AYR Show 8 – 9 May ’04

  • AYR Auchincruive, Ayrshire, 8-9 May

    ridden hunter (G McCowan) 13st 1, ch & sup, Mr & Mrs A Bowie’s Knight Time; 2, J Telfer’s Limerick Lad; 3, L McCulloch’s Rakish Osprey. over 13st 1 & res, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Dramore; 2, J Dolan’s Templehill Attitude; 3, A Jones’ Tugboat. sml 1, F Johnstone’s Raggithill Rush; 2, J McNeill’s Inishmore; 3, F Johnstone’s Imperial Measure. RH 1, L King’s Paddy’s Gold; 2, A Sweeney’s Playtime; 3, J Kennedy’s Lawyers Silk. nov WH (Ms S Thom) 1, D Richardson’s Montego Bay VI; 2, L McCulloch’s Silk; 3, S McNeill’s Santa’s Ghost. WH (Ms S Thom) 1, M Docherty’s Remote Control; 2, N Ross-Watt’s Cainby; 3, K Graham’s Swanky Stallone. in-hand hunter (A McCowan) b’mare 1, A Dunlop’s Queen Of Hearts IV. gelding/filly 2/3-y-o 1 & res, J Stuart’s Golden Guest; 2, J & H Galbraith’s Sage; 3, Mr & Mrs Brewster’s Four Acres. y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Dream On; 2, J & H Galbraith’s Sesame; 3, T Lockhart’s Dazzling Trinlay Moss. 1-3-y-o SH 1, ch & res sup, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Four Acres; 2, D Pearce’s Bushman; 3, A Zachorecki’s Cruisette. 1-3-y-o RH 1, E Claxton’s Glayva; 2, D Folley’s Desert Pheonix; 3, B Pitcairns’ Hugo. Shetland (Mrs C Lowthian) stallion/colt 1, J Watson’s Willowbry Winter Special; 2, J Watson’s Millhouse Dictator; 3, Cochno Stud’s Beaudesert Dark Shadow. mare/gelding 1 & oversall ch, L Jamieson’s Screelhill Jillykins; 2, Cochno Stud’s Laddyll Bess; 3, Footle Shetland Ponies’ Yarpha Amie. filly/gelding 2/3-y-o 1, jnr ch & overall res, L Jamieson’s Lignite Jollity; 2, L Jamieson’s Everton Shairi; 3, J Watson’s Simply Stunning. y’ling 1, J Watson’s Hillbrooks Romeo; 2, E Crawford’s Fayrefield Atira; 3, Cochno Stud’s Kenmore Claire. miniature y’ling 1, E Crawford’s Barflat Liala. 2/3-y-o 1 & jnr res, J Watson’s Hillbrooks Poppy; 2, E Crawford’s Plumtree Melody; 3, E Crawford’s Plumtree Tilly. 4-y-o & over 1, L Jamieson’s Lexus Daphne; 2, L Jamieson’s Strathlene Lucky Me; 3, E Crawford’s Bartlet Zero. ridden 1, S Smith’s Hector Of Transy; 2, Cochno Stud’s Laddyll Bess; 3, D McKendrick’s Strathlene Leo. Highland (Ms A Mitchell) stallion/colt 1, W & M Nelson’s Glenmuir Lochinvar. mare/gelding 1, H Dick’s Chieftain Of Whitefield; 2, J McNaught’s Willow Of Mendick; 3, S Wardrop’s Dhaina Of Carlung. filly/gelding 3-y-o 1 & ch, S Wardrop’s Gemma Of Carlung. do, 2-y-o 1, F & L Boyd’s Moss-side Lorna Doone. y’ling 1, S Wardrop’s Islay Of Carlung. ridden 1 & res, H Dick’s Chieftain Of Whitefield; 2, J McNaught’s Ghillie Of Netherbrae; 3, L Brown’s Trailtroy Ealachan. heavy horse (W Keron) 1 & ch, G Gray’s Fawnspark Elizabeth. driving (A Hutton & A Watson ) concours d’elegance 1, A Hambly’s The Welshman; 2, I Kirk’s Rhoson Aligo. private driving (A McNinch) 1, J Hendry’s Harley; 2, N McCaffer’s Balkly Harvest Moon; 3, A Hambly’s The Welshman. BSPS SP (W Bowie) 128cm 1, M Nicoll’s Bracon Toytown; 2, J Templeton’s Greywood Fanfare; 3, M Crichton’s Deanhills Royal Symphony. 