Belvoir Flax-a-Bed

  • Belvoir’s Flax-a-Bed is a British-made Flax bedding which is completely free from dust and spores. The bedding is also treated with eucalyptus oil to help stimulate the horse’s respiratory system.

    Tester’s comments

    “Flax-a-Bed is a low maintenance, dust-free bedding for horses. The product is easy to handle and smells nice, although it took double the recommended amount to set up a new bed. It’s very absorbent and the droppingssit on top, rather than getting mixed in.

    “It is incredibly time-saving and has significantly reduced my mucking out time as I only need to remove a skipful of wet once or twice a week.

    “My horse, Spot, was previously stabled on straw and hada tendency to eat his bedding, which caused him to cough. Since being stabled on Flax-a-Bed, he has stopped coughing, although he is still fed soaked hay.”

    Flax-a-Bed costs around £6 per 25kg bale. Contact Belvoir Horse Feeds (tel: 01522 810741) or visit www.belvoirbedding.co.uk

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