Larkhill, Saturday, 7 January (Good to Firm)

9. Army Saddle Club Members, 12st

1 Lord Halfnothin (IRE) (Mandalus) (Richard Barber), 7x, fav J Snowden

Also: Gill’mar (FR) (pu), Lord Kilpatrick (IRE) (ur). 3 ran. . 6min 14.4s. SP: 4-7. (Cattistock).

10. Ladies Open, 11st

1 Red Brook Lad (Nomadic Way (USA)) (Charles Fox), fav Miss C Tizzard
2 Bobosh (David Lloyd) Mrs L Rowsell
3 Saint Romble (FR) (Philip Hobbs) Miss K Hobbs

Also: Gudlage (USA) (4), Haut Cercy (FR) (5), Bally Blue (6), Reviewer (IRE) (7), Upton Adventure (8), 7a, Coolers Quest (pu), 7a, 3ow, Native Cunning (re), Sir Norman (pu), Whatashock (pu). 12 ran. 1l, 5l, 2l, 6l, 1/2l, 3/4l, 12l. 5min 49.5s. SP: 5-4. (Cattistock).

11. Mens Open, 12st

1 Coolefind (IRE) (Phardante (FR)) (Bill Warner), 7x, fav S Morris
2 Oracle des Mottes (FR) (Richard Barber), 7x H Fry
3 Trade Off (IRE) (Sally Alner), 7x I Chanin

Also: Denvale (IRE) (4), 7x, County Derry (5), 7x, Daretobedifferent (IRE) (6), 7x, Hiyah (IRE) (pu), Tuba (IRE) (pu), 7x. 8 ran. 4l, nk, s.h, 20l, 21/2l. 5min 51.5s. SP: 11-8. (Pytchley).

12. Open Maiden (Div 1) 567&8yo, 12st

1 Beggars Brook (IRE) (Leading Counsel (USA)) (Sally Alner) M Miller
2 Starlight Striker (John Dufosee), bl R Bliss
3 Heathfield Flyer (Leslie Jefford), fav D Edwards

Also: Quercus Maximus (4), Justthetwoofus (IRE) (5), Big Daves Legend (pu), Gone To Lunch (IRE) (ur), Ring Off (f), Shikoku Lass (IRE) (pu), 7a, Sparkes (pu), The Jolly Beggar (IRE) (pu). 11 ran. 1l, 1l, 21/2l, 12l. 6min 18.9s. SP: 9-4. (Weston & Banwell Harriers).

13. Open Maiden (Div 2) 567&8yo, 12st

1 Lightin’ Jack (IRE) (Beneficial) (Kim Smyly) N Sutton
2 Who Else Knew (IRE) (John Dufosee), fav J Snowden
3 Kings Promotion (IRE) (Caroline Keevil) D Alers-Hankey

Also: Senor Cid (4), Friendly Lad (5), Treacy’s Dot Com (IRE) (6), Paris Latino (FR) (7), Daylight Glory (8), Ell Bee Bee (9), bl, 7a, Another Offer (pu), Blue Magnum (FR) (f), Kinda Crazy (pu), The Bag Man (pu). 13 ran. 3l, 25l, 3/4l, 7l, 25l, 11/4l, nk, 30l. 5min 56.6s. SP: 7-2. (North Cotswold).

14. Restricted, 12st

1 Murphy’s Present (IRE) (Presenting) (Caroline Keevil), fav D Alers-Hankey
2 Wallace’s Word (IRE) (Aaron Bateman) James Tudor
3 Machrihanish (Sally Brine), bl R Bliss

Also: Montebank (IRE) (4), Dursey Island (IRE) (5), Hug The Bend (6), Brown Cockle (f), Eskimo Gold (pu), 7a, Fruitfull Citizen (IRE) (pu), 7a, Idaho Fall’s (USA) (ur), Knowhow (IRE) (pu), Money Crazy (FR) (pu), Rustic John (pu), View Hollo (f). 14 ran. 12l, 15l, 8l, 4l, 30l. 5min 57.0s. SP: EVENS. (Mendip Farmers).