Horse passports were introduced in England in 2004 and all equines are now required to have a passport, which should accompany them when travelling around the country

British breeders are now producing sport horses of the highest quality, but when they choose to register their foals with European studbooks, there is clearly something amiss

The British Equine Veterinary Association is pushing for legislative changes at national and European level


Horse passports: who should keep them?

Horse passports are a grey area for many owners. We find out who should have responsibility for them


Horse passport survey shows lack of faith

In the wake of the horse meat scandal, a survey has uncovered further evidence that the horse passport system needs a massive overhaul


Single passport issuing organisation and new central equine database in pipeline

In the wake of the horse meat scandal, plans to tackle the issue of horse passport fraud are under way

Owners vets, passport issuing offices, auctioneers, dealers and enforcement agencies are all to be surveyed about the current passporting system

The UK horse passport system has never worked properly. Now, in the wake of the horse meat scandal, Defra and the horseworld are to work together to overhaul it


Horse passport warning for vets

Vets have been warned by the Government that they face fines of up to £5,000 if they fail to record that a horse has been given bute on its passport


Horse dealer on passport charges

A gypsy cob dealer from Wales has appeared in court to answer horse passport charges


Man convicted of illegally transporting horses into Scotland

A man from Northern Ireland has been convicted of illegally transporting horses into Scotland and causing the animals unnecessary suffering