HOYS sml hunter (Mrs A Hodgson) 1, V Dowdeswell’s Goodwill Hunting; 2, S Allwood’s Forest Gump; 3, Mrs & Miss Lane’s One For The Road. HOYS hunter (Mrs J Jefferson) lwt 1, A Bowie’s Knight Time; 2, Mr & Mrs A Hall’s Melford Park; 3, L Kelbie’s Kilkea King. mwt 1, Countess Goess-Sarau’s Granit City; 2, A Brewster’s Orchids Twice As Nice; 3, H Rodgers’s District Court. hwt 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Mills’s Ben Mhor; 2, B Hyslop’s Blue Peters Son; 3, L Kelbie’s Mylov. BSPS assoc RH (Mrs K Murray-Barrett) 1, L Richard’s Hampton’s Ace; 2, L King’s Whitsun Flame; 3, V Campbell’s Righ Oliver. Scottish hunter (Mrs K Murray-Barrett) 1, A McKinna’s Fergal II; 2, A Brewster’s Orchids Twice As Nice; 3, Mrs & Miss Lane’s Way Out West. coloured horse/pony (Mrs K Murray-Barrett) ridden 1, M Peill’s Lyric; 2, S Davidson’s Portland Lady; 3, L Dolan’s Logan. Anglo/part-bred Arab (Mrs K Murray-Barrett) 148cm 1 & ch, L Crockett’s Kenilwood Windsong; 2, M Cousin’s Willowhill Forget-Me-Not; 3, L Shimwell’s Moorbank Fabian. exc 148cm 1 & res, H Rooney’s Scarlet O’Hara. BSPS Heritage M&M open ridden (Mrs G McMurray) Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh sec A 1, E Aitken & G Beattie’s Waxwing Thumbs Up; 2, K Miller’s Waxwing Typhoon; 3, M Cousin’s Penwisg Bella Donna. sec B/C 1, K Miller’s Wyebrook Rhyfelwr Bach; 2, K Maclean’s Murphy’s Magic; 3, K Miller’s Wyken Pyrene. Fell, Dales, Highlands, New Forest, Connemara, sec D 1 & ch, R Macpherson’s Trowan Moulin; 2 & res, L McLung’s Bracklinn Milly; 3, M Nicoll’s Edindurno Glenfiddich BSPS Heritage M&M open (Mrs G McMurray) LR 1, E Gammie’s Tullibardine Golden Rod; 2 & res, C Myles’s Greenferns Shem; 3, A Hay’s Greyoaks Gillian Rose. FR 1 & ch, Tullibardine Golden Rod; 2, Greyoaks Gillian Rose; 3, M Cousin’s Penwisg Bella Donna. HOYS int SRT (P Wilkinson) 153cm 1, F Wallace’s Groveside Bellboy; 2, L Sergeant’s Rufforth Olympic Light; 3, S Bett’s Supernatural. 158cm 1 & int ch, F Done & Pretty Ponies Ltd’s Carnsdale Cinderella; 2, E Greenwood’s Hazel Croft Love Affair; 3, L Robertson’s Downies Mystic Maestro. HOYS BSPS LR & FR (P Wilkinson) LR 1, mini SP ch & Pam de Pree mini SP ch, C Bankier’s Dinsdale Sweet Harmony; 2 & mini SP res, A Choynowski’s Nantcol Sylphide; 3, J Knipe’s Fleetsmoor Riveraire. FR 1 & Pam de Pree mini SP res, M MacKay’s Haighend Miss Georgette; 2, J McCluskey’s Markoak Tia Maria; 3, J Cousens’s Caridines Greetings. tiny tots FR (P Wilkinson) 1, L Burnip’s Clegenhill Sirin; 2, G Rooney’s Ashlands Colombus; 3, L Tinson’s Masterton Tinkerbelle. mini hunter ponies (Mrs J Coltart) LR 1 & ch, A Hay’s Farchynys Pererin; 2, M Corbett’s Ovington Nemisis; 3, L Burnip’s Wingland Make Believe. FR 1 & res, P Prickett’s Lindsay’s Future Star; 2, S Forsyth’s Roseisle Honesty; 3, Lochar Red Buttons. nov SHP (Mrs J Coltart) 153cm 1 & ch, J Laycock’s Whalton Buccaneer; 2, K Melville’s Rosevale Seren Splendour. 