Beat canine boredom

  • Keep dogs amused for hours with the K9 Snack A Ball or the K9Wob-Ball

    Keeping playful puppies and energetic canines occupied and happy can be hard work. Foresure, who manufacture the popular horse stable toys, Boredom Breaker and Tongue Twister, has now developed two new toys especially for dogs.

    The K9 Snack a Ball delivers small amounts of food through a hole as the ball is pushed around by the dog. This toy is ideal for dogs on limited rations making their feeding time last longer, as well as canines who bolt their food or even as an extra treat.

    Cost at around £9

    The K9 Wob Ball uses special chocolate-flavoured K9 Likit blocks. Designed to wobble and move, it prevents the dog from eating the block all in one go and provides hours of fun to dogs of all ages.

    Cost at around £5.50 for the ball and around £2.20 for Likits.

    For more information contact Westgate (tel: 01303 872277) or visit their website at

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