Affiliated show jumping results 18- 23 April

  • BLEWBURY CENTRE, Blewbury, Oxon 18 April

    British novice1, Deli Progress (M Wilkie); 2, If Only (V Ashworth); 3, Kingsey Charisma (T North). discovery 1, Oh So Smart (K Powell); 2, Little Ease; 3, Cherry Imp (V Ashworth). mini open 1, Test De Langers; 2, El Of A Lady (C Kirby); 3, Ridgeside Classic (T East). newcomers 1, Katies Charm (F Brennan); 2 Hinnegar; 3, Chiltern Heights (T East). Foxhunter/1.20m open 1 & 2, Spectrum Calypso Crazy & Nightshift (N Price); 3, Carlton Cowboy (R Wollerton).

    DABBS EC,Giffordtown, Fife, 18 April

    Maiden stakes. 1, Perhaps (C Powell); 2, Mayo Magic (J Raeside); 3, Narego (N Sim). Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Chanterelle (L Bonthrone); 2, Lord Rupert (C Powell); 3, Porthill DJ (M Livingstone). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Athlone (J Beith); 2, Chanterelle; 3, Just Impulz (A BonelliBaird). newcomers. 1 & 2, Ballycathro & Keltic Ghost (C Powell); 3, Just Impulz.

    COLLEGE EC, Keysoe, Beds, 21 April

    BSJA Scope Junior Novice1= Caspers Revenge (Purdy-Ann Blosse);1= Sunnyside Is Up (Alison Heads);3= Mister Muldoon (Robyn Hawes);3= Johns Choice 2 (Danielle Cuomo).Blue Chip Junior Newcomers1, Desert Secret (Sarah Upton);2, Waysides It’s a Buz (Kerry);3, Stane Street Lady (Ryan Prater).Juniors Members Cup1, Velika (Ryan Prater);2, Maxton Hijak (Ryan Prater);3, Chocolate Dolla (Michelle Kelly).Scope Junior Star Spotters1, Little Yo Yo (Joseph Rothstein);2, Just Jupiter Esq (Gemma Brooks);3, Eskimo Prince (Sarah Upton).128 cms Novice (inc. Scope Golden Bear)1, Holly Yoaks (Danielle Willett);2, Little Missy (Jodie Sizer);3, Silverdales Gnasher (Danielle Willett).Small Pony Open1, Goldies Welsh Flyer (Lauren Fitch);2, Springleigh Switched On (Daniel Prater);3, Flash G (Holly Gillott).Scope Primary 128/138cms Handicap1, Flash G (Holly Gillott);2, Beechway Delight (Lauren Fitch);3, Bally Deep In Disguise (Lucy Pheasant).Grantham 4 x 4 Junior Starters1= Millersford Hugo (Paige Street);1= Little Pongo (Zoe Adams);3= Blyn Faen Jubilee(Jade Reynolds);3= Little Storm( Alice McCullagh).National 128cms First Round1, Metric(Grace Horsley);2, Pepsi Girl(Laura Mantel);3, Golden Bonit(Emma Williamson).National 138cms First Round1, Beechway Delight (Lauren Fitch);2, Tilston Raven (Rebecca Steel);3, Celtic Wysteria (Jack Shackleton.Junior British Novice- First Round1, Irish Bright Prince (Danielle Cuomo);2, Sunnyside Is Up (Alison Heads);3, Bobby Pacino (Natalie Murphy).Blue Chip Junior Newcomers First Round1, Eastwood Echo (Amy Crockett);2, Homer J (Holly Gillott);3, Sunnyside Is Up (Alison Heads.Squibb & Davies Junior Foxhunter1, Kandahar II (Richard Beecroft);2, Moneygold Magic (Michael Eilberg);3, Right Said Freddie (Anna Holley.The August Silk Junior Star Of The Future1, Blue Diamond Mist (Victoria Callaghan);2, Kandahar II (Richard Beecroft);3, Broadleaze Kalusha (Richard Beecroft).

    EXETER EC, Poltimore, Devon, 21-22 April

    British novice 1 & 2, Cavalier Casual Touch & Cavalier Prince (S Williams); 3, Banner Man (J Kitto). discovery 1, Hollyhill Jovine (H West); 2, Posy Rosy; 3, Chaos (H West). small open 1, Jalewijn; 2, Penny Market; 3, Gew Vela (M Gadsdon). Foxhunter 1, Jalewijn; 2, De Beers Duchess (T Cheffings); 3, Move Up (B Ford). 1.20mopen 1, Laughton James; 2, Celtic Manor Elf (G Cranton); 3, Ganton Rufus (C Rushworth). open/1.25m 1, Kartouch (B Ford); 2, Sonic Ace (M Brake); 3, Move Up. 22 Apr: British novice1, Plympton Tack’s Lightening; 2, Articuba ( D Lane); 3, Nuriznaya. novice 1 & 2, Mulgrave Ferdinand & Odds On II (C Keevil); 3, Flash Harry II (J Davis). small open 1, Shaabmoor (B Barrett); 2, General Leev-e (J Spiller); 3, Major Bethel (B Ford). open 1, Wildmoor Gemini (E Oldham); 2, Major Bethel; 3, Repitition (C Keevil). 1.15m open 1, Kartouch; 2 & 3, Lydonna & Sonic Ace (M Brake).

