Bespoke saddles off-the-peg

  • Launched this month at the BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association) trade show, Weatherbeeta, the UK distributors of the Wintec and Bates range of lightweight saddles with adjustable gullets, has introduced the first easy-to-use gullet gauge which means you can now check the size of your saddle’s gullet at home.

    This simple measuring device monitors the fit of the saddle over the horse’s wither, enabling riders to select the correct size gullet for their horse as its shape changes throughout the year.

    Used with Weatherbeeta’s new easy-change gullet kit with its set of six gullets, ranging from narrow to extra-wide, owners can now change their own gullet and always be sure their saddle is correctly fitted.

    The kit comes with simple instructions, spare head screws, t-nuts and the gauge.

    Cost at around £69.99 (gullet kit) and £15.99 (gullet gauge).For more information contact: Weatherbeeta Ltd (tel: 01295 269900)

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