138cm 1, ch & overall ch, J King & J Bland’s Wychways Escapade; 2, M Nicoll’s Rosevale Sequel; 3, A Dawson-Coates’ Moelview Alain Warin. 148cm 1 & res, J Coltart’s Harlaw Simply The Best; 2, Ladywood Lodge Stud’s Stambrook Courageous; 3, G Rooney’s Greenacres Festival. mixed height nov 1, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Rosevale Seren Splendour; 2, S Hoggans’ Rustums Fred; 3, M Nicoll’s Bracon Top Flight. BSPS RIHS LR 1 & res, C Bankier’s Drumphin Tiddleywinks; 2, P Prickett’s Park Court Jester; 3, A & K Weir’s Cosford Chamomile. FR 1 & ch, J Cousens’ Caridines Greetings; 2, F Wallace’s Spinningdale Royal Salute; 3, S O’Neil’s Pringles Toy Soldier. RP in-hand (N Cathers) b’mare 1 & res, Intax Stables’ Small-land Daytime. filly/gelding 2/3-y-o 1, ch & res overall, Mr & Mrs N & S Harper’s Antionette’s Tick Tock; 2, A Singleton’s Courtway Amaryllis; 3, A Singleton’s Barleith Ocean Dreams. y’ling 148cm 1, D Robertson’s Courtway Amadeus; 2, S Targell-Worth’s Wynswood Pirouette; 3, V Dalrymple’s Wynswood Gatsby. 2/3-y-o filly/gelding 153cm 1, N & S Harper’s Braeglen Piper; 2, A Murray’s Mynach Joyful. part-bred Welsh, 3-y-o & under 1, D Robertson’s Courtway Amaryllis; 2, A Singleton’s Barleith Ocean Dreams; 3, A Singleton’s Barleith Cool Water. BSPS RIHS SHP (N Cathers) open pony of SHT 122cm 1 & res, C Thackray’s Pumphill Victor; 2, M Nicoll’s Naderson Goodwill; 3, K Slight’s Linksbury Jester. 133cm 1 & ch, M Nicoll’s Rosevale Seren Sensation; 2, A Dawson-Coates’ Moelview Alain Warin; 3, J Hamilton’s Antoinette Catamount. 143cm 1, A Fairhurst’s Duval Midnight Rhapsody; 2, J Thomson’s Chiddock Foxglove; 3, J Templeton’s Tyrdulais Marshall Mandy. 153cm 1, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s High Flyer; 2, M Roddy’s Lucky Miller; 3, G Clifford’s Oliver XII. BSPS mixed height nov 1, M Hamilton’s Tara O’Hara; 2, J Davidson’s Kirstanjo Reflection; 3, K Hill’s Cashelmara II. LR of SHT 1, C Smith’s Forgeland Hill Wind; 2, D Rawding’s Bentley Boy; 3, J McCluskey’s Rosslayne Peter Pan. CHAPS (Mrs M Smith) native/cob/trad open ridden 1, E McNinch’s Boston; 2, E Aitken & G Beattie’s Easy Oasy; 3, L Whitelaw’s Just Jake. do, non-native 1 & ch, I Glover’s Hollyland Pacific; 2 & res, Wester Bogie Stud’s Ricco; 3, M Hamilton’s Tara O’Hara. in-hand 3-y-o & under 1, B McIntosh’s Ballydoon Duchess; 2, F Roy’s Inspiration; 3, E Crawford’s Fayrefield Pippa. 4-y-o & over native 1, K Lambie’s Mr Dillon; 2, E McDonald’s Celtic Cracker; 3, E Crawford’s Barflat Zero. non-native 1, G McElnea’s Miss Print; 2, J Jardine’s Breac; 3, J Wilson’s Basil Brush. M&M in-hand (Mrs G McMurray) Exmoor, Dartmoor, sec A & B, 4-y-o & over 1 & res, S & B Thomson’s Cromagtir Dylan; 2, E Brown’s Greenpark Benjamin; 3, F Blackie’s Friars Sun Of Spring. 