143cm 1 & res, E Jackson’s Highmead Night Surprise; 2, E Hay’s Merryford Bewitched. 133cm 1, A Warnock’s Wedderlie Marengo; 2, A Normand’s Rotherwood Party Popper; 3, S Adams’s Wedderlie Marmion. nov int SHT 1 & nov int ch, Righ Oliver; 2, M Whiteford’s Noble Impact; 3, C Forrest’s Clara. nov SP (Mrs J Coltart) BSPS LR 1 & mini ch, D Irwin’s Kenilwood Music Boy. 128cm 1, D Robertson’s Courtway Amaryllis; 2, C Snowie’s Skylark Black Magic. 138cm 1 & ch, J Card’s Strytchlands Marcher Lord; 2, K Slight’s Moor Hall Musical; 3, A Peill’s Whalton Charity. 148cm 1 & res, E Jackson’s Highmear Sheer Chance; 2, N Orr’s Golfendletch Mandalay. nov int SRT 1 & nov int res, J Thompson’s Sweet Violet; 2, PJ Lillington’s Woodbury’s Joseph. HOYS open WHP (Mrs M Ryan) 133cm 1, L Bryson’s Deacon Blue; 2, S Gardner’s Kiltane CavalierII; 3, H Sloan’s Alandale Fair Cameo. 1 & ch, S Scott’s Stambrook Pavarotti; 2, B Brindley’s Gransha’s Jerry Mouse; 3, S Weir’s Ruby Slippers. 1,F Gardner’s Mini B; 2, S Weir’s Otto; 3, J Miller’s Beamish Ales. 1 & res, H Boden’s The Rainbow Hunter; 2, F Reed’s Jemima Puddledub; 3, M Bowling’s Westwood Red Fox. 1, S Scott’s Stambrook Pavarotti, L Watson’s Meath Busy Body, S Lear’s Woodfield Cross, S Gardner’s Mini B. 1, C Richardson’s Lough Crew; 2, J Reid’s Glengoyne; 3, A Brewster’s Kelly’s Hero. Scottish WH (Mrs A Hodgson) 1, S Sloan’s Highgrove Valentino; 2, M Turnbull’s Stella II; 3, A Brewster’s Dramore. BSPS CS & NS (K Ryan) CS 1 & res, C MacMillan’s Lippens Mascot; 2, E Aitken & G Beattie’s Cevara Curly Wurly; 3, C Jamieson’s Valebrook First Symphony. NS 1 & ch, S Weir’s Polaris Gerralt; 2, R Claydon’s Corseford Topaz; 3, C MacMillan’s Rumsworth Moonlight. nov WHP (K Ryan) 133cm 1 & res, S Gemmell’s Walbro Champagne Cracker; 2, Duchess of Roxburghe’s Landswood Jack Of Diamonds; 3, S Weir’s Polaris Gerralt. 143cm 1, R Dudgeon’s Caperann Blazer; 2, J Cook’s Colourtrend; 3, M Peill’s Lyric. 153cm 1 & ch, H Sloan’s Highgrove Valentino; 2, S Weir’s Otto; 3, S Davidson’s Portland Lady. int 158cm 1, N Jamieson’s The Roustabout; 2, A Craigie’s Star Traveller; 3, C Forrest’s Ciara. BSPS Heritage M&M open WHP (Mrs G McMurray) exc 138cm 1 & res, R Macpherson’s Trowan Callan; 2, F Rodman’s The Banjo; 3, R Dudgeon’s Caperann Blazer. 138cm 1, Wedderlie Marmion; 2, Lippens Mascot; 3, P Weir’s Polaris Gerralt. 122cm 1 & ch, Cevara Curly Wurly; 2, C MacMillan’s Lippens Mascot; 3, P Weir’s Polaris Gerralt. 128cm 1, Lippens Mascot; 2, C Jamieson’s Valebrook First Symphony; 3, C Geddes’s Luke. open NS 128cm 1, Lippens Mascot; 2, Valebrook First Symphony; 3, Luke. Scottish SHP ch 1 & ch, K Forsyth’s Roseisle Honesty; 2 & res, A Findlay’s Romai Mr Micawber. Scottish SP ch 1 & ch, Dinsdale Sweet Harmony; 2 & res, M McCluskey’s Bracon Toytown.

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