Jason Webb runs Australian Horsemanship, which specialises in starting young horses under saddle and retraining horses with behavioural and ridden problems. Around 200 horses of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds come through his yard in Kent each year, keeping his life wonderfully varied and busy.

Articles by Jason Webb

Jason with The Big Projct
Jason Webb’s blog: Meet ‘The Big Project’

H&H’s blogger is delighted to see a reformed character in H&H this week and introduces us to his latest dressage project

Jason Webb’s blog: horses training humans

A group of Sainsbury’s brightest young managers visited Jason’s yard to find out how handling horses could make them better leaders at work

Jason riding a retrained racehorse
Jason Webb’s blog: Brilliant Badminton plus working with retrained racehorses

Trainer Jason Webb is being kept busy including hosting a ‘coffee morning’ for retrained racehorses

Jason Webb on holiday in Texas
Jason Webb’s blog: busman’s holiday to Texas

H&H blogger Jason Webb enjoyed a busy holiday in Texas with his family after taking part in the first Horseman’s Calling here in the UK

Jason Webb desensitising a horse to tarpaulines
Jason Webb’s blog: Why my job isn’t for the faint-hearted

Trainer Jason Webb shares a typical day and explains that while he feels very privileged to make a living out of doing something he love, it wouldn’t be for everyone

Jason Webb backing polo ponies
Jason Webb’s blog: starting polo ponies and defusing ‘flash points’

In his latest blog Jason explains why he enjoys backing polo ponies for the Tomlinsons and how he avoids ‘flash points’ with a challenging horse

Jason Webb has a lesson with Damien Hallam on Fly
Jason Webb’s blog: why do horses rear?

Watch H&H blogger Jason’s having a lesson during a thunderstorm and read his explanation of why he believes horses start to rear

Jason Webb's children enjoying the floods
Jason Webb’s blog: the problem with new year resolutions…

Jason may not be enjoying the recent wet and windy weather, but his children loved their new ‘lake’ over Christmas

Jason riding Bryony Whittington's Carter
Jason Webb’s blog: teaching a horse to stand still to be mounted

Jason has had a brief trip to Aus, shares his tips to help make horses polite to mount and enjoys a jumping lesson

Jason Web working with Podge at Your Horse Live
Jason Webb’s blog: Your Horse Live and Tom’s terrible accident

Having come back from a succesful weekend at Your Horse Live, Jason was left reeling by the news his assistance trainer was in intensive care following a car accident