Blocks of goodness

  • A new feeding block gives your horse all the vitamins, minerals, trace elements he needs

    Gain Horse Feeds has introduced a new feed block to their range. A palatable mineral and vitamin block, it also contains herbs and Irish organic seaweed for added flavour.

    Optimum levels of minerals such as chelated copper, organic selenium are included, as well as optimum levels of calcium and phosphorous.

    The block also contains anti-oxidants such as vitamin A, selenium and vitamin E. Biotin is also included to help maintain hoof, skin and coat quality and a full range of B vitamins to help balance metabolism.

    It is fortified with herbs such as aniseed (good for maintaining a healthy gut and respiratory function); milk thistle (to help support the liver) and garlic (an anti-oxidant known for its antiseptic and expectorant properties).

    Each block weighs 12kg and is sufficient for up to 10 horses. The maximum daily intake for one horse is 120g for a 600kg horse.

    For more information contact Hywel Davies (tel: 01793 710081).

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