A 36-year-old man has been charged with criminal damage after a horse was found shot dead in a North Yorkshire garden.

The man from Raskelf, a village in North Yorkshire, will appear at Northallerton Magistrates’ court on 28 November.

Kit, a seven-year-old throughbred ex-racehorse on loan to Beckie Warner, was believed to have been shot over a small unpaid livery yard bill of £30, as reported on H&H online last month.

The story provoked national outrage when the horse was allegedly dumped by a JCB in Mrs Warner’s garden in Raskelf at 9.40pm on 15 October.

The man charged was arrested on the night of the incident. A 56 year-old-man arrested at the same time has been released by police without charge.

As the vet who attended the incident confirmed the horse did not suffer, no animal welfare charges will be brought.

Karen Colman the RSPCA’s deputy chief inspector was called to the property and assisted the police with their investigation into the horse’s death.

The horse had been kept on DIY livery at the GG Centre in North Yorkshire.

Following the death of the horse the RSPCA has removed the dozen horses it kept at the GG Centre.

“There are more than 700 horses in the RSPCA’s care throughout England and Wales and these 12 horses were moved to another facility. Their welfare continues to be our priority,” said an RPSCA spokesman.

“The horse involved in the dispute was not in the care of the RSPCA and the veterinary surgeon who examined the body at the scene stated that it was put to sleep humanely, meaning no prosecution under animal welfare legislation can be taken.

“The RSPCA is sympathetic to the strength of feeling surrounding this incident and does not condone what happened,” she added.

  • Silke

    Uh-huh. But going after a hunt for lots of £££ is no problem whatsoever.

  • Den

    If the horse has been considered not to have suffered , then prosecution under the Criminal Damage Act . Where the maximum sentence under the Act is 10 years imprisonment, if the value of the ‘property’ ( animals are deemed as property) is under £5,000 then offence is dealt with at Magistrates , maximum sentence is fine and/or 6 months imprisonment .
    The law is truly an ass .

  • Jo V Wilson

    The RSPCA can only act within the limits of the law – if a vet has stated that the horse did not suffer, the RSPCA cannot take any action. They are a charity afterall, not a legal body.

  • Raven

    Killing a healthy young animal that didnt’t even belong to the woman who owed him a paltry £30 was an outrage , even more so now the RSPCA is not going to do anything. I hope the actual owner takes a punative civil action .Also the police get more involved, any one who did such a callous, brutal thing should not be loose on the streets

  • Abby Daynes

    Even if the horse didn’t suffer, he still still took the life of a young, healthy animal. That should be enough to charge him on animal welfare grounds.

  • Jane Hope

    So…what exactly has this ‘man’ been charged with? Please don’t tell me criminal damage as he will get a small fine and a slap on the wrist.

  • Sue Kinrade

    If the horse was on loan, and the loanee was £30 in debt….who comforts/compensates owner??