BSJA results 22-28 September ’03

  • THORPE GRANGE EC Lincoln, Lincs, 24 September

    85cm 1, Kenokens Boy (V Ekins); 2, Buzz Bee (C Playne); 3, Gralaska (L Pears). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Park Hall Paintpot (A Thompson); 2, Levantina (M Potter); 3, Buzz Bee. 1m 1, It’s Topical (T Cottam); 2, Intercooler (J Blanchard); 3, Redd or Dedd (A Thornham). Equimax Discovery 1, Levantina: 2, Georgia IV (S Gingley); 3, Major Hero (A Garner). 1.10m Members Cup 1, Pimosa (M Smith); 2, Kalcavello (A Duncan).

    BRECHIN CASTLE Brechin, Tayside, 26-29 September

    1.05m 1, First Clover (C Hall); 2, Chapelwells Murphy’s Law (G Hodd); 3, Middlebanks Inquisitive Rose (C Pearson). 1.15m 1, CB Rapide (S Hutt); 2, Cavalier Angel (L Hutt); 3, Caspian (N Warwick). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, CB Rapide; 2, Le Monopoly (S Hamilton); 3, B Dynamic (R Brady). 1.10m 1, Just Impulz (J Gollnick); 2, Highland Paganini (K Fitzgerald); 3, Anique Silvatec (L Johnstone). 27 Sep: 1.20m 1, CB Rapide; 2, Middlebanks Inquisitive Rose; 3, Gio Panache (B Anderson). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, My Lulu (N Robb); 2, Whatever (K Fitzgerald); 3, Snow Diamond (H Bilsland). grand prix 1, B Dynamic; 2, Uber (A Spalding); 3, Kanderosa (G Hutton). 1.40m 1, Le Monopoly; 2, Burn Flight (N Warwick); 3, Nethertowns Kiss (D Duffin). 28 Sep: Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Faraway Panache (L Craigie); 2, Midnight Dancer (J Aird); 3, Lancelot (L Buchan). 1.05m speed 1, Vienna V (T Craigie); 2, Far Away Pizazz (L Craigie); 3, Rare Bid (F Quenell). 1.15m 1, Airdrie Silver King (R Brady); 2, No Telling (F Burgoyne); 3, Cassabachus (G Hutton). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Ferry Diamond (J Watson); 2, Anique Silvatec; 3, Cavello (J Watson). 1.20m 1, Middlebanks Inquisitive Rose; 2, Gio Panache; 3, Caspian (N Warwick). 1.30m 1, Nethertowns Kiss; 2, Kanderosa (G Hutton); 3, Uber. 1.25m 1, Kanderosa; 2, B Dynamic; 3, Caspian.

    GOLDEN CROSS EC Golden Cross, East Sussex, 26 September

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Dapper Dandy (N Laverock); 2, Vital Oak (B Cogley); 3, Leadmans Flower Girl (S Newman). Equimax Discovery 1, Salutaire (T Barker); 2, Miss American Pie (H Mack); 3, Mr Felix (V Hart). 1.05m 1, Wild Buck (L Long); 2, Gypsy Desmonceax (S Pavey); 3, Anderida Cosmo (R Keevil). 1.10m /Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Jetaway (C Lewis); 2, Anderida Cosmo; 3, Pablo (N Mulgrew). EQuest Midway 1eq, Willie Goslar (J Piper) & Anderida Anika (R Keevil).

