Snr elem.— 1, Perfekt Mind (C Jensen); 2, Be Fine (C Maskell); 3, Water Boatman (S Odom). snr nov (with BD points).— 1, Ben (A Moorhouse); 2, The Silver Brumby (S Kelly); 3, Wayland Loganberry (C Saker). snr nov (no BD points).— 1, Fabio (N Nicholls); 2, Blakes Thicket (S-A Barton); 3, Afondale (J Thomas). snr pairs.— 1, South Warwickshire Riding Club (E Ross & G Miller); 2, Bath Riding Club (G Bryce & R Yeomans); 3, Northern Dressage Group (J Zaldats & D Gundry). jnr nov (with BD points).— 1, Marbon Mask (H Turner); 2, Rockcracker (S Perks); 3, Berrifield Just By Chance (E Jacobs). jnr nov (no BD points).— 1, VIP (B Payne); 2, Der Silberner Prinz (E Cloake); 3, Goytre Dominic (A Petten).