    ROWALLAN, Fenwick, Ayrshire, 21-22 April

    British novice 1, Black Silk (J Aird); 2, Hallo Butterfly (L Babes); 3, Euros (T Nicholson). discovery 1, Euros; 2, he Londyke (J Brogan); 3, Livingston Daisy (E Rose). newcomers 1, Highlands Princess (D Brown); 2, Delphus (S Laird); 3, Riverside Boy (D Shaw). 1.10m open 1, Jack The Lad (A White); 2, Coral Gold (J Aird); 3, Meadowhead Athlete (M Irving). Foxhunter1, O’Reilly (A Craig); 2, Highlands Princess; 3, A Man Friday (J Mcgeoch). B&C handicap 1, Graven Image (J McGeoch); 2, Hi Wave (G Bryan); 3, Riverstown Queen (M Casey). 1.30m open 1, High Five II (N Jennings); 2, True Braveheart (M Young); 3, Meadowhead Athlete. jnr newcombers 1, Robbie Joe (S Babes); 2, Guardians Girl (J Carberry); 3, KC¨s Challenger (K Connor). jnr Foxhunter 1, Orphan Abbie (N Devlin); 2, Silver Buddy (C McNaughton); 3, Bishopstown No Limit (Y Geddie). 10 & under 1 & 2, Dickens & Marsh Kyfe Rocky (A Kelly); 3, Kosmic Kate (F Bell). 128/138cm 1, Lakeland Little Cracker (R Cottam); 2, Midnight Dynamite (H Haig); 3, Lakeland Little Star (R Cottam). 12cm open 1, Drysoed Timmie (H Haig); 2, Dickens (A Kelly); 3, Myras Boy (K Burnside). 138cms open 1, Lakelands Little Cracker; 2, Captain Flipper (Y Geddie); 3, Robbie Joe. JC/JA 1,Ratina (L Morton); 2, Daria (C McNaughton); 3, Top Knotch III (L Morton). 148cms open 1, Cultsmill Buttons (R Geddie); 2, Its Showtime (N Ferguson); 3, Toleman Five Star (K Ferrie). 22 Apr: British novice 1, Hallo Butterfly; 2, Marsella (V Stewart); 3, Blue Serpent (S Morton). 1m novice qual 1, She’s Our Mare (J Beith); 2, Double Gold (J Aird); 3, Dutch Haze (S Morton). discovery 1, Black Silk; 2, Marsella; 3, Jurado (V Stewart). newcomers 1, Nethermuir Anastasia (M Irving); 2, Here’s Harvey (J Beith); 3, Wild Boar (J Argo). 1.20m open.’ 1 & 2, Wish For A Chance & 2, Kelso Billabong (L Jamieson); 3, Piccolo (L Johnstone). 1.35m open 1, B Dynamic (R Brady); 2, Lochlaidon (A Hamilton); 3, Piccolo.1.35m open 1, Kelso Billabong; 2, Meadowhead McGann; 3, Lochladen. 80cm open 1, Man From Clare (J Bell); 2, Sobranie Cocktail (V White); 3, Red Wharf Bobby (L Thomson). tiny tots 1, Dickens; 2, Marsh Kyfe Rocky; 3, Hazel The Nut(S Lithgow). jnr newcomers 1, Pocket Buttons (H McLaughlan); 2, Totally Puzzled (T Christie); 3, Sobranie Cocktail. 128/138cm 1, Lakeland Little Cracker; 2, Alpine Jet (L Thomson); 3, Kosmic Kate. 128cm open 1, Drysgoed Timmie; 2, Midnight Dynamite (H Haig); 3, Dickens. 138cm open 1, Hazel The Nut; 2, Penny Farding; 3, Alphine Jet. 1.15m open 1, Ratina; 2, Daria (C McNaughton); 3, Its Showtime (N Ferguson). jnr starspotters 1, Grand Gate (S Babes); 2,Its Showtime; 3, Top Knotch III. 148cm open 1, Pocket Sprung (K Ferrie); 2, Ratina; 3, Daria.

