BSPS Area 1B Spring showing results, 1 May

  • Heritage LR (Mrs Bevan-Jones, Mr Jones).— 1, Mr Parry’s Cosford Wishes; 2, Mrs Murphy’s Springtimes Jackpot; 3, Mrs Hill’s Maesgwyn Hyfwyn. FR.— 1 & ch, Miss Rigby’s Dykes Lily Mead; 2 & res, Mrs Cartlidge’s Shamrocklake Shirley Temple; 3, Shuttleworth/Leeming’s Waxwing Thumbs Up. sml.— 1, Miss Watson’s Omega; 2, Mrs Robinson’s Venhay Vilie; 3, W Ellis’ Synod Montanna. sec B/C.— 1 & res, G Davies’ Kirkhamgate Mr Cool; 2, L Kitchener’s Glanaber Lady May; 3, Mr Wyn-Jones’s Banutt Timpani. New Forest, Connemara.— 1, Mrs Co’s Cloghee Valley Gold; 2, C Wiejak’s Martinside Walnut. lge.— 1 & ch, Mrs Stevens’ Waterside Black Prince; 2, Mrs Simpson’s Kilmannan Black Wizard; 3, D Hull’s Scarthingwell Daisy. M&M mixed.— 1, Mrs Robinson’s Greenholme Warbler; 2, L Bates’ R Lady Mava; 3, K Errington’s Birkrigg Glory Days. LR (Mrs Hodgett).— 1, L Walby’s Rosmarche Heather; 2, Knipe’s Doolittle Tattibogle. FR.— 1, Waxwing Thumbs Up; 2, Mrs Robinson’s Venhay Vilie; 3, S Dennison’s Mereholme Baxter. M&M WHP.— 1, Mrs Cox’s Lochinvar; 2, Mrs Guy’s Owston Harlequin; 3, T Heath’s Stepol Cahn Dafydd. Pretty Polly LR (Mrs Holmes Mr Buckley).— 1, Mrs Worthington’s Roselle Rebecca. FR.— 1, Mrs Worthington’s Roselle Rebecca; 2, J Pybus’s Barkway Misty Morn. SP.— 1 & res, Mrs Hume’s Small-Land Dreamful; 2, Mrs Tyldsley’s Parkhills Little Anna; 3, M Jennings’ Stanley Grange Scholarship. PP SHP 133cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs Beebee’s Manorheath Second Edition; 2, Mrs Gosmore Caebryn Fran; 3, V Brown’s Hollyvale Toy Boy. exc 133cm.— 1, B Edmondson’s Sycamore Candyman; 2, LT Ripley’s Small-Land Rialto; 3, Miss Mackay’s Wycroft New Dimension. LR SP (Mrs Colles, Mr Lears).— 1 & res, J Pybus’s Barkway Misty Morn; 2, J Stuart’s Rosslayne Fairy Storey; 3, Mrs Rhodes Pearson Miss Tiffany. FR.— 1, ch & sup, S Dennison’s Hightopps Dancing Bee; 2, Mrs Lilley’s Nantcol Sublime; 3, J Stuart’s Cherrytop Imperial Starlight. 128cm SP.— 1 & ch, Mrs Sharrock’s Daldorn Fairytale; 2, Parkhills Little Anna; 3, Mrs Burnip’s Baybrook Royal Reflection. 138cm SP.— 1, Mrs Sharrock’s Westhill Papermoon; 2 & res, Mrs Dennison’s Whiteleaze Dominique; 3, Mrs Hume’s Moorhall Classical. 148cm SP.— 1, Lady Benton-Jones’ Daldorn Spring Thyme; 2, Small-Land Dreamful; 3, Mrs McCluskey’s Hinwood Two Thyme. mixed SP.— 1, Stanley Grange Scholarship; 2, Mrs Pye’s Stanley Grange Illusive; 3, Mrs Cooper’s Rowfantina Small Fortune. nov SP 128cm.— 1, Mrs Cooper’s Helsington Unique; 2, Baybrook Royal Reflection. 138cm.— 1, Whiteleaze Dominique; 2, Mrs Hodgson’s Tithecroft Tarragon. 148cm.— 1, C Barlow’s Chiddock Sometime; 2, Daldorn Spring Thyme. WHP (Mrs Thomas) CS.— 1 & res, Bullock/Jones’ Leminton Fino; 2, Mrs Cox’s Boston Bo Peep; 3, Dr Schiable’s Wycroft Country Square. NS (Mr & Mrs Machin).— 1 & ch, Mrs Horne’s Gryngalt Pageant: 2, Mrs Templeton’s Miss Attitude; 3, C Sheret’s Whatcroft Excalibur. 133cm.— 1, Gryngalt Pageant; 2, Mrs Robinson’s Little Storm; Mrs Wier’s Parkfield Freddie. 143cm.— 1, Bullock/Jones’ Bobby’s Bet; 2, Mrs Wybergh’s Chandaem Pippaley; 3, Mrs Weir’s Ruby Slippers. 153cm.