A horse has been decapitated in a serious road traffic accident.

The animal had escaped onto a rural lane in the dark and was hit by two vehicles. The horse was struck with so much force that it was decapitated.

The accident happened on Moor Side Lane in Oxenhope, West Yorkshire, earlier this month (Wednesday 5 November) at around 7pm.

“One car was travelling towards the horse and hit it first, then the animal was struck by a second vehicle travelling in the opposite direction,” a spokesman for West Yorkshire police told H&H.

A 51-year-old man driving a BMW was treated for shock and was taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

The police spokesman told H&H that the owner, who lived nearby, was contacted and attended the scene. It is unclear how the horse escaped from its field.

Drivers are urged to take extra care when travelling on country roads in the dark, as there have been several incidents in the past couple of months.

H&H has reported on several fatal road crashes recently.

On 3 November three donkeys were killed in a crash in the New Forest, in what has been described as “the worst road accident in the area for 20 years”.

One animal was killed on impact, the other two were put down after sustaining serious injuries. One had broken a hind leg, the other had a fractured shoulder.

Last month a mare and foal were hit by a car after escaping from a field in Bolton. The mare broke a leg but the foal survived. Also in October four horses were killed after being hit by an articulated lorry in Staffordshire.

Owners are urged to check their fencing to ensure there are no escape routes for animals.

“We would always advise owners to ensure that their horse is kept in a field with secure fencing and if a horse is tethered, to ensure that he is tethered safely according to the Code of Practice on Tethering,” said a spokesman for World Horse Welfare.

  • Moneybox

    If you can’t stop its either SPEED or simply driving dangerously. A good driver can avert (nearly) every situation. WHY COULDNT THE DRIVER STOP?

  • Dale Harris

    Did you read a different article to me.Where does it mention anything about speeding?

  • Cici Bauer

    Something similar happened to me and to my horse in 1988. The driver was completely at fault. Speeding. The horse was put down at the scene. I spent two months in hospital. When are people going to learn that speeding kills. People are being killed and maimed by speeding drivers. Animals such as this wretched horse are also being killed. Speeding is always the culprit. Do people realize that for every 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit they drive that they arrive at their destination only 2 minutes sooner? TWO MINUTES! If people are scheduling their lives in 2 minute intervals, I suggest they go home instead and put their heads in gas ovens! Spare the rest of the public. Speeding kills. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. It kills. These drivers are very lucky to be alive but they are most at fault not the owner of this horse. These drivers do not OWN the road they are on. None of us do! Speed limits are posted for public safety. Speeding on any road no matter what your excuse is as irresponsible as shooting off a gun in a crowded room. You may hit someone. You may not. But the lives you are gambling with in both instances are not your own but others. And you the driver who is speeding do not have the right to endanger the lives of other people.

  • NEB

    Bloody drivers who don’t think of others, just go blindly along thinking there is no one else in the world around them, twats

  • Gina Stone

    Drivers are going far too fast on country lanes – I know I live in Devon and there’s no off road riding and the drivers are awful. The driver who decapitated this horse must have been going way too fast. I feel so sorry for the owners of the horse. It could have been anything in the road and if the drivers were going so fast they couldn’t avoid a collision, they have themselves to blame. Driving at night as well, you have to pay more attention and SLOW DOWN!!

  • Margaret

    So very sad for all concerned. Even though it was dark those motorists must still have been travelling at a speed that was far too fast for a country road and in the dark.

  • Tori

    This must have been terrifying for everyone that was involved, very lucky the drivers weren’t more seriously injured. There’s no hope of seeing a horse at night on a country lane, it’s just very sad the horse was killed, all you can hope is that it didn’t suffer.

  • Moneybox

    Sick of those who speed