    NORTON HEATH EC, Essex, 21-22 April

    Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Expensive Hobby (P Stephens); 2, Mollee (B Martin); 3, Macepark Ovita (G Barton). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, La Figero (N Hughes); 2, Another Absolutely (J Wallace); 3, Odds On Onyx (C Nowland). 1.05m open. 1, Inspiration II (J Egmore); 2, Inspector Clover (J Hill); 3, Opposition GB (N ChanningWilliams). newcomers. 1, Maximillian Memphis (S Shimmons); 2, Naomi (S Davies); 3, Blue Dice (G Williams). Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Fedora (A Clutterbuck); 2, Lanson (E Brook); 3, Mr Bumpy (N Channing Williams). 1.25m open. 1, Gold Horizon (A Lewis); 2, Inspiration II; 3, Tomboy (K Brown).

    22 Apr: Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Calypso Spice (K Harris); 2, Dominos Twilight Surprise (S Anthony); 3, Bonnetts Town (P Brewer). 1m open. 1, Toscogo (N Tinworth); 2, Abbey Oaks Otto (S Cooper); 3, The Double (K Holt). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Just Selected (M Lamb); 2, Hello Dolly (R Gradley); 3, Me & My Shadow (K Holt). 1.05m A4. 1, Everything But (M Cooper); 2, Moy Boy (S Gibson); 3, AVS Starman (HM Piedrahita). newcomers. 1, Monalee (N Tinworth); 2, Jalison II (R Gradley); 3, Stealers Texakana (I Hudson). BEIB Members Cup. 1 & 2, Tankers Town & Good Sport (S Hunt); 3, Master Rolo (K Howell). 24 Apr: Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Hideaway II (L Pimblett); 2, Soniek (S Lane); 3, Curlicue (J Chipperfield). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Artic Cruise (A Clutterbuck); 2, Buffalo Soldier (C White); 3, Thingmabob (J Chipperfield). 1.05m open. 1, Toscogo; 2, La Clochette (L Abraham); 3, Cassandra Of Bellhouse (M Lockhart). newcomers. 1, Idlewild (J Lister); 2, Jalisco III (R Gradley); 3, Java (F Yawetz). 1.15m open. 1, Shamu II (L Pimblett); 2, Grandure (P Spivey); 3, Exton Sea Lod (P Cornish). Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Pasadena (C White); 2, Traxdata Singita (P Spivey). select 1.25m. 1 & 2, Vaccares & Maritime Boy (A Clutterbuck); 3, Claydons Peter Pan (R Power).

    BLEWBURY CENTRE, Blewbury, Oxon 22 April

    jnr British novice 1, Pippett ll (M Cawley); 2, Oakmeadow Bethan (E Ashworth); 3, Maybe Angel (L Wade). jnr novice-17 tied. jnr discovery 1, Jack O’ Spades (E Akers); 2, Stoatley Jasper Carrot (K Sutherland); 3, Rinsey Wild Honey (V Sadler).jnr newcomers 1, Britvic (J Dundas); 2, Silver Ocean (N Carpenter); 3, Maybe Angel. small jnr open1, My Prince Regent (V Sadler); 2, Tea Cosy (K Baxter); 3, Dom’s Choice. jnr Foxhunter 1, TeaCosy; 2 & 3, Frankly Its Magic & Irish Angel Delight (A Measor). jnr members cup 1, Paddy’s Profit (G Armstrong); 2, Irish Angel Delight; 3, Frankly Its Magic.

    MERRIST WOOD, Worplesdon, Surrey, 22-23 April

    1.05m open 1, Rupert Two (T Priest); 2, Executive Matchplay (C Toms); 3, Galant Sprinter (K Doyle). novice 1, Cariotta (A Young); 2, Cavallo (P Tuckwell); 3, Mr Cawley (A Lyons). novice 1, Rineroon Boy (O Matthews); 2, Lindons Zara (L Roberts); 3, Wednesday Adams (A Whittenbury). 1m open 1, Demasque (D Thomas); 2, Data Dun It (A Cullingham); 3, Pembridge Avoca Shannon (G Gillespie). 1.25m open1, Championesse (D McPherson); 2, Highwood Renegade (N Olliffe); 3, Velvisto (N Boulter). A&B 1, Kelzelma De Laubry (R Willis); 2 & 3, Sugar Ray & Calle Carlson (D Inglis). 1.35m open 1, Shearwater Baghera (D McPherson); 2, Sensation (T Priest); 3, Zerano III (A Samuels). Foxhunter 1, Strandhills Sandy Villa (A Lyons); 2, Cedria (T Priest); 3, Lara II (P Crago). B&C 1, Landmark Legacy (P Crago); 2, Ionic (M Farmer); 3, RH Imagine (L Fogarty).

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