Ashford Valley P-to-P

    Charing, Saturday, 15 April (Good becoming Good to Soft)

    831. Restricted, 12st

    1 Saffron Hill (IRE) (Presenting) (Kate Buckett), fav R Bandey
    2 Court Award (IRE) (Alison Hickman) C Gordon
    3 Miss Biddy (Olivia Maylam), 7a Miss O Maylam

    Also: Carvilla (IRE) (4), Alazylady (pu), 7a, Alphaplus (IRE) (f), Alpine Fugue (IRE) (pu), bl, Frozen Assets (IRE) (f), Shady Merlin (IRE) (ur). 9 ran. 4l, 12l, 30l. 6min 36.0s. SP: 11-8. (Isle of Wight).

    832. Open Maiden 456&7yo, 2m4f 12st

    1 Munster’s Best (IRE) (Beneficial) (Sara Hickman), fav A Merriam
    2 Milanista (IRE) (Phillip York), 7a P York
    3 Luteur des Pictons (FR) (David Walker) G Wigley

    Also: Texas Red (IRE) (4), Tuareg (IRE) (5), 7a, Butlers Boy (pu), 21a, Fight The Flow (pu), Pokey Joe (pu), Shikoku Lass (IRE) (pu), 7a, Withington (IRE) (ur). 10 ran. 5l, nk, 10l, 6l. 5min 14.0s. SP: 2-1. (East Sussex & Romney Marsh).

    833. Mens Open, 12st

    1 Cape Stormer (IRE) (Be My Native (USA)) (Carolyn Gorman), bl, 7x, fav M Gorman
    2 Little Herman (IRE) (Alison Hickman), 7x C Gordon
    3 Cedar Chief (Kevin Tork), 7x G Gallagher

    Also: Little Farmer (4), bl, Grand Ambition (USA) (5), Bard of Drumcoo (IRE) (f), 7x, Mister Graham (pu), 7x, York Rite (AUS) (pu), 7x. 8 ran. 3l, 20l, 25l, fence. 6min 28.0s. SP: 4-7. (Crawley & Horsham).

    834. Ladies Open, 11st

    1 Millenium Way (IRE) (Ikdam) (Caroline Taylor), 7x, fav Mrs C Taylor
    2 Indoux (FR) (Veronica Park) Miss C Haydon
    3 Galeaway (IRE) (Di Grissell) Miss H Grissell

    Also: Persian King (IRE) (4), 7x, Madmidge (5), 7x, The Grey Baron (6), 7x, 7ow. 6 ran. 8l, 1l, 4l, 1l, fence. 6min 27.0s. SP: 2-5. (Ashford Valley).

    835. SEHC Members, 12st

    1 Whites Touch (IRE) (Mister Lord (USA)) (Tim Underwood), 7a P York
    2 Bally Wirral (IRE) (Godfrey Maundrell), 7x G Maundrell
    3 Heaven Is Above (IRE) (Sara Hickman), fav A Merriam

    Also: Altareek (USA) (4), bl, 4x, Young Lord (IRE) (5), Ballystone (IRE) (6), Steve The Fish (IRE) (7), Active Member (IRE) (8), How Friendly (9), L’Etang Bleu (FR) (pu), Rainbow Ranch (IRE) (pu), Sanamour (IRE) (pu), 4x. 12 ran. 5l, 3l, 2l, 5l, 6l, 6l, 12l, 2fncs. 6min 39.0s. SP: 8-1. (Vale of Aylesbury with Garth & S Berks).

    836. Hunt Members, 12st

    1 Nicodemus (St Ninian) (Helen Williams), 4x Miss H Williams
    2 Minino (IRE) (Caroline Taylor), 4x, fav Mrs C Taylor
    3 Dick McCarthy (IRE) (Sarah Ashby) Mrs S Ashby

    Also: Rusinga (4), See Red Billdan (IRE) (pu). 5 ran. hd, 6l, fence. 6min 48.0s. SP: 11-2. (Ashford Valley).

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