3-y-o & under 1, D Hibberd’s Duntarvie Xanthe; 2, A Bogle’s Cottrell Sara; 3, F Blackie’s Liddesdale B-Quest. Dales, Fell, Connemara, New Forest, sec C & D, 4-y-o & over 1, A Grainger’s Eastlands Loch Tam; 2, M Mair’s Parcybedw Gwendolen; 3, M Watson’s Nantygoron Tywysog. 3-y-o & under 1 & ch & o’all ch, E & P Rennie’s Lomondside Honeycomb; 2, Passford Sunnay Boy; 3, S & B Thomson’s Pennal The Great. LR 1 & res, A Wedgewood’s Redcairn Dolly Mixture; 2, C Myles’ Greenferns Shem; 3, L Robertson’s Waxwing Xcel. FR 1 & ch, K Miller’s Wolverton Rita; 2, L Robertson’s Roseisle Gershwin; 3, D Hibberd’s Idyllic ‘O’ Carol. M&M ridden (Mrs M-C Nimmo) Exmoor, Dartmoor, sec A & B, 4-y-o & over 1 & res, S Hoggans’ Rotherwood Party Popper; 2, K Miller’s Wedderlie Marengo; 3, D Hibberd’s Idyllic ‘O’ Carol. do, Dales, Fell, Connemara, New Forest, sec C & D, 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, F Rodman’s Goosemoor Eros; 2, E & P Rennie’s Lomondside Toffee; 3, L Cormack’s Vatersay Of Knoxfauld. NPS M&M nov ridden lge breeds 1, ch & overall res, A Mitchell’s Dunedin May Rose; 2, E & P Rennie’s Lomondside Toffee; 3, M Mair’s Parcybedw Gwendolen. sml breeds 1 & res, Idyllic ‘O’ Carol; 2, E McNinch’s Vimpenny Celebration; 3, F Wallace’s Gryngallt Playboy. part-bred M&M 1, M Nicoll’s Bracon Toytown; 2, G Kyle’s Oldcourt Staccato; 3, V Harvie’s Gryngallt Prince Regent. M&M WHP (Mrs F Cameron) 122cm 1, J Cousens’ Lippens Mascot; 2, S Hoggans’ Brynoffa Zak; 3, K Miller’s Colne Firefly. 138cm 1 & ch, L Brewster’s Stockham Golden Eye; 2, G Jenkinson’s Millcroft Scallywag; 3, S Weir’s Ruby Slippers. exc 138cm 1 & res, D Sayer’s Coederech Berywyn; 2, J Thompson’s Carnsdale Casper; 3, M Smith’s Llansantffraed Charmer. Arab (P Whitlow) in-hand pure-bred, male 1, C Wallace’s Jumanji; 2, K Ferguson’s Ringing Prince Caspian; 3, S Murphy’s Royal Azhal. Anglo/part-bred 1, ch & overall res, A Singleton’s Barleith Ocean Dreams; 2, V Mylius’s Apres Moi; 3, ASB-E-Besht Stud’s Behesht Ahuramazda. mare/filly pure-bred 1 & res, Mr & Mrs S Wadelik’s Rose Of The Nile; 2, A Vallance’s Queen Of Night; 3, A Vallance’s Silver Fern Bint Nafis. Anglo/part-bred 1 & res, L Sheridan’s Allbrite; 2, Mr & Mrs S Wadelik’s Portrait Of Gold; 3, Intax Stables’ Scarlet O’Hara. ridden part-bred 148cm 1, K Fletcher’s Lindenhall Debutante; 2, G Rooney’s Greenacres Festival; 3, J Coltart’s Harlaw Simply The Best. do, exc 148cm 1, I Glover’s Hollyland Pacific; 2, L Wood’s Derw Destiny; 3, M Reilly’s Splashing Around. pure-bred Arab 1, ch & overall ch, V Mylius’s Flaxman’s Sid; 2, P Willox-Hamilton’s Saiyed El Kheil; 3, I Gray’s Zanaya.

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