8. Highclere Thoroughbred Racing Syndicate

  • 8. Highclere Thoroughbred Racing Syndicate

    If you’re looking to really splash out on your loved one this Christmas, then why not look at giving them membership of a racehorse syndicate? Just imagine them watching their own horse flash past the winning post!

    Highclere Thoroughbred Racing offers a range of syndicate options, with each syndicate made up of between 12 and 20 members. A syndicate is bought for two years and each syndicate has two horses.

    All prize money that the horses incur will be distributed among the syndicate members and when the syndicate is wound up after two years, the horses are sold and the money is split between the owners.

    Cost? £7000-£37,000 with a smaller fee in the second year — the price covers all expenses including the purchase, training and expenses like vets bill, entry fees, transport etc.

    How to buy? For more information visit the website or call 01488 669166.

    For a cheaper alternative, look into the Goodwood Racehorse Owners Group. Their 2013 syndicate will be trained by William Knight and the scheme will cost you £925 for two years. A maximum of 200 shares are offered on each horse. Head to the website for more information.

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