And so to bed. . .

  • Available for the first time in the UK, Belvoir’s new British-made Flax bedding is ideal for those who require absorbent bedding, but don’t want to use straw.

    Flax-A-Bed offers a safe and hygenic stable environment, which is both dust and spore-free and is treated with eucalyptus oil to help stimulate horses’ respiratory systems.

    Flax-a-Bed is also said to be ideal for semi-deep litter systems, or may be mucked out daily. Once the bed is established, usually only half a bale a week is needed for topping up, making this one of the most economical beddings available.

    Cost at around £5 to £6 per bale.

    Contact Belvoir Horse Feeds (tel:01522 810741)

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