— 1 & res, S Scott’s St Patrick III; 2, Mr Heginbotham’s Chiddock Spot Check, 3, Mrs Ashmore’s Woodland Armadia. int WH.— 1 & ch, Mrs Brobyn’s Pebbly Amaretto; 2, Mrs Metcalf’’s Another Leap; 3, J Thompson’s Sweet Violet. mx WHP.— 1, Mrs Wilson’s Fair And Square II; 2, Mr Moult’s Little Storm; 3, J Thornton’s Indian Springs. nov NS (Mrs Thomas).— 1, Boston Bo Peep; 2, Lemington Fino; 3, Mrs Hughes’ Barley. nov 133cm.— 1, Mrs Lowther’s Rose; 2, Mrs Prickett’s My Man Dan; 3, Mrs Grave’s Firecracker. 143cm.— 1, Mrs Sagar’s Kilamazing Peter Quince; 2, Mrs Buck’s Fasky Boy; 3, Lochinvar. 153cm.— 1, V Cox’s Beechpark Molly; 2, P Johnson’s Millstocks Fairytale; 3, Monserrat Sport Horses’ Silken Ruler. nov int WH.— 1 & ch, Mrs Wybergh’s Wynona; 2 & res, Mr Heginbotham’s Meynell Midnight View; 3, Mrs Butterworth’s The Wee Man. LR SHP (Mrs Pattinson, Mr Johnson).— 1, Miss Fege’s Charn Secret legend; 2, Knipe’s Westfirle Diggory Delvert; 3, S McMullen’s Templedruid Hypericum. 122cm.— 1, Mrs Fitzgerald’s Cardine’s M’Lord; K Carter’s Woodend Matilda; 3, Mrs Rudd’s Duntarvie Yogi. 133cm.— 1, S Mannings Beerley Bright Seny; 2, V Brown’s Hollyvale Toy Boy; 3, Mrs Carney’s Colbeach Autumn Song. 143cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs Fitzgerald’s Greylands Stardust; 2, Mrs Allen’s Millpond Look So Cheeky; 3; Mrs Cambray’s Nutwood Spring Occasion. 153cm.— 1 & res, Mrs Bott’s Supernatural; 2, Mr Brewster’s Diptford Sea Eagle; Mrs Butterworth’s Pendle First Light. mx SHP.— 1, Mrs McCluskey’s Barrdene Paris Lace; 2, Mrs Fitzgerald’s Dynamique; 3, Duntarvie Yogi. LR SHP.— 1, Mrs Jobling-Purser’s Antoinettes Little Toff; 2, Cardines M’Lord; 3, Templedruid Hypericum. mx nov SHP.— 1, Barrdene Paris Lace; 2, Dynamique; 3, Mr Mears Dymock Joyous. int SRT (Mrs Holmes, Mr Buckley) sml.— 1 & res, P Murray’s Castanya Moonlite; 2, E Cross’ New Future Fling; 3, Mrs McCluskey’s Lucy Brown. lge.— 1 & ch, Mrs Woods Royal Angel; 2, Mrs Hartley’s Classic Coincidence; 3, C Jackson’s Reveille. int SHT.— 1, M R Boundy’s Silken Storey; 2, Mr Ahern’s Unlimited; 3, Mrs Findlow’s Opium Valvette. Anglo/part-bred Arab 148cm (Mrs Colles, Mrs Littler).— 1 & ch, S Dennison’s Archwood Romeo Gigle; 2, Mrs Booth’s Silent Whisper; 3, Sycamore Candyman. exc 148cm.— 1, Lucy Brown; 2, Mrs Wood’s Chiddock Timeout; 3, J Edmondson’s Sharlene Top Hat & Tails. hack (Mrs Miller, Mrs Thomas) sml.— 1 & ch, Mrs Smith-Crallan’s Southhills Hocus Pocus; 2, A Talbot’s Willowcroft Secret Agent; 3, Mrs Co’s Rhyllandel Falcon. lge.— 1 & res, Royal Angel; 2, Mrs Findlow’s Lady Athena; 3, P Williamson’s Tilly III. cob maxi.— 1 & res, Mrs Jobling-Purser’s Tank Top; 2, T Winfield’s Pebbly Samurai; 3, Mrs Jackman‘s Derby Park Sean. lwt.— 1 & ch, Sculpture to Wear’s Hallmark IX; 2, J Hunton’s Tom Cream Of The Antarctic; 3, A Kirby’s Tully’s Brady. hwt.— 1, J Woods’ Buddie Woods; 2, S Benson’s Mister Finnlay; 3, Mrs Goostrey’s Rafferty. riding horse, sml.— 1 & ch, J Day’s Fair And Square; 2, Mrs Twiston-Davies’ Royal Fanfare; 3, J Jefferson’s Eros. lge.— 1 & res, A Bradley’s Cuba Libra; 2, V Ramms’ Sirius II; 3, E Cross’ Kavannaghs Distinction.

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