British Breeding Awards 14 January ’06

  • BRITISH BREEDING AWARDS London, 14 January

    SEIB ROR Awards Endurance Rostreamer (L Barrows). Show jumping Swift Alliance (J Martin). Showing Milliemeter (E Curtis). Dressage King’s Piper (L Harcombe). Eventing Fosse Hill (C Powell). Unaffiliated Handsome Badsha (F Avagnano). The SEIB Young Horse Evaluation Awards Dressage Mezzanine (C Bichard & N Hare). Show jumping Ulster (J Jones). Eventing Trescothick (V Jones). The British Eventing Breeding Awards 4-y-o Ideal Rock (M Johnson & Y Mott). 5-y-o Epic (D Sellar). 6-y-o, Skylight (C Jenkin) The Pony Performance Award Dressage The Importance Of Being Ernest (R Thacker & J Flavell). Show jumping Echo Wold (A Sowerby). Eventing Bletchenden Fanfare (M Megson). Top Native Pony Sire of Performance Ponies Carregcoch Bleddyn (M Jones). Dodson & Horrell Young Horse Awards Dressage Wolke Sieben (S Pidgley) Show jumping Romanov II (T Forrest). Eventing Kings Fancy (M King). Dodson & Horrell European Award Tamarillo (The Hon Mrs M Guinness) The Merial Meritoire J MacInness

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