    BARTON EC Bilsborrow, Lancs, 27-28 September

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Primitive Instinct (S Jagger); 2, Dark Shadow II (M Almond). Equimax Discovery 1, Calluna (J Cross); 2, Wise Guy (S Eglin); 3, Robin De Bournival (N Coupe). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Magic Life (R Baxter); 2, Ryelands Seamaster (N Slater); 3, Maximillion Mohawk (T Newman). 1.25m 1, Mr Cawley (R Maguire); 2, Ryelands Seamaster. 28 Sep: Charles Owen British Novice 1, Altea (H Lindsay); 2, Hendy’s Pride (M Hatley); 3, Cleopatra II (C Kenyon). 1m 1, Bentley Master (A Owens); 2, It’s Cinderella (A Walker); 3, Rustic Gent (M Hatley). pro-am 1, Panama O’Hec (C Richardson); 2, Gambarda (G Pollard); 3, Now Be Dazzled (J Cross). Great Leighs Newcomers /1.10m 1, Desmond Million (C Kenyon); 2, Cochise (C Shepherd); 3, Gozo (G Pollard). Horse & Hound Foxhunter /1.20m 1, Patrick (R Maguire); 2, Rarisimme De La Cour (N Martin). 1.25m 1, Mr Cawley; 2, Rarisimme De La Cour.

    BROUGH PARK Yorkshire 27-28 September

    jnr starter 1, Charmed Life (A Valks); 2, Bowes Storm Damage (H Cooney); 3, Highling Hazelnut Twirl (P Hagan). Paul Fabrications Debut 128cm 1, Golden Bonito (M Robinson); 2, Tommy T (A Tate); 3, Red Hot Pot Oorie (L Ritchie-Bland). do 138cm 1, Rolo (M Gair); 2, Wispa II (C Hill); 3, Tandragee Lad (V Jones). sml pony 1, Lakeland Little Cracker (C Mowbray); 2, Mighty Flyer (A Valks); 3, Bowes Springbok (J Flanagan). 128/138 1, Lakeland Little Cracker; 2, Mighty Flyer. BEIB British Novice 1, Tyreos Victoria (J Lamb); 2, Bowes Ellie (M Gair); 3, Lincourt Commanche (Z Harker). Blue Chip Newcomers 1, Wispa II; 2, Tyreos Victoria; 3, Power Of Borolla (M Gair). 1m open 1, Forge Freeway (J Pringle); 2, Irish Freestyler (J Bell); 3, Cool Oss (S Jimmison). Squibb & Davies Foxhunter/ 1.10m open 1, Ryans Way (S Jimmison); 2, Santa Fe (B Valks); 3, Myrah Kilgobben Rebel (J Bell). winter jc 1, Western Andy (H Davies); 2, Ryans Way; 3, Highling Rockhopper (L Raw). 28 Sep: Charles Owen British Novice 1, Pennywise (D Smith); 2, Westbourne Easy Option (A Cana); 3, Stainsby Multivision (E Denton). Equimax Discovery 1, Playtime (D Carcary); 2, Westbourne Easy Option; 3, Hill Lady (A Ayden). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, C Pablo V (J Andrews); 2, Patheral (K Kerr); 3, Hale Bop (S Russell). NDS 1.10m Members Cup 1, Dutch Melody (V Tulloch); 2, Storm Alert (J Cowan); 3, Ferndale Summer Breeze (A Wall). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/ 1.20m open 1, Mistrato (S Russell); 2, Kelvedon First Edition (A Wall); 3, Walton Surething (S Taylor). 1.25m open 1, Ferndale Summer Breeze; 2, Penshaws Parsons Advocate (A Mills).

    COOMBE PARK EC Totnes, Devon 27 September

    11yrs & Under 9 Tied. BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Chiddock Bimbow (N Scholfield); 2, Yo-Yo (H Frost); 3, Pembrook Tara (L Loughton). 90cm Jnr Open 1, Sparkling Opposition (N Schofield); 2, Springtime holiday (L-J Dale); 3, Seasons My Charm (J Peacock). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Crosswinds Winnie the Poo (K Kneen); 2, Martletts Amber Rose (M Douglas); 3, Springtime Holiday (L-J Dale). 1m Jnr Open 1, Fairlands Star (C Mills); 2, Mickey Finn II (H Frost); 3, Skybourne II (M Grose). Squibb& Davies Jnr Foxhunter/1.10m Open 1, Frankies Ace (A Cole); 2, Button Up (L-J Dale); 3, LJ’s Virtual Reality (L-J Dale). 1.15m Jnr Open 1, Frankies Ace (A Cole); 2, Button Up (L-J Dale); 3, LJ’s Virtual Reality (L-J Dale).

    DABBS 27 September

    80cm 1, Chelsea Bay (D Thompson); 2, Gilden Girl (L Stewart); 3, Maxton Hijak (M Russell). Jnr British Novice 1, Ginger Nut Chester (L Beattie); 2, Elegant Air (K Smith); 3, Katy Daimaru (D Welsh). Sml Pony Open 1, Lois Dubh (H Haig); 2, Springleigh Switched On (M Russell); 3, Midnight Candy Boy (T Drummond). Jnr Newcomers 1, Treble Mix (L Collins); 2, Mabula Magic (A Laing); 3, Bronwyns Bright Idea (L Beattie). 1m Open 1, Snittles Just Jim (W Melville Smith); 2, Picardero (J Kirk); 3, Master Spring (A Cormack). Jnr Foxhunter 1, Picadero (J Kirk); 2, Treble Trix (L Collins); 3, Flying Chance (L Beattie). 128cms 1, Lara jane (R Haynes); 2, Here Comes Hettie (L Stewart)). 138cms 1, Help Ma Bob (E Proudfoot); 2, Captain Flipper (A Cormack); 3, Lois Dubh (H Haig). Winter JC 1, Blue Icicle (J Stephen); 2, Ceefax (C McNaughton); 3, Mr Nice Guy (J Thomson). 1.20m Open 1, Shes Elastic (J Kirk); 2, Ceefax (C McNaughton); 3, Wickenstones Classic Touch (H Haig).

    PATCHETTS EC Aldenham, Herts, 27-28 September

    90cm 1, Aylwin (T Pearson); 2, Technic (M Keen); 3, Sienna’s Renkum Shauna (A Clarkson). 1m 1, Retreats Walkabout (E Smallman); 2, Aylwin; 3, Cloverstone (R Singleton). 1.05m 1, Chief Trooper (R Reeve-Young); 2, Tender Moment (D Moore); 3, Flora McDonald (C Steele). 1.10m 1, Chief Trooper; 2, Wrightfield Rambler (A Robins). 28 Sep: Charles Owen British Novice 1, Shingle Hall Senator (K Phillips); 2, All Sorts Of Things (C Nicholl); 3, Laverstock Princess (R Blair). Equimax Discovery 1, Zero Wattage (B McMahon); 2, Mojo C (K Howell); 3, Witches Touch Of Bagheera (L Poole). 1.05m 1, Tender Moment (R Pearson); 2, Fleethouse Zakaria (C Nicholl); 3, Witches Touch Of Bagheera. 1.15m 1, Milldale (S Reeve-Young); 2, Lowland II (R Snaddon); 3, Magic Summer (A Robins). 1.25m 1, 2 & 3, Corodino K, Chalice II & Chief Trooper (S Reeve-Young).

    SOUTH VIEW EC Winsford, Cheshire, 27-28 September

    South View Novice 1, Rooseveldt (P Jones); 2, Classic Cola (C Thompson); 3, Pallards Star (T French). 1.05m 1, Conrad IV (D Morton); 2, Haughton Rupert (C Thompson); 3, Tenderesse. Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Classic Cola; 2, Easter Business (D Morton); 3, Wistanwick Kerry Gold (C Davies). 1.15m 1, Genial D’Oz (C Smith); 2, Country Princess (V Thornley); 3, Isadora (D Morton). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Croft Sunset (M Marsh); 2, Master’s Pride (J Burns); 3, Blenners Magic (K Hassett). Equimax Discovery 1, Paulette De La Houppe (T Fowles); 2, Yanlindhe (L Williams); 3, Mr Royale (S James). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Bee Bo Dream Star (A Turner); 2, Rolita (J Davenport); 3, FI Joker’s Wild (N Proffitt). 1.15m 1, Treasures Calder Mill (I Wynne); 2, Mr Penfold (N Bampton); 3, All the Aces (N Proffitt).

    DEVON EC Fishcross, Alloa, 28 September

    BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Kutuzov (M Murdoch); 2, Shimmering South Pacific (R Imrie); 3, Doune (G Anderson). 90cm jnr 1, Hillcrest Nightingale (L Cormack); 2, Cheeky Chester (J Smith); 3, Slipknot (M Murdoch). 11 & under 1, 9 tied. Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Highly Flammable (F Tague); 2, Live Sparks (E Proudfoot); 3, Langcroft Cream Cracker (C Craig). 1m jnr 1, Springleigh Switched On (M Russell); 2, Picadero (J Kirk); 3, Sparkling Special Edition (L Hutt). winter 128cm 1, 2 & 3, Highland Star, Fantasia & Bishopston Total Eclipse (L Lorimer). winter 138cm 1, Lois Dubh (H Haig); 2, Help Ma Bob (E Proudfoot); 3, Captain Flipper (A Cormack). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/ 1.10m jnr 1, Highly Flammable (F Tague); 2, Sparkling Special Edition; 3, Picadero. jnr open 1, Master Bill (L Hutt); 2, She’s Elastic (J Kirk); 3, Bishopston No Limit (Y Geddie).

    HARROGATE LADIES COLLEGE Harrogate, Yorks 28 September

    team challenge 1, Team Tennants: Mally (M Thompson), Sidney Sheldon (A Atkinson), Bailey (R Atkinson), Monty (T Holder); 2, Northallerton RC: Yes Clover (R Blane), Up N Rising (C Appleby), Poucette (C Stanley), Calipo (J Stanley); 3, Wooly Jumpers: Baileys Golden Spirit (E Yarrow), Ferndale Regal Romany (V Wood), Polo (J Brennan), Gunner (S Smith). jnr 1, Rosettes Direct Ilkley: Enden Destiny (E Greenwood), Nerves Of Steel (J Smith), Starsholme Chanelle (M Render), Midnight (J Thompson); 2, Jane’s Babes: Misty (L Mellor), Sky Stream (H Ogden), Redwood Star (B Mitchell), Copper (H Watson); 3, Bedale & West Yore: Pepper (C Johnston), Peta Piper (S Bowe), Dee Jay (P Smith), Strider (C Merson).

    ROYAL LEISURE Henfield, E Sussex 28 Sept

    British Novice 1, Diamond Dodger (L Betts); 2, What A Gamble (J Langmaid); 3, Houdini (F Patty). discovery 1, Shimmer-E (E Sender); 2, Puk Balia (G Strutton); 3, Rinaldo III (E Nicol). 1.05m open 1, Lady Graf (J Lloreda); 2, Shine On Floyd (A Dunne); 3, Resounding Gong (T Priest). 1.10m open 1 & 2, Concordedor & Riann (K Williard); 3, Jetaway (C Lewis). Newcomers 1, Irish Darlo (B Paul); 2, Prince Charming (E Lovett); 3, Yew Too (A Evans). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Castle Quinn Clover (D Baker); 2, Hastings (J Annett); 3, Franklyns Aqua (G Strutton).

    THORPE GRANGE Lincoln, Lincs 28 September

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Lord Tennyson (S Roe); 2, Uxia Van De Kerkkakus (K Fox); 3, Connie Bonnie (H Roe). 1M 1,Louigis Choice (K Dolby); 2, Tulamore Dew (N Way); 3, If I Can Dream (A Garner). Equimax Discovery 1, Lord Tennyson; 2, Ugana (S Cawkwell); 3, Beaconfield Dance on Air (T Cottam). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Truly Rural (M Smith); 2, Holly Blue Curtis (H Cash). 1.10 Members 1, Monarchs Jewel (J Holland); 2, Coronet King (L Hughes). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20M 1, Garness Hill Dorothy (L